Developing a Diving Destination of Excellence

Let´s talk about how to develop a diving destination of excellence. One of my many duties as a PADI Regional Manager is to help the dive industry grow in the particular Region I manage. As a PADI Regional Manager, I´m responsible for Cyprus, the Canary Islands and Switzerland. This time – I would like to have a closer look how to develop Cyprus and how to bring Cyprus on the map as a diving destination of excellence.

What is a diving destination of excellence?

Diving is classified as adventure tourism – and the definition of excellence is measured by the image of the destination itself by the tourists themselves.

I´m sure you heard about the Zenobia Wreck, which sunk on the 7th of June 1980. The Zenobia lays now at roughly 42m and about 1.5km offshore in front of the marina in Larnaca.

In order to be classified as an excellent destination the Zenobia must fulfil both short term and long term criteria.

Short term view:
Ability to fulfil divers expectation: The diver must be immediately satisfied.

Long term view:

  • The value generated by diver tourism must be shared between all involved parties
  •  Preserve the dive sites: marine conservation
  • Must comply with the ethical principles recognized by international law

The Zenobia has long been classified as one of the top ten wrecks in the world. We can look at past wreck specialty certifications from 2004 – 2014.

As you can see the number of these certifications has remained vastly the same over this period. This illustrates that we have maintained this dive destinations’ global rating, but also shows us the opportunity for growth. The Zenobia already generates 25 million euros per annum in dive tourist revenue. Promoting the Zenobia in the right way will ensure a steady and sustainable growth of revenue, and dive-tourism Island wide will also benefit. This niche in adventure tourism will put Cyprus on the destination of excellence map for reasons that go beyond that of the “cleanest beaches of Europe” and with the right market strategy we could also get the on the top dive destinations of Europe too.

How do we do this?

Cooperation, cooperation, cooperation!!

Official bodies like the CTO, the CDCA and all dive operations must have the same goal and we must, above all work together. Competition should be seen as a challenge to raise the overall standard of this beautiful island as a dive destination. The Zenobia and the purposefully sunk wrecks all form artificial reefs that boost fish stocks and get some more life into the Mediterranean. Improved fishery Laws and enforced marine parks will all help generate dive tourism by making our sea more alive, more beautiful and therefor more interesting. PADI is here to support you, organizations such as Project AWARE have the sole aim to improve the ecology of the world’s oceans, and it offers support to regional areas to allow this improvement to happen in a sustainable way. Improvements must have long term goals to ensure divers are both immediately satisfied, but also want to return year after year. Sustainable growth through quality will ensure quantity with continuously grow. We have been doing a fine job……now let’s strive for excellence.

How does dive tourism affect island wide tourism?

Divers who are attracted to Cyprus as a dive destination will most likely be travelling with non-diving companions or family. These non-divers also have satisfaction criteria that must be met by the island. This naturally generates growth of Tourism Island wide, by the normal avenues of tourism – such as hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities outside of the diving realm. The beauty of the islands marine environments may even generate a growth in entry level certifications and diving, especially when the dive sites are in the caliber of the Zenobia. Diving is, as we all know, highly addictive. This enthusiasm is contagious. Marketing and promotion in the right way will ensure that this enthusiasm is transformed into new diver acquisition and an every improving revenue in the dive tourism sector.  It’s a circle of benefits that feed each other. Let’s keep the keep the wheel turning!

Future trends

Seeing as diver numbers for wreck specialties have remained fairly constant over the last decade we can see that growth needs come both from successful marketing of the current dive attractions and the development of ever more niche markets within diving. The ever increasing interest of side mount and technical diving allows ever new avenues of diving opportunities to be explored and profited from. By maintaining high standards, variation and cooperation within the industry we can ensure future trends are positively advantageous to tourism as a whole.

Let´s work together and bring more divers to the beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean.


PADI Store Wrapping

In my previous blogs I was talking about the importance to find a difference to your dive center colleagues, next door. As you know, PADI is offering to design your Shop windows, your walls in the Dive Center or your dive center cars. This is called PADI Store wrapping.




