Maldives plastic recycling on a local islands

Gili Lankanfushi conserves our limited resources and cleans up our islands to help preserve our future.

Following the success of plastic recycling on Gili Lankanfushi we took the leap and expanded our project. On November 2nd Gili Lankanfushi visited Himmafushi, a local island and a big producer of plastic waste due to their plastic water bottle factory. With the assistance of the local NGO Parley, who are spearheading plastic recycling in the Maldives our aim was to implement a plastic recycling project at the school and expand this throughout the island. Together with Parley, the teachers and local council members in attendance Gili Lankanfushi conducted a 30 minute presentation including two activities which all the children participated in. The presentation was well received and the council were positive regarding expanding recycling to all areas of the island. After the school visit 50 staff from Gili Lankanfushi conducted an island plastic clean to demonstrate how easy it is to recycle plastic and what types of plastic can be recycled. A huge amount of plastic was collected and on seeing this the Himmafushi local community has also become inspired to recycle their plastic waste. Gili Lankanfushi will remain in close contact with Himmafushi and offer support and guidance when needed.

Launching plastic recycling on the local island Himmafushi

Launching plastic recycling on the local island Himmafushi


Giving presentation on plastic recycling to local school children and the council

Giving presentation on plastic recycling to local school children and the council

 Throughout August 2017 on Gili Lankanfushi 280 hosts attended the sustainability training. Host mentally regarding plastic pollution, water, electricity and food waste has now changed for the better. In addition to Gili Lankanfushi’s plastic presentation Maai Rasheed from Parley visited and conducted a presentation about plastic recycling. Hosts can now be seen regularly recycling their plastic and helping with island cleans – for example the recent Himmafushi clean.

The results of Himmafushi plastic clean up

The results of Himmafushi plastic clean up

 Following the training activities aimed at increasing host water and electricity use awareness, hosts now know how to reduce wasting these resources through enhanced understanding of water and electricity requirements of common activities. They were given top energy and water saving tips, for example using the fan over the AC, turning off electrical appliances, washing full loads in the washing machine at a low temperature – 20°C, air drying clothing, turning off lights, having shorter showers, only using a small amount of water when cleaning, turning the tap off when brushing teeth, shaving and soaping up. You can make these changes too!

Raising awareness about excessive water waste

Raising awareness about excessive water waste

 Over the coming months plastic recycling, food waste, electricity and water use will be monitored. In the near future we will host a no bin day in the canteen which will teach hosts about portion and waste control. We have already observed a decrease in water use – before training the average host would use 200L of water per day – this is now reduced to 160L. We are confident that hosts will continue to reduce the waste of resources and participate in plastic recycling.

PADI’s guest blogger Clare Baranowski introduces herself:

I am a marine zoologist from the UK who has worked throughout the tropics researching mega fauna and reef ecosystems in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. I have experience monitoring and restoring coral and surveying manta, turtle and dolphin populations. I began my career as a science communicator before moving into research and management roles, this is why I incorporate outreach and education into every project I work on and I hope to continue this at Gili Lankanfushi


BOOT 2018

Once again, PADI will be exhibiting at Boot, taking place at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Messeplatz Hall 3 from 20th –  28th January.

Visit the PADI stand and PADI Village (3/F32), where the Team and our Stand Partners will be on hand to answer all your questions and show you our latest products and features. There is more exciting news coming so please keep checking this page as it will be regularly updated.

Find out what’s on:

Over the course of the show we’ll be holding some great seminars and workshops, which we’d love you to join us for.

PADI Freediving Event: 

This year we are excited to announce a PADI Freediving Event. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about Freediving and to come along and try one of our static apnea sessions by the Main Stage. Hold your breath and bring yourself and your friends along to have a fun Freediving Day with us!

