Project AWARE: NEC Dive Show #DIVE2014

dive2014_image_160px_with_dates_rgbA big THANK YOU goes to all our sponsors and #DIVE2014 visitors, organizers and exhibitors for making this year’s popular dive show such a great success for ocean conservation!

One of the many highlights of #DIVE2014 was our popular Tombola. Without the amazing prizes kindly donated by many dive businesses and dive professionals, this event would not have been so successful. We particularly thank Emperor Divers MaldivesProdivers Maldives, Red Sea Diving College and Pharaoh Dive Club for their very generous prizes and invaluable support! But as we say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” so take a look at our slideshow to see all our Tombola winners’ happy faces!

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During the fun-filled, action-packed two-day event, we called on all scuba divers and shark enthusiasts attending DIVE 2014 to add their voice to the Sharks and Rays Without Borders campaign urging decision makers to collaborate for the conservation of 21 migratory shark and ray species.Thank you for overwhelmingly responding to our call and speaking up for sharks and rays at the NEC, 25 – 26 October! Next week, we’ll represent your collective voice at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS CoP 11) held in Quito, Ecuador 3 – 9 November. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes of this important meeting!

Project AWARE is grateful for the invaluable support given by PADI Professionals and dive industry leaders who take ocean conservation to heart! Together we can protect the ocean and its wildlife one dive show at a time and one dive at a time!



Sharks and Rays Without Borders

Project AWARE has another big opportunity to help make change for vanishing sharks and rays – one that only comes along once every three years. Every voice counts and we need yours!


Please Take 3 Minutes of Action Today:

  • Send a Letter asking countries to work together for shark & ray protection
  • Join the Thunderclap to send a loud, unified message over social media #SharksWithoutBorders


The Campaign: Beginning Nov 3rd, Project AWARE and partners will be in Ecuador, at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP11) representing the diver voice among representatives from 120 nations. 21 species of sharks and rays are on the agenda – including some of our favorite hammerheads, silky sharks and reef mantas.

The Issue: Varied degrees of protection exist for sharks and rays around the globe. These animals migrate – crossing many political boundaries. A hammerhead protected here, is not necessarily protected elsewhere. For these ocean travelers, international cooperation is vital.

If Successful: Our voice – the voice of the dive community – can help persuade countries to work together, implementing international agreements for their protection.

Thank you for your 3 minutes today and thank you for giving sharks and rays a voice! Be sure to find out more or make a donation to support the campaign.

PADI Store Birthdays in October 2014 for regions 11 and 16

Congratulations and a massive thank you from Terry Johnson and Matt Clements to the following UK & Ireland PADI Retailer and Resort Association members this month for the following anniversaries:

20 Years

S-7801 – Ocean View

18 Years

S-7953 – Rec N Tec

17 Years

S-3397 – Hydroactive Outdoor Pursuits

S-3404 – A. W. S. Atlantic Watersports

15 Years

S-3639 – Chiltern Divecrew Training 2012

S-3641 – Hampshire Divecrew Training 2012

S-3635 – DV Diving

14 Years

S-3773 - Divers Down

S-3762 - In Deep

S-3778 - City Divers

13 Years

S-32104 - Scuba Shack

S-32106 - Ocean Turtle Diving Limited

S-32085 - Berkshire Divecrew Training 2012

11 Years

S-32388 - Timuna Sea

S-32393 - Mevagh Dive Centre

10 Years

S-35061 - Christal Seas Scuba

9 Years

S-35195 - Harlyn Dive School

5 Years

S-21576 - Durham City Scuba

4 Years

S-22097 - Birstall College of Diving

3 Years

S-22680 - Lets Go Scuba

2 Years

S-23324 - Diveheart UK

1 Year

S-23894 - Essex School of Diving

S-23905 - Purple Turtle Diving

Staff Spotlight: Tony Andrews (Manager, Field Services, PADI EMEA)

Staff Spotlight: Tony Andrews (Manager, Field Services, PADI EMEA)

Tony Andrews

Contact Details:


Tel: +44 (0)117 300 7358

Quick Bio from Tony:

I believed there was more to life than just a 9-5 job! Leaning to dive was a door way I needed to travel most of the world teaching people to dive.  Now, I’m a PADI Course Director and currently working at PADI EMEA as the Field Service Manager. During my spare time, I love to run and keeping fit – along with spending time with my family.