When you are interested in a Store or Wall Wrapping, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact your PADI Regional Manager
  2. Fill in the Application, which your PADI Regional Manager will provide to you. The PADI Marketing Department needs the following information from you:
  • How many Windows or Wall Wrapping – indicate the number
  • Decide what % of your store window should be covered
  • half window bottom
  • half window top
  • full window
  • Other

Measurements – provide the exact measurement of your windows or walls in width x height

Please supply any high resolution (300dpi) photographs or graphics that you want us to use and any logo’s you want to be included – also in high resolution


Theme – Which topic do you like to have in your wrapping?

  • Kids diving
  • Go Dive
  • Keep Diving
  • Go PRO
  • TecRec
  • Specialties
  • PADI Con-Ed Flowchart
  • Other

Imagery – please provide PADI with the kind of pictures you would like to add to the wrapping:

  • Warm Water
  • Cold Water
  • Pool



Text – Please provide this in both English and all other languages that you require the final artwork in:

ExampleGet your PADI at XZY Dive Center


  1. Send the Application, together with all the Photos and Logo attached – together with a Pictures from the location where you wish to have the wrapping – back to your PADI Regional Manager



When you are interested in a Car Wrapping, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact your PADI Regional Manager
  2. Fill in the Application, which your PADI Regional Manager will provide to you. The PADI Marketing Department needs the following information from you:

Provide the Marketing Department with the exact type of your car. The designer needs to get the Blue Print from your vehicle.

Please supply any high resolution (300dpi) photographs or graphics that you want us to use and any logo’s you want to be included – also in high resolution.

Theme – Which topic do you like to have in your wrapping?

  • Kids diving
  • Go Dive
  • Keep Diving
  • Go PRO
  • TecRec
  • Specialties
  • PADI Con-Ed Flowchart
  • Other

Imagery – please provide PADI with the kind of pictures you would like to add to the wrapping:

  • Warm Water
  • Cold Water
  • Pool


  1. Send the Application, together with all the Photos and Logo attached – together with a Pictures from the location where you wish to have the wrapping – back to your PADI Regional Manager


Important information

  • Measurement of windows, doors, walls etc. must be exact.


  • Please note that there is a minimum turnaround time of 45 days for a store wrap designs.


  • All photographs and graphics that are submitted must be in the correct resolution/format, otherwise they may not be included in the design.


  • The Dive Centre confirms that it has the right to publish the provided photographs and/or graphics and that it possesses the applicable Copyrights. The Dive Center confirms that PADI can use these photos. PADI shall have no responsibility for photographs or graphics that are not supplied from the PADI database.


  • Please note: No artwork creation will begin until all required information has been received.

Project AWARE – Dive against Debris in the Canaries and Switzerland

The 4th of March 2017 – was a great day for Project AWARE in the Canary Islands and Switzerland! Two Key Accounts in my Regions organised on the same day a Project AWARE Dive against Debris with outstanding results!



Dive against Debris Crew Tenerife

One Project AWARE Dive Against Debris event happened in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and has been organised by the Big Fish Dive Center in Los Cristianos. The other event has been organised by Adventure Sports and the Dive Club from Frauenfeld & Eschenz in Switzerland.
Both Events were organised almost similar. The Event from Adventure Sports in Switzerland started the evening before with the orientation for the Project AWARE Dive against Debris course – while the event in Tenerife started in the morning of the 4th of March.

It was amazing to see how passionate the participants were involved to clean the Beach underwater in Playas las vistas In Tenerife and in the “Untersee” in Steckborn. Even more impressive was the amount of rubbish who has been removed from the Atlantic and from the Lake of Constance.

Big Fish Tenerife

Data collected:
Divers collected the following amount in Tenerife;
66 KG 





Divecorner Frauenfeld



Divers collected the following amount in Steckborn;
259 KG 



A big Thank you goes to the organizers in both Countries. Thank you Michal Motylewski and Sandro Krawinkler!

The world and our environment needs more people like you! You are an inspiration for all of us and I hope that with your example we can make a difference and animate more Dive Centres, Divers and citizens of both regions to protect our beloved environment!





Dive against Debris Crew Steckborn

How can you help to protect the ocean?