Member Forum:

Don’t forget to register (once open) for the Member Forum if you’re planning to attend. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Date Time Seminar Location
20.01.18 10.00 – 14.00 EFR Instructor Trainer Course (German) Room 4BC
20.01.18 14.30 – 18.00 EFR Instructor Trainer Course (English) Room 4BC
20.01.18 18.00 – 19.00 Stand Party PADI Stand
21.01.18 10.00 – 14.00 Risk Management Course Room 4BC
23.01.18 10.30 – 18.00 PADI Freediving Event Close to the Main Stage
23.01.18 10.30 – 10.40 PADI Freediving Event – Introduction Main Stage
23.01.18 11.30 – 11.40 PADI Freediving Main Stage
23.01.18 12.30 – 12.40 PADI Freediving Main Stage
23.01.18 13.30 – 13.40 PADI Freediving Main Stage
23.01.18 14.30 – 14.40 PADI Freediving Main Stage
23.01.18 16.00 – 16.10 PADI Freediving Main Stage
27.01.18 16.30 – 17.00 PADI Dive Center Awards Main Stage
27.01.18 19.00 – 21.00 Member Forum and Social Room 02

Stay tuned for more information about our exciting NEW PADI Course Promotion for the 2018 Shows.

We look forward to seeing you!


New, improved, 2018 PADI Show Support Pack

This year we’ve upgraded your Show Support Pack to include MORE, to further assist 100% PADI Dive Centers to convert customers. Feel the power of the PADI Brand with more show support than ever before.

2018 Show Support Pack contains:

  • NEW design PADI 3m Beach Flag (Pole & Base)
  • PADI Wristbands
  • PADI Triangular Bunting
  • 25 small PADI Stickers
  • 1 large PADI Sticker
  • PADI Course Brochures

Show Support Packs are a benefit available to 100% PADI Dive Centers. We invite you to complete the 2018 Show Support Pack Application, return it to Serena Scatteia and, once approved, the goodies are yours!*

Your pack will be shipped to you with your next Sales order, or delivered to the PADI stand for you to collect if PADI is exhibiting at the same event.

*Available whilst stocks last

Salon de la Plongée 2018

Once again, PADI will be exhibiting at Salon de la Plongée, taking place at the Parc des Expositions, 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, Paris from 12th – 15th January. Visit the PADI stand (D22), where the Team will be on hand to answer all your questions and show you our latest products and features. There is more exciting news coming so please keep checking this page as it will be regularly updated.

Find out what’s on:

Over the course of the show we’ll be holding some great seminars and workshops, which we’d love you to join us for. Don’t forget to register (once open) for the Member Forum if you’re planning to attend. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Date Time Seminar Location
13.01.18 11.30 – 12.00 PADI Divemaster: devenez Professionnel Espace Scénique
13.01.18 17.00 – 18.00 Synthèse 2017 et projections 2018 Salle de Projection
13.01.18 18.00 -19.00 Remise des Awards & Apéritifs Stand PADI
14.01.18 11.30 – 12.00 PADI Divemaster: devenez Professionnel Espace Scénique

Stay tuned for more information regarding our exciting NEW PADI Course Promotion for the 2018 Shows.

We look forward to seeing you!


Pharaoh Dive Club 10 Years Party and Deptherapy fundraiser!

During Dive2017 show weekend, Pharaoh DC organized a great Birthday Bash to celebrate the 10 years anniversary!

A perfect occasion for PADI Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla to present the 10 years award as member of the PADI Retailer and Resorts Association delivered by PADI Territory Director –  Rich Somerset.

The idea behind the party was not only to celebrate the occurrence but also to strengthen the special partnership between Pharaoh DC and Deptherapy (Pharaoh Dive Club is a long-time supporter and the point of reference for Deptherapy in Egypt):

All the profits of the evening, where more than 200 people attended, went to this special UK based charity who uses scuba diving to rehabilitate veterans afflicted by both mental and physical disabilities!

Organized by Steve and Clare Rattle and hosted at Village Hotel, Solihull, Birmingham the party included a fantastic dinner, live music, entertainment, a silent auction and Deptherapy Awards Ceremony!

During the Award Ceremony, Headed by Richard Cullen – Founder & Chairman of Deptherapy and masterfully presented by PADI AmbassaDiver and Deptherapy Ambassador – Gary Green, several awards were presented:  PADI was incredibly proud and honored to receive the award for the Best Corporate Sponsor.

The Ceremony was something special and touching: it was truly inspiring to hear about Depthterapy’s students and members, about their journey after medical discharge, their battle with PTSD and their rebirth through scuba diving and Depthterapy!

2017 AWARE Week UK

We are excited to invite you to join the 2017 AWARE Week UK!  This event celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Project AWARE® and helps end the year with a celebration of our oceans through lots of positive actions including fundraising and ocean awareness events as well as having a whole lot of diving fun! In addition to supporting ocean conservation, it will also give you the opportunity to generate additional business during the quieter months leading up to Christmas.