When did you first learn to dive? My first dive was during a holiday to the Dominican Republic back in 1996

How many dives have you done? My current log book is still showing 7487 and counting.

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought? It was straight after I completed my PADI Open Water Course – TUSA mask

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be? Dive Computer

What is your favourite dive site in the UK? Tough Question really, I have had some great dives inland, and around the coastal waters of the UK – Inland would have to be Stoney Cove, Coastal would have to be a dive site I know in Cornwall.

What is your favourite dive site in the world? That’s a tough one! It would have to be either Burma Archipelago, The Lakshadweep islands India or Richelieu Rock Thailand

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving? Snow Patrol Chasing Cars

What is your favourite animal underwater? Sharks

What animal would you love to see on your next dive? Tiger Shark

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list? I’d love to dive the Sardine Run

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives? If available? A Galaxy Chocolate bar.

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be? I have a lot of respect for David Beckham, so it would have to be him

Tony Andrews

PADI Instructor Ahmed Gabr achieves new Guinness World Depth Record

photo 4 (3)Everything started with me four years ago when I wanted to satisfy my curiosity of how deep the human body can go, from this question I started to approach the answers, I was researching in books and on the internet but still never had the absolute answer so I figured out the best way to find the answer is to try in myself, from here everything started.

At the beginning it was so difficult because the cost of this project needs lot of money regarding to logistics and different people experiences in so many fields to expand my comfort zone on the way down and also my way back up again, of course I met lots of people was interested but some of them didn’t believe in what I’m doing so they were just trying to use the situation got their own benefits and agendas.

photo 1 (3)

I finally found the right people in Dahab town in the South of Sinai and they all were working heart and soul with me to fulfil the project, they believed in me, they used all their previous experiences to get the depth mission done and they were always asking me why I’m doing that? My answer was if you want to wait for someone to open the door for you then you have to keep waiting for the rest if your life and the door will be always closed.

In the last year we finalized our plan and we selected the gasses the matches these depth to avoid the main pathologies in out dive which was oxygen toxicity, decompression sickness, high pressure nervous syndrome and isobaric counter diffusion and we started to test the selected gasses in shallower depth. We modified some if the gasses and at the end we decided on the record gases, it was never a one man decision, it was always a team decision.

photo 5

I felt happy and comfortable and my comfort zone started to be bigger and bigger specially when we got sponsors for the event.

My descent took me 14min,and I grabbed a verified tag by Guinness world record adjudicator and other expert witnesses, we had about twelve witnesses from different organizations and technical diving and commercial diving experts and also the Guinness world record adjudicator to verify the dive. My ascent lasted for 13 hours and 50 minutes for decompression, I had a baby oceanic white tip shark as company for 6 hours, I think he wanted to say congratulation.

After I surfaced I got checked by the medical team that confirmed that I’m absolutely fine and I just had a bit of dehydration, they followed up with me for 72hours after the dive and everything was perfect. My experiment is done but I will never stop.



Congratulations to Ahmed Gabr and his fantastic team on achieving a new Guinness World Scuba Diving Depth Record of 332.35 meters

Eilat Red Sea Photo Competition

This is the 10th year in a row that the Eilat Red Sea competition took place in Eilat. Integrating elements from photography, high-tech, touristic and diving industries, the Eilat Red Sea event is branded as a worldwide leading underwater photography competition.

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

Photo by Boaz Samorai, winner of the Jury Award

The Eilat Red Sea photo competition is distinguished by exceptional valuable prizes awarded to the winners, including huge cash prizes, diving vacations in dreamy destinations, underwater photo equipment, scuba gear and more.