Dive Against Debris is a global marine debris survey – the only data collection effort of its kind that involves volunteer divers collecting, recording and reporting data on marine debris found on the seafloor. Marine debris is a problem that is often considered ‘out of sight – out of mind.’ By sharing data on the debris we find underwater, we’re able to contribute the underwater perspective. It’s really exciting – divers can have a powerful role to play in helping contribute data to influence marine debris policy.
So how can you get started?

1. Download our Dive Against Debris Survey Toolkit – here you’ll find the survey kit for your divers, including a certificate to award to your volunteers.
2. Add your action to our Event Map. Create your My Ocean profile and add your action to our interactive map for our dive community to see. You can also blog and upload photos or videos in My Ocean.

. Promote over social media, through your network and communications – don’t forget to use the following hashtags #ProjectAWARE, #DiveAgainstDebris, #MarineDebris, etc.
4. Report your data. Data is critical. Don’t let your dives go to waste. Make sure you report the data on the litter you found.
5. Share the data with your divers by showing them the Dive Against Debris Map.

Project AWARE ® can offer you mesh bags and a banner to advertise your action during the day. Each mesh bag comes with a donation of € 6.00. This way, Project AWARE is able to send you some other promotional materials to use during your action (leaflets, posters, stickers, badges, etc.).
Adopt a Dive Site™ is a campaign where Project AWARE launched last year on Earth Day, which basically is repeated Dive Against Debris surveys in one dive site: Project AWARE requires divers adopting a specific dive site to clean up and report data at least once a month. You can find all information on the website and if you are interested, just sign up on the website.

Start your Ocean protection today, sign up with adopt a dive site and take an example of the two Dive Centres in Switzerland and in the Canaries! Together we can make a difference and educate the coming generations!

I still believe in us humans and that we can change the current situation, but the time is ticking… Our beautiful environment is counting on you!
#myOcean #myHope

Course prices – how do I avoid to undercut course prices?


A growing global problem within the diving industry is the undercutting of course prices. It is an easily solved problem. If every dive center and individual instructor would simply increase their prices – we would easily be able to generate a profit and increase the quality of every course we offer.

I always want to know the course prices from my Members in my regions, especially from a new member of the PADI Retail & Resort Association. The answer is pretty much always the same; “we checked all the prices from dive centres in the surrounding area and then we took the average course prices”

This is a dangerous game – especially because you need to set your course prices according to your overheads and not according to your dive center next door.


But how can you stay competitive when you iCompetitivencrease your prices?

In a time where we have other dive center associations offering free crossovers or very cheap membership fees or educational materials for ridiculously cheap prices – you have to provide quality to your customers.

The goal for a dive center is to provide outstanding quality, to grow and to make profit. This is only possible when you have prices with a healthy margin.

Recently I received an email from a member who complained about the material prices from PADI. He told me that he cannot charge more for a Scuba Diver course than € 240.- No one will pay more… as we are still having the crisis…

Wrong! First of all – the customer is paying what you are asking him to pay. Secondly – you need to distinguish your dive center above your competition. You need to show the customer the benefits that they will get when they book the course with you. Lavish them with love and create specialised packages for them. Listen to your customers and their individual needs.

You also have to ask yourself – Does my dive center still look attractive to my customers?


What kind of options do you have to pimp your Dive Center;

  • iShop concept
  • Store Wrapping
  • Wall Wrapping
  • Invest in new Equipment
  • Every Staff is wearing the same uniform
  • Clean the Dive Center frequently
  • Attractive windows
  • Professional Staff
  • Etc.




Honestly – who is your real competitor? Trust me, it’s not the dive center next door or a different diving association – The real competition is all the other sports offered to the consumer.

Skiing and snowboarding is, as we all know, a very popular sport in the winter, at least in one of my three regions. I could not believe how much a Ski Instructor is charging per hour. Between € 80 – € 100.-! This price is per hour! On top of that – you need to rent the ski equipment, the ski lift pass and most probably food and drinks – as they are not provided from the Ski School. At the end of the day a student pays for 4 hours approx. € 350 – € 400.-

Every time I talk about this – I`m speechless… this amount is only for 4 hours! And you don’t even get a certificate! Guess what – the ski industry is booming!

Seriously – are we really so naive in the diving industry? That we kill regions and existences only because you pay the student to do the course with you? That’s right, if you don’t charge enough and it costs you money you end up paying the student for all your hard work. It’s ludicrous!


