5 Ideas for Facebook Page Covers

Looking for a new design to refresh your Facebook Cover photo? Here are five ideas (besides using underwater photos alone) to create something more eye-catching or personal to your business.

1. Promotions (remember to include your call-to-action)

  • Advertise a DSD event or a Go Pro night
  • Advertise competitions (win free gear, courses or gift vouchers)
  • Run exclusive offers – 2-for-1 bookings or special Facebook Fan discounts

PADI’s promotion for the #livetoscuba contest

2. Integrate your profile picture

Create a profile picture as part of your overall Facebook Cover design for a seamless appearance which will complement the overall design.

The Simpons page using a profile picture as part of the main Cover design

3. Announce important milestones

  • Reaching a certain number of Facebook Fans?
  • Reaching a certain number of years of service?
  • Celebrating upgraded PADI status (“Now a Five Star PADI Dive Center”)

PADI’s message after reaching 1 million Facebook Fans

 4. Feature real life people

  • Diver of the Month
  • Photo of the Month
  • Instructor Spotlight
  • Customer birthdays

Oreo features on of their customers for her birthday

5. Add seasonal variations

  • …Winter / Spring / Summer
  • …Father’s Day / Mother’s Day
  • …Christmas / Easter / Halloween / Valentines
  • …Awareness Dates (World Oceans Day, Finathon Month)

Hershey’s Kisses add a fun twist for Halloween

Remember, these are just a few examples to get you started. Aim to keep your Facebook Cover up to date and relevant for your customers by coming up with even more ideas to help make your business stand out from the crowd.


Zenobia Week


The Zenobia wreck sits in 42 meters of water just outside the Port of Larnaca, Cyprus. She has been voted one of the top ten wrecks worldwide and divers from all walks of life can experience her on a variety of different levels. What makes her so access able? The sheer size of this RO-RO ferry means that although she is in relatively deep water, she sank on her port side and the shallowest part of the wreck can be reached after just 17 meters. That means that even entry level divers can enjoy one of the largest underwater vessels in the world, while still providing an arena that even the most seasoned tech diver will tingle over. That is very special.

During my time working as a PADI dive Instructor in Cyprus, I would visit this metal giant weekly and it was an absolute joy to watch people’s reactions as the wreck came into view while descending into the blue. Wide eyes and happy facial features were on every diver, their breathing increasing ever so slightly as their excitement of the upcoming dives slowly reveled themselves with each deepening meter.

Now I am the PADI Regional Manager for Cyprus, my love of this wreck is still at its peak. I have dived her over 100 times and yet my anticipation of the new adventures I will have still makes me wake up before my alarm goes off, ready to take the plunge.

It was no surprise to me when I discovered that the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) had a special Zenobia Week in store for us in June 2014. I was given the opportunity to speak at one of the Zenobia promotional conferences, as I am extremely involved in underwater conservation and a healthy dive market.  I learned a lot about the development of artifical reefs in Cyprus, the marine life at the Zenobia and I learned about diving tourism and its prospects. I also met a lot of likeminded people with a common goal in mind – to make Cyprus a diving destination of excellence. We all know Zenobia is awesome – and this promotional week is planned to run annually by the CTO. Adventure tourism is the most fun kind, in my opinion – so walking around Larnaca seeing all the child artists’ impressions and creations of the Zenobia on the sea front was a beautiful thing to see. The fact that the CTO are actively educating their students in the wonders of the underwater world at such a young age gives me high hopes for the project’s success. To coin an old but true saying “The children are the future”. Nothing is truer than this when it comes to our future generations being able to experience beautiful marine environments as we do.


PADI Business Academy – Harness the Power

PADI Business Academy (PBA) is the powerful, and hugely successful, business development tool only accessible to PADI members. If you’re looking to increase your business exposure, sales and bottom line profit you can’t afford not to become one of the thousands of successful international PADI Business Academy graduates.

Take a sneak peak at one of our 2014 Business Academies!  Watch the video below:

And now see what the PADI Business Academy can do for you:

View the latest brochure

Join us for one of the two-day programmes scheduled during 2014.  We know it will inspire, equip and motivate you, helping you prepare your business for unprecedented growth in 2014.

To register for a programme, complete the PBA Registration Form and return it to the Marketing department.  Additional registrants from the same Dive Centre will benefit from a 50% discount and each primary Dive Centre attendee will benefit from a £/€100 credit toward your 2015 Dive Centre renewal.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our PADI Business Academy programmes!

Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team

Honeymoons, holidays and diving


A honeymoon is the perfect time for happy couples to start diving together, or continue their scuba adventures at their honeymoon destination. To help inspire people to become divers with you either before they go, or whilst enjoying their holiday of a lifetime, we have created the following video: ‘How Deep is Your Love? Go Scuba Diving On Your Honeymoon’ for you to share on your website, social media and email templates – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy5pvD9YnCs

The secrets to a successful eNewsletter

How to make a successful eNewsletter

Three questions to ask before we begin.

  1. Do you subscribe to any newsletters?
  2. If so do you like to receive them?
  3. What do you like about your favourite newsletter?

Some people believe that a newsletter is the strongest marketing and business tool bar none. A newsletter is a way of communicating with a large audience all in one go.


According to a study by Yankelovich in 2007, people are bombarded with over 5000 different marketing messages every day. From billboards, posters, brochures, television/radio adverts, emails to social media and more – it’s non-stop!

The good news is that eNewsletters are a simple and cost effective way to cut through the clutter and are a powerful marketing tool.

We have produced a ‘How to make a successful eNewsletter’ digital toolbox which consists of a recorded webinar which explains the secret hints and tips to generating successful profit-producing newsletters.

To get your hands on the digital toolbox, simply click the ‘The secrets to a successful eNewsletter eSurvey‘ link below or the Big Blue Button below and answer a 60 second eSurvey.

Once you have submitted your answers you will get your hands on the good stuff!

The Scuba Industry Trade Association AGM will be held on Wednesday 21st May 2014.

TIME: 14.00

VENUE: Apeks Aqua Lung, Neptune Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2BT

All full SITA members are welcome to attend the AGM.


The SITA board are looking for people who are willing to put a little time aside a few days a year and sit on the Executive Committee. The committee has a good representation of the various arms of the UK industry including training agencies, manufacturers and distributers, retailers and media companies. However it always good to bring in new blood and freshen up the look and ideas of the committee. Although they cannot have a flood of committee members, if you want to join in and have your say, there are spaces on the committee for you. 


2014  is an election year. Both positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman are due for election. Vini Howlett, current Chairman iswilling to sit for another term if unopposed. The position of Vice Chair is now vacant after Jim Standing of Fourth Element has decided not to run again.


So if any of you would like to step up and sit on the committee, run for one of these positions, or attend the AGM then please email SITA Company Secretary
Rosemary Lunn or Chairman Vini Howlett.

Moving from Facebook profile to Business page

In the course of my travels visiting different dive centres around the regions, I often notice that many still use a Facebook profile for their business.   Now not only is this against Facebook terms and conditions and potentially you stand to loose all your contacts if Facebook delete the profile.  I’ve seen it happen, a profile with 2000+ friends gone – and you’ll get no response from Facebook. Continue reading “Moving from Facebook profile to Business page”