During the 2014 event, Eilat Red Sea in partnership with PADI EMEA introduced the National Team underwater photo Olympics as an adventurous opportunity for all underwater photographers.

Underwater photographers originating from the same country were invited to team-up during the Eilat Red Sea competition and to participate in the National Team category. Participants were required to put together an impressive portfolio of 6 images taken during the shoot-out.

The judging phase was on stage during the winning ceremony and took place on September 13 in Eilat and was live broadcasted on the internet. PADI EMEA would like to congratulate Spain, the winner of the prestigious National Team category. First prize for the National Team Category was a cash prize of $3000 sponsored by PADI EMEA.


PADI EMEA also would like to congratulate PADI Course Director Boaz Samorai for winning the 1st price in the Jury Category. Great job Boaz.

The Eilat Red Sea event has so far received media coverage by many international media channels, such as CNN, Fashion TV and Reuters, as well as countless photo and diving magazines.

The man behind the scenes and the spirit of the Eilat Red Sea event is David Pilosof, an experienced underwater photographer, who was also the first photographer in the world to introduce the concept of underwater nudity and fashion images, which can be found on one of the most successful photography books ever published, Samantha.

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

The event also included a live broadcast featuring one of the most magnificent dives ever carried out. The Guinness Record dive included over 200 divers, 26 diving instructors, 32 production members and 12 professional photographers, who dove together on the the Satil wreck in Eilat, Israel. Using a sophisticated technological setup, the dive was live broadcasted online in HD, enabling millions of viewers, online surfers and smart phone owners from all over the world to take part in this extraordinary event.

PADI EMEA would like to congratulate the organizers, the jury and all the amazing photographers that participated in making this the most amazing photography event in the world. We also would like to thank everyone that participated in the Guinness Record dive on the wreck Satil. What an event!!!

See you next year,

Testimonial from PADI Course Director and Photographer Boaz Samorai:

“During the last week I have participated in the underwater photo shoot out contest held at Eilat Israel at the water of the Red Sea. A shootout competition means that all of the photographers have specific dates to go and take pictures in a specific environment. It’s pretty tense…. Not only you have to plan your dives safely including taking care of your underwater photography equipment, you have to get some pretty amazing and creative images in order to be noticed by the jury panel so you can win some of the great prizes. The prizes are crazy and awesome ranging from 10’000 USD$! To various exotic diving vacations in the best diving resorts around the world, and some awesome diving and photography equipment. In total I performed 12 dives in the 3 days of the competition spending a total of over 1500 minutes underwater in just 3 days… In those dives I have managed to produce some of the best images I got to take until today, and to push myself to better results and to more and more creative ideas. I managed to gather a pretty nice collection of 5 pictures to the main category of the event – the best portfolio and the jury panel have chose them to the final 5 best portfolio’s and awarded me the Jury prize of 5,000 USD$ worth of underwater photography equipment from the Housing manufacturer – Subal underwater systems. By the way that comes out about 200 USD$ per each hour I have spent underwater during the competition…. Wish I knew that while I was freezing under the water at the end of each dive…. Brrrrrrr…. My pictures have included 3 aspects: showing the underwater beautiful marine life – I took a picture of a parrot fish’s mouth, The connection between man and the underwater environment – I took a split picture showing a woman stroking a Dolphin, and a game between the world above and the world that lies below the surface with a picture of a double exposure showing the moon shining behind the branches of a soft coral.One of the benefits of this events is that is helps with exposing the whole world to the underwater environment and helping to raise the AWARE for protecting the marine life and appreciating what lies beneath the surface. I was especially happy to see that 2 of my students for underwater digital photography course have reached the final stages of the amateur categories! I hope to meet more underwater enthusiasts in the next photo contest which will be held here at the magnificent water of the Red sea and to go and dive together and take some awesome pictures of the beautiful marine life”.

Best regards,
Boaz Samorai, PADI CD#942946

PADI Pro Member Guide (Polish) document

We are proud to announce as part of our on-going support for the Polish speaking market the release of a dedicated document to assist you with your online interactions with PADI.