Create packagespackages

Allow me to go back to the complaint about the prices of PADI materials – I would like you to consider creating different packages for every course and let psychology do the rest.




Platinum Course package – VIP course – the price can be ridiculous high. For example € 1500.- (add for example a Regulator, a Helicopter flight, a dinner with Tina Turner etc. in this package)

Gold course package – Scuba Diver Course plus an additional add on (T-shirt, Fins & Mask as an example) € 320.- or something like that

Silver course package – Scuba Diver Course € 240.-(normal course prices)

This is called ANCHOR pricing and a research proved that 72% of the customers are buying the middle option. In this case it would be € 320.-

Try this out – trust me it works!


What can PADI do to help you to make a difference?PADI_horiz_col_print

Every dive center who undercuts their prices are also likely to be cutting corners. This is very important to know for the end consumer. That´s why PADI invented the Professional Image Evaluation where we visit the Dive Center and check the quality of a PADI Center. When they pass they will get a Certificate – which they can show online and in the Dive Center.


PBA Lite 2017 Blog HeaderIf you want to learn more about how to distinguish yourself above other dive centres in your area then why not sign up for a PADI Business Academy? They are run in all regions and all you need to do is register, learn and watch your profit margins grow exponentially. Below you will find the link to register for a PBA.

And of course, you can always contact your PADI Regional Manager.


Marketing Support from PADI in 2017

marketing-supportThe New Year is over a month old and I hope that the majority of you paid your PADI Membership fess already. But what do you get from PADI when you renew your PADI Membership? What kind of marketing support can you expect from PADI in 2017?

This is a very good question and you will find further down the answers to this question.

Please remember that you will not have access to your PADI Prosite anymore when you did not renew your PADI Membership until the 31st of January 2017!

How can PADI support you in terms of marketing?

The following 8 points should show you how PADI can support your Business in terms of marketing and that you can focus on the most important things of your Business – YOUR CUSTOMER!


alpha-divers-2Dedicated Store Visits or Online Consultations

Your Regional Manager can organise a visit from our eMarketing Specialist in your Dive Centre. Our eMarketing Specialist will check your Website and Social Media activities from head to toe – during a 2 – 3 hours visit. Our Specialist will show you exactly how you can improve your Website and how to improve your Social Media activities.

If it´s not possible for the eMaketing Specialist to visit your Dive Centre – we can always organise an Online Consultation.


13735723_1056550734419555_678261624877133597_oStore Wraps > Design

PADI has an amazingly professional Designs Department who can “pimp“ your Dive Centre outside or inside. We are even able to organise a Car Wrapping.


Poster and Brochure Support > Design

Like the Store Wrapping – We can support you by design customized Posters and Brochures for your needs.


Adverbs on Social Media

In the past few years, PADI launched very successfully the Adverb support for PADI Members on Social Media. PADI is sponsoring adverbs for your Dive Centre for example on Facebook or Google.


Website Reviews

If you wish – we can organize a Web Review for you. PADI is working very closely with an external company together who will check your Website. You will get a detailed report from PADI with all the changes you need to make to improve the traffic to your Website and that the Website is working better for you.


fb-header-aarau-dive-factory-2017_signatureSocial Media Support & Artwork Assistance > Cover Photos etc.

Our Designs Department can create cover Photos for your Facebook campaigns or to advertise your events.


email-templateEmail Template Design & assistance > with or without EVE

Our daily business is writing emails and read emails… PADI can show you how easy it is to work in the future with an EPS like Mailchimp for example. We can also, if you wish, design special Templates for your needs.




canary-campaignCampaign Support

Our Marketing team is worldwide 24/7 active. We never sleep and we always create new campaigns and content for our social media channels, for our blogs and for our Website. The goal is always the same – we want to bring your customer back in your Dive Centre and we are looking for the customer their where they are looking for you… We are leading your future customer in your direction.

Below you will find a link for a campaign to advertise the Canary Islands:



Please don’t be afraid to ask. We might not always be able to assist immediate, or have the resource to complete the request at that time, but we will be endeavouring to help where we can.

