New Course Director in Egypt – Wael Elshahat

IMG_6012<< I started diving in 1998  …I always dreamed to dive, especially after seeing some underwater videos; therefore, as soon as I had a chance I did my PADI Open Water Course!

In 1999, I finished my university and started working as an accountant in a big diving company in Sharm el Sheikh / Red Sea; this gave me the opportunity to keep on diving and, at the same time, continue my education …until I became Divemaster and consequently PADI Instructor in 2002.

I love teaching and the feelings you have when you share your knowledge and experience to help others to become good divers and love scuba diving!

My ambition, as PADI Course Director, is to teach candidates how to be good Instructors and sustain them during their career so that they can become not only great ambassadors but also role models as PADI professionals >>.

Congratulations to Wael for successfully completing his CDTC !

Sharks, Rays and Turtles – Your PADI Speciality with Prodivers Kuredu

Photo by Stefanie Wagner

Photo by Ray van Eeden

You got to love sharks, rays and turtles! In fact, at Kuredu Prodivers we love our residents so much that we’ve compiled everything we know about them and created two specialty courses that you should put on your must-do list: Maldivian Shark & Ray Distinctive Specialty Course, and Sea Turtle Diver Course. These two courses provide the best way for you to learn more about these incredible animals – and of course see them in their natural environment, at reefs around Kuredu.

Photo by Stefanie Wagner

Photo by Stefanie Wagner

During the Maldivian Shark and Ray course you will find out more about the incredible sensory system that sharks and rays possess, learn how to identify the different species, determine their gender and understand the mating behaviour, as well as the need for us to preserve and protect the current populations of sharks and rays. The narrow channels, where the currents flow in and out of the atoll and the deep out reefs around Kuredu are the ideal habitat to get encounters with sharks and rays.

Photo by Marek Machinia

Photo by Marek Machinia

For those of you prefer the sleepy headed sea turtles, the Sea Turtle Course will surely be of interest to you, especially since Kuredu is home to the largest known population of Green Sea Turtles in the Maldives. With over 63 identified individuals resident around the island, this makes it the perfect place to enrol in the course. It offers the chance to learn more about how turtles have adapted and evolved through their fight for survival, and you will also learn how to identify the different species and to distinguish whether they are male and female, and how they reproduce. Are you familiar with the famous Kuredu Caves, a.k.a. Turtle Airport? The course is also available to snorkelers.

Photo by Stefanie Wagner

Photo by Stefanie Wagner

The PADI Maldivian Shark & Ray Distinctive Specialty Course was developed by Prodivers to help increase the awareness about these magnificent creatures. Get in touch with us to find out more about diver qualification requirements for the courses.

Visit or drop us an email via


New PADI Divemasters within the Al Mezena tribe in Dahab

PADI is proud to welcome Eid, Eid, Haggag and Salim to the PADI family!


…Everything started back in 2013 when Karim El Hemeidy – owner at Daniela Diving in Dahab – decided to start an Environmental Conservation and Awareness Project in Dahab.


April 2013 – the project starts!

Part of this project included the PADI ‘zero to hero program’:

The idea was to help the local community, specifically a team of Bedouins from the Al Mezena tribe, to get into the diving industry and slowly progress from Open Water Diver all the way up to Divemaster.

This project, personally conducted by Karim himself and sponsored by PADI, Codex (the local PADI redistributor), Dr Heinkal from The Hyperbaric Medical Center Dahab had some clear objectives:

  • Give the participants the opportunity to find a job within the diving industry
  • Have the participants becoming mentors for other youngsters within their tribe
  • Have the participants becoming role models in terms of marine protection and awareness within the local community

PADI Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla – had the privilege to follow the progression of the students during these years and eventually award them during a party that has been organized at Daniela Diving!

bGoing back to 2013 an excited Karim stated:

<<The attendees are motivated and even if it will be hard work we are looking forward to the challenge. The aim of this project is to bring the awareness of the susceptibility of the marine life, the ecosystem and the need to uphold and respect the local and international laws. Diving will be a form of integration into this environment with the opportunity to adapt and to be ambassadors for the protection of marine life>>

cHere his words at the end of this journey:

<<It was a very long but successful journey. It was for me a great and rewarding experience: being able to help their dream come true, is something fantastic. I believe the more we involve locals in our industry the more they will be concerned with its protection, this will help to protect the marine life, so fragile specially in our area>>

Well done Karim, congratulations and keep up the good work!

Eid, Eid, Haggag and Salim, from all of us at PADI: congratulations on your Divemaster credentials and all the best in furthering your career within the diving industry!

An Exclusive Offer for PADI Pros

Seiko OfferDon’t miss this limited-time, discounted, PADI branded Seiko Diver’s Watch

Since the launch of its first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has brought a stream of innovative new technologies and designs that have aided divers across the globe.

Seiko’s dedication to perfection in creating well designed and functional divers’ watches has earned it a reputation of trust in the diving community, and partnering PADI is one of their proudest achievements yet.

As a way to give back to this wonderfully supportive community Seiko would like to offer all PADI Professional members a 20% discount on Seiko divers’ watches at selected Ernest Jones stores.

PADI Watches

To find your local selected Ernest Jones store you can use the store locator on the Seiko website:

Simply drop in, view the collection and present your PADI Membership Card to receive 20% off the recommended retail price. The offer will be valid in store from the 1st to 31st March, while stocks last, but is not available for online purchase or in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

Seiko and PADI share a passion for ensuring diver safety and enjoyment. That passion also extends to the protection of the marine environment, along with Project AWARE™ across 186 countries.

How to Set up Digital Product Affiliation Links on Your Website

banner-elearningAdd links to your website and automatically affiliate Touch or eLearning students with your store so you generate revenue around the clock. Use the link below and plug in your store number along with the corresponding Course ID.

For Touch, Certification Paks and eLearning use:

For ReActivate use:

Course ID Course Name
37 Open Water English Touch (all languages)
43 Open Water English – Cert Pack
44 Open Water Spanish – Cert Pack
45 Open Water German – Cert Pack
46 Open Water Japanese – Cert Pack
47 Open Water Italian – Cert Pack
48 Open Water French – Cert Pack
49 Advanced Open Water English – Cert Pack
50 Enriched Air Diver English – Cert Pack
51 Open Water Dutch – Cert Pack
52 IDC Course English – Cert Pack
53 Dive Theory English – Cert Pack
54 Digital Underwater Photography English – Cert Pack