To download the document click the ‘ PADI Pro Member Guide (Polish) document‘ link.

The PADI Pro Member Guide (Polish) will provide information on the following:

  • How to access the PADI Pro Site
  • How to process a PIC Online
  • How to use the PADI eShop

This ‘ PADI Pro Member Guide (Polish) document‘ is a benefit of your PADI membership and is free to download. If you have any questions please contact


PADI Member Forum – DIVE 2014 (Birmingham, UK)

Join Mark Spiers (Vice President, Sales, Field Services, Marketing and Business Development), Tony Andrews (Manager, Field Services), Fred Waldegren (Manager, Sales) and Regional Managers Terry Johnson and Matt Clements and hear about the latest PADI programmes, products and news.

Your Member Forum will focus on PADI digital programmes and products including ReActivate™, the ever growing suite of Touch offerings, revised eLearning and the exciting NEW PADI App.  Find out about the newest CRM system release from Issys, the developers of EVE™.  And if you’re considering attending the upcoming UK PADI Business Academy, at the end of 2014, learn more about why it’s such an important business development tool.

Venue: Concourse Suite 20 – Birmingham NEC

Date: 25th October 2014

Time: 15:00 – 16:30 BST

Tickets are free of charge for PADI Members, but spaces are limited and seating will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Click here to register your space today!

Click here for full DIVE 2014 Seminar and Events Schedule.

Have questions about DIVE 2014 Member Forum? Contact PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa

We look forward to welcoming you the Dive 2014 Member Forum!


PADI Business Academy courses in UK and Malta – Don’t Miss Out!

PADI Business Academy – Malta – 14th & 15th November

Join us for the Malta PBA taking place on 14th and 15th November.  This two day programme, conducted in English, will inspire, equip and motivate you, helping you prepare your business for unprecedented growth.

To register for the programme, complete the PBA Registration Form and return it to the Marketing department by 14th October.  Additional registrants from the same Dive Centre will benefit from a 50% discount and each primary Dive Centre attendee will benefit from a £/€100 credit toward your 2015 Dive Centre renewal.

PADI Business Academy – Bristol, UK – 30th November & 1st December

Join us for the Bristol PBA taking place on the 30th November and 1st December.  This two day programme, conducted in English, will inspire, equip and motivate you, helping you prepare your business for unprecedented growth.

To register for the programme, complete the PBA Registration Form and return it to the Marketing department by 30th October.  Additional registrants from the same Dive Centre will benefit from a 50% discount and each primary Dive Centre attendee will benefit from a £/€100 credit toward your 2015 Dive Centre renewal.

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Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team

PADI Member Support Pack (2015)


PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) invites PADI Dive Centers and Resorts to take advantage of the PADI Member Support Pack (2015).

If you are planning to exhibit at one of the major 2015 PADI EMEA Shows, or a smaller, local show, you can enhance your stand and show presence by taking advantage of the Member Support Pack offer. All you need to know can be found in the PADI Member Support Pack Application (2015).

Please note that each PADI Member Support Pack application will be assessed individually on a first come, first served basis and there is limited availability. So, don’t delay – contact the PADI EMEA Marketing department ( with your PADI Member Support Pack request before the application deadline (below) to make sure you don’t miss out!

2015 PADI EMEA Show dates and PADI Member Support Pack application deadlines:
Salon de La Plongeé (9th – 12th January) – Application deadline: 28th November 2014
Boot Düsseldorf (17th – 25th January) – Application deadline: 6th December 2014
Dive Travel Show (7th – 8th February) – Application deadline: 27th December 2014
Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show (12th – 15th February) – Application deadline 1st January 2015
London International Dive Show (14th – 15th February) – Application deadline: 3rd January 2015
Dive Middle East Xpo (3rd – 7th March) – Application deadline: 20th January 2015
EUDI Show (6th – 9th March) – Application deadline: 23rd January 2105
DIVE 2015 (24th – 25th October) – Application deadline: 12th September 2015

Please send any enquiries regarding support for other shows or local events to and they will be reviewed on an individual basis.