Please contact your PADI Regional Manager if you wish more information about the Marketing support we provide during 2017.

Outstanding Customer Service

stephen-a-harte-293275What´s happening when PADI is receiving Emails from very happy customers about outstanding Customer Service?

As Regional Managers we have always the opportunity to reward a Dive Centre or a Dive Centre owner when they achieved something amazing or when the performance of the Dive Centre in the past year was outstanding.

steveBut what really makes me happy is when an Individual PADI Instructor gets mentioned in the Undersea Journal and PADI receives on top of that additional Emails from very happy customers about a particular Individual PADI Instructor.

Yesterday I had the honour to present the certificate of recognition to the Head Instructor of Latchi Watersports in Cyprus – Stephen A. Harte

Congratulations Steve! You are an inspiration and a true PADI Ambassador! 


20161027_132550Steve says…

I was very much blown away by the award you presented to me today.

I have been a diver since I was 15 saving up my own money to buy the PADI open water course in my local town back home because it’s all I ever wanted to do was dive and teach.

I never thought that my passion for diving and teaching people ever since I was old enough to become a PADI pro would excel me to achieving something so wonderful and amazing.

My life through PADI has allowed me to experience the world and meet thousands of likeminded people and share what we have in the ocean through first hand encounters.

I have been an instructor 5 years this month and if the next 50 bring half the joy and achievement I’ve experienced in this 5 I’ll be grateful to have lived a life happy enjoying what we instructors do best’ teaching others about the 71 % they need to explore.

Thanks again Steve – Keep up the good work!

PADI Partner Dive Centre

download-2Join forces, extend your summer and become a PADI Partner Dive Centre..!

Don’t underestimate the importance of forging long term relationships with Dive Centres outside your immediate region. Build key partnerships between the north and south to reap the benefits of an extended dive season and greater teaching breadth and reach.

Based on feedback from the field please refer the following case study as an example of where this strategy has been put into practice.

The Canaries and Switzerland

The Canary Islands benefit from a far warmer winter than their more northern friends in Switzerland. Due to weather extremes, Dive Centres in Switzerland therefore normally are wrapping up their last Open Water Courses  for the season at the beginning of October. After which, during winter, the only courses that are being held are non-diving courses, dry suit and sometimes ice diving.  In order to combat this issue dive centres from both countries were brought together to work collaboratively and in cooperation with one another, and thus far results have been successful.

So, why not get in touch with a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

download-3There are a huge range of advantages for all parties involved:

  • New Diver Acquisition
  • Theory and Confined Water at home
  • Dive Travel
  • New Customers
  • Chance to try new equipment
  • Increase the season
  • Make new friends
  • Escape from the winter

Don’t just travel to new destinations with non-certified divers, be sure to promote continuing education courses and specific specialties to be undertaken on these types of travel trips too.

images-1How do I find a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

At the end, everyone is a winner and can benefit from such an arrangement. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with Dive Centres all over Europe and the world.


Start today! Become a PADI Partner Dive Centre in the North, or the South!



Get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus

Go Pro 10Did you ever thought to become a PADI Instructor and change your life for good…?Then Get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

But where is Cyprus?

Sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” the island of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. After Sicily and Sardinia, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The total population on the island is around 900´000 people of which about 200´000 live in northern Cyprus.

Cyprus 2
It is a beautiful island – scented with wonderful aroma of wild jasmine, with mountain peaks stretching to over 6000 feet, long stretches of sand beaches and turquoise coloured sea.

The surrounding Mediterranean Sea has a great visibility between 20-40m and there are only mild currents.

There are direct flights pretty much every day from every capital in Europe to Larnaca or to Paphos. The flight time varies from 3 – 5 hours (obviously it depends from where in Europe you are flying from).

Cyprus 3But why Cyprus?

Cyprus is, as mentioned above already, very easy accessible and it is in Europe. Cyprus is a very safe place compared to other destinations. Believe it or not, but this is what the people are looking for in these crazy world of the unrest and all the politics.

No visas are required for EU citizens or CH – nationals. Cyprus offers a subtropical climate – which reaches in August a water temperature of 30 Degrees Celsius and 33 – 35 Degrees Celsius Air temperature.