Click here for the 2017 AWARE Week UK landing page to learn more about this event.  You will also find a link to download a Marketing Toolkit full of resources to help you get your event set up and to ensure it is a great success.

As part of 2017 AWARE Week UK, our goal is to set a record number of Project AWARE courses taught in the UK! To help you conduct these courses, you’ll find the all new Project AWARE Specialty Lesson Guides in the Marketing Toolkit, along with the latest copy of the Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Guide.  Remember, you can also download the optional student manual – “AWARE – Our World Our Water” free of charge.

In addition to running a Project AWARE course there are other ways to take part in the 2017 AWARE Week UK – think outside the box and have fun with your ocean protection!  Below are some ideas to kick start planning for this event:

  • Run some clean-ups in your area or at your local dive sites
  • Run some Project AWARE Courses, for example, Dive Against Debris® and AWARE Shark Conservation
  • Offer a free of charge Project AWARE course as part of a Master Scuba Diver package
  • Include the Dive Against Debris certification together with your Advanced Open Water courses
  • Hold a seminar or a talk for your Club members to give them further education and information on Project AWARE’s conservation work and how they can get involved
  • Put together some Christmas Goodie Stocking Fillers to sell and donate some of the profits to Project AWARE
  • Run a kids program, get them into the water for a Bubblemaker and get them excited about learning more about marine life and how they can be an Ocean Protector
  • Run a Social Media competition for the best photograph/video of marine life/example of debris in the water
  • Run a Social Media competition for the biggest fundraiser, possibly offer them a discount on equipment/servicing/next diving course/free dive centre t-shirt
  • Take on a fundraising challenge of your choice (cake sale, 5k run, etc.) and start your AWARE Week UK online fundraising page here.

Be sure to promote this on all your Social Media platforms to show your divers what you are doing and how they can get involved. Use #AWAREWeekUK on your social media channels to collate your efforts and generate a great shout-out for Ocean Protection in the UK. To help you market your Project AWARE courses and events you will also find Facebook banners and email headers within the Marketing Toolkit.

We look forward to hearing about your plans for this event and are sure you will have a lot of fun with it too!

Egypt at Dive2017 – Birmingham

The UK’s biggest event for Scuba Diving, DIVE Birmingham, took place from the 21st – 22nd October 2017. Located in a new hall, DIVE attracted visitors looking for dive holidays, scuba gear and training courses, as well as experienced and aspiring divers looking for industry updates.

This year as well, PADI’s management has decided to have some extra support from PADI’s Team Egypt represented by Pam Holt – Regional Training Consultant and Teo Brambilla – Regional Manager !

Pam and Teo not only offered support to those PADI stores  – based in Egypt – exhibiting, but also assisted visitors with practical tips on how to travel to Egypt, helped overcoming concerns about security in the country and liaised with the Egyptian Tourism Authority in promoting Egypt![Amr El Azabi – Director Egyptian Tourism Authority & Teo Brambilla – PADI Regional Manager]

There were six – Egyptian based – PADI stores exhibiting at Dive 2017   ….all ‘equipped’ with the renowned “PADI Show support pack” !

Here below their booths:

Blue Ocean – Abu DababCamel Dive Club – Sharm El SheikhEmperor Divers – Egypt Pharaoh Dive Club – El QuseirRed Sea Diving Safari – Marsa Shagra Sinai Dive Club – Sharm El Sheikh…. last but not least, our friends and Egypt’s supporters: Deptherapy !Such great turn out of PADI Diving Centers representing Egypt was of exceptional impact and definitely helped in keeping the flag flying high !!

PADI announces its 2018 Shows!

PADI has been busy planning its 2018 events schedule and is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at the following shows:

Salon de la Plongée (Paris, France): 12 – 15 January.
Boot (Dusseldorf, Germany): 20 – 28 January – PADI Village.
Salón de la Inmersión (Barcelona, Spain): 23 – 25 February – PADI Village.
DMEX (Dubai, UAE): 27 February – 3 March.
EUDI (Bologna, Italy): 2 – 4 March – PADI Village.

PADI will also have a presence at these shows:

Moscow Dive Show (Moscow, Russia): 1 – 4 February.
Duikvaker (Houten, Netherlands): 3 – 4 February.
Podwodna Przygoda (Warsaw, Poland): 17 – 18 February.
DykMassan (Stockholm, Sweden): 17 – 18 March.

