PADI RM Meeting Italy 2014


This three daDSC_2900y event has brought together all the PADI EMEA regional managers to discuss and share ideas. This PADI RM Meeting has provided a multitude of ideas and business tips to share with all the PADI members in EMEA. We also discuss the fantastic content of the PADI Business Academy. We looking forward to returning back to the UK to put these into action.

Matthew Clements

Matt Clements – Regional Manager for UK (North), Scotland, Malta & Gozo

Contact details:


Telephone: +44 117 300 7318

A quick bio from Matt Clements:

“I am a passionate instructor teaching and I am working towards my PADI Course Director rating. I have managed diving centres around the world and have run my own. I am also a keen surfer and took a break from diving to read Law (LL.B Hons) but decided while working for a law firm that I missed the industry and started working for PADI in 2010.”

Fun stuff…

When did you first learn to dive? – In 1996 in Lanzarote.

How many dives have you done? – Just over 2000.

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought? – A mask for snorkelling first and then a regulator set.

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be? – A dive computer

What is your favourite dive site in the UK? – Lundy Island

What is your favourite dive site in the world? – Jackfish Alley, Egypt

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving? – Angel, Massive Attack

What is your favourite animal underwater? – Playful octopus

What animal would you love to see on your next dive? – A dolphin

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list? – Truk Lagoon

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives? – Sausage roll

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be? – Doug Nash (former PADI Vice President of Sales and Marketing) – more for the apres dive!