The Diving in Cyprus is fantastic. It is perfect for beginners, but also for experienced Divers. Cyprus offers great visibility, no currents, warm water and very professional PADI Dive Centres.

And therefore Cyprus is the perfect location to become a PADI Pro!

Cyprus 1There are 50x PADI Dive Centres all over Cyprus. All of them offer PADI Beginner courses, PADI Advanced and PADI Specialty courses. You can even become a PADI Divemaster in every PADI Dive Centre, but only a handful are teaching Instructor Courses. You can find PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centres all over Cyprus from Paphos to Protaras and from Kyrenia to Larnaca.

PADI schedules every year in the following month the PADI Instructor Examination:

  • April
  • June
  • September
  • December

(Please check out the Dive Shop Locator to find a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Center)

But with this article I would like to introduce you as well to the top of the Food Chain – to the resident PADI Course Directors in Cyprus:

hr_logo_on_whiteCoral Bay Divers in Coral Bay – Paphos

The owner of the only PADI Career Development Centre in Cyprus, Coral Bay Divers, is PADI Course Director, Jurg Dahler – who is originally from Switzerland. Jurg runs 4x Instructor Development courses every year and is therefore the most successful PADI Course Director in Cyprus. This shows also his Gold Course Director Status which he receives from PADI pretty much every year – as a recognition for his dedication, commitment and for all his effort.

Jurg Dahler

Jurg Dahler

With a Job opportunity to manage a Dive Centre, Jurg moved to Cyprus in 2001. In March 2002 he decided to bring his knowledge and professionalism to a higher level and became a PADI Course Director. 2006 was the year where everything changed and Jurg decided that it is time to be his own Boss and became the owner of Coral Bay Divers, which is located in Coral Bay – Paphos.

Jurg loves to teach IDC´s because of the versatility of the candidates and the motivations to become a diving instructor.

Please contact Jurg Dahler directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus! /


13735723_1056550734419555_678261624877133597_oSunfish Divers – Agia Napa

The owner of Sunfish Divers is the only female Course Director in Cyprus – Dena Asimenou.

Dena was born 1974 in Cyprus and she loves her Country very much. Obviously, as a Diver she loves the surrounding sea and the fantastic weather, which invites her to dive all year around.


Dena Asimenou

She started Diving back in 1996 and was so addicted to diving that she decided to become a professional Diver and started to work as a full time PADI Instructor in 1998. Just seven years later, in 2005, she became the owner of Sunfish Divers which is located on the main Boulevard in Agia Napa. Dena became a PADI Course Director in 2008 and shortly after that, Sunfish Divers became a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.

Out of the amazing varieties of professional PADI courses – to teach IDC´s is her favourite professional course. She comes across different behavioural changes when people are under stress and she still learns many different things from her Candidates during an IDC. Dena never wears her CD badge and she never shows her Course Director card when she is diving abroad. Dena like to keep a low profile and she strongly believes that you don’t gain respect from what you say but from what you do.

Please contact Dena Asimenou directly if you want to get more information about her IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus! / 


20160502_163841Easy Divers – Protaras            

The owner of Easy Divers is PADI Course Director Joey Ridge. Joey came to Cyprus in 1995 looking for the perfect place. With its mild winters and hot summers, it makes Cyprus the perfect place to dive all year round. The underwater marine life is not the red sea, but it will impress you with its marine life and an abundance of turtles. Cyprus has some of the most perfect crystal clear sea water. Underwater visibility can be 40 meters and average of about 20 metres – That´s why Joey choose Cyprus.

Easy Divers

Joey Ridge

He started Easy Divers in Cyprus from scratch, and grew it to be one of the best PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre in Cyprus. In 2007, Joey decided to move up the PADI Career ladder and did his Course Director course in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Joey really loves to teach PADI IDC´s! He gets a great achievement of working with people and defining them to become PADI Professionals.

Becoming a Dive Professional is a Life Changing Experience! “It’s a life transformation of yours and those you teach. For the love and passion of the sea and the joy and fulfilment on the faces of your students. Imagine a Job where you go to work in your shorts and bikinis? That’s why I love my job!”

Please contact Joey Ridge directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus! /


HerbiesHerbies Diving Paradise – Protaras / Pernera

Hubert Boehm, alias Herbie, is the most experienced PADI Course Director in Cyprus and also the owner of the PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre “Herbies Diving Paradise”. Herbies Diving Paradise was officially opened in 1990. In 1994, Hubert decided to become a PADI Course Director and the Dive Centre became a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.

Herbies 2

Hubert “Herbie” Böhm

Hubert moved Herbies Diving Paradise to a new location back in January 2002. You will find the current location of the Dive Centre just around the corner from Anastasia Beach Hotel at Pernera street 36.

Herbies Diving Paradise was always following the PADI Slogan: “PADI, the way the World learns to  dive” by offering PADI Programs and PADI Courses from beginner to professional level, adhering to all Standards and making diving real Fun for our customers. Since 1994 they are also conducting beside all non-Leadership Courses at least 4 Instructor Courses, Emergency First Responder Instructor Courses, Specialty Instructor Courses, Master Scuba Diver Trainer Courses und IDC Staff Instructor Courses. The aim of Hubert Boehm was always and still is: Quality comes before Quantity.

Please contact Hubert Boehn directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus. /


Cengiz 2North Cyprus British Scuba Centre – Kyrenia

Cengiz Topel Bergun, is the only PADI Course Director in Northen Cyprus. He was born and raised in Cyprus, but lived for many years in England. Cengiz has taught in England at one of the busiest and most reputable dive centres on the south coast of England, Newhaven Scuba Centre.

Since he returned back to Cyprus in 2005 – Cengiz opened his own Dive Centre – the North Cyprus British Scuba Centre in Kyrenia.


Cengiz Bergun

He became a PADI Course Director in 2012 and is enjoying to teach PADI IDC courses since.

“Since, when I opened my dive centre, I am always enjoying to teach any level of PADI courses, from bubble makers up to Instructor level, but my favourite course to teach is the PADI Instructor Development course.

Please contact Cengiz Bergun directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus! /



Fitness for Divers

IMG_0006Did you asked yourself how you can lose the unnecessary “Winter-Bacon” – especially when you are not very active as a diver? Or how you can keep you fit besides the diving? Daniela “the Coach” Cornacchia from the biggest Dive Centre in Switzerland – Tauchsport Käser, has the perfect solution and the perfect Fitness for Divers ready for you.

Daniela Cornacchia is PADI IDC Staff Instructor and since mid-July also certified Personal Trainer. Daniela invented as Personal Trainer the Fitness program called Fitness4Diver by The World premiere of this training session happened on the 06th of July 2016 in the location of Tauchsport Käser.

The Training session started after a 5 Minute warm-up in Buddy Teams.

DSC_0007Daniela prepared eight stations for the eight participants – including me! The Focus of the eight Training Skills was on weights and on balance skills

Every Skill needed to be done for one minute – or 60 seconds – before we could move on to the next station. Trust me, the coach was Taff! There was no space to cheat or to skip some squats… No standard violation was accepted…

DSC_0032„Wohooo finish…! “ I thought after I finished very sweaty the course. I could even feel some muscle pain in my leg and back… Leg pain? Yes – it is really hard… However – after a short break, the coach announced the second round. What? Second round? Did I missed something? I couldn’t believe it and asked Daniel Schmid, PADI Course Director and owner of the Dive Centre Tauchsport Käser. He only replied – „Of course, we are not on a children’s Birthday!”

So, we started with the second round (including me…) and Daniela motivated all of us with her beautiful accent and with her very impressive coaching. She managed that we mobilized the last energy cell in our Body and that we all pushed ourselves to the limit.DSC_0108

Commands like “down”, “up”, “come-on Sascha”, “10 seconds left”, “back straight”, “one more” – could be heard for sure over the whole area of the Dive Centre.

The Participants were weight lifting, fighting, jumping, screaming, laughing and sweating. The whole training session last over 45 minutes and was very intensive.

DSC_0024The following ingredients are needed for a successful training session:

  • Fins
  • Weights
  • Weightbelt
  • Tanks
  • Stages

A really big thank you goes to the coach!

This Training Fitness4Diver by is not only a great program, it is also good fun for all the participants. But it also shows that we as divers own almost all the ingredients which are important to run a successful training session.