Additional 2018 shows will be added as they are confirmed. Check in regularly for an updated list.

We hope you’ll join us at one or more of the shows. If you’d like to partner with us in one of the PADI villages please contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Prodivers Cleaned Up the World…

Sunday 17th September 2017 saw millions of people around the world join together for the annual Clean up the World event. Guest and team members of Prodivers on Kuredu and Komandoo joined them.


A team of more than 113 guests and staff took part in the event and collected rubbish from the islands, the ocean and the reefs.

A staggering 75 bags were collected as well as lots of pieces of wood and metal. The volunteers were organised into groups and were each given an area to clean.

After the clean-up came the celebration – participants enjoyed a cocktail party held in their honor and were each given a thank you gift of an event t-shirt.

A big thank you to the guests, Resort staff and Prodivers team members who gave up their time for such a good cause – what an amazing team effort.


Scuola D’Amare initiative at Messina and “All Together” project.

Messina September 10th 2017– The Dive Village event, organized by the PADI Aqua Element Center of Gioiosa Marea and the MessinAmare Association, was successfully completed within the framework of the Scuola D’Amare project in collaboration with the “Caio Duilio” Nautical Institute of Messina, PADI, Project Aware, DAN Europe and MARES.

The event began on Friday September 8th in the prestigious Forte San Salvatore location granted by the Italian Navy, with the award of the diving certificates to the boys and girls of the Scuola D’Amare project and the migrants of the project “All Together”.

The Headmaster of the Nautical Institute, Prof. Maria Schirò, the military authorities, the Vice-President of DAN Europe Guy Thomas, the Regional Manager of PADI EMEA Fabio Figurella, the regional representative of MARES Nino Alessi and the diving instructors of the Aqua Element diving center all attended the awarding ceremony.

The Headmaster Schirò gave special emphasis to the project “All Together”, a project created from the Nautical Institute’s will to open to unaccompanied migrants a series of activities in the nautical sector that one day could give these children the chance to find a job and a place in society. “All Together” is a project connected to the sea, that for these children is synonymous with “Death”, whose is to organize a series of activities like scuba diving and first aid courses that can bring the children closer to the sea, as a friend and resource for their professional future.

To get excited each time and get new proactive energy by watching the spark in the eye of those who come into contact with the wonders of the underwater world. A World that has no: borders, masters, diversity” are the words of Giuseppe Pinci, great organizer of the event.

These boys and girls have been introduced to the scuba diving world thanks to the collaboration with Aqua Element diving center through PADI courses and first aid EFR courses.


If all the Headmasters in Italy were like Professor Schirò, Italy would be a much more open country to students, and there would be important synergies enabling social growth for our country and for the future of young generations,” commented Fabio, Regional Manager of PADI EMEA.

The event continued on September 9th and 10th at the Gioiosa Marea diving center, with dives, MARES equipment testing, and lots of fun, with barbeques and a final evening at the disco.

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with DAN Europe, all dives were monitored by the DAN research team that included the dive profiles of the participants in their database for medical-scientific research.

Through the collaboration with Dr. Cosimo Muscianisi of DAN Europe free ORL visits were performed during the event.

Guy Thomas, the Vice President of DAN Europe, was enthusiastic: “It was great to see that thanks to the collaboration between the Aqua Element diving center and the Caio Duilio Nautical Institute there are projects that bring young boys and girls underwater. Also noteworthy is the project “All Together” that reveals to young migrants the wonders of the sea, the sea that they always feared”. Congratulations to all the people involved, especially Mario Aiello and Giuseppe Pinci who carry out important projects such as these with devotion and passion. The enthusiasm was certainly not missing during the event: “Dive Village 2017, an event which allowed us to collect useful data for DAN’s research on diving safety”.

The event has ended, but the activities of Aqua Element and MessinAmare within the Caio Duilio Institute at Messina with the activities of Scuola D’Amare and a project that will bring students to Malta to integrate scuba diving and English learning have already begun with the new school year.

Mario Aiello, owner of the Aqua Element diving center, commented: “The (DIVE VILLAGE) comes to an end, an event where we delivered certificates, we dived, tested Mares  equipment, analyzed our profiles and made OTO visits thanks to DAN, and why not “we had fun like crazy at the disco, all of which brings us together in this huge passion “the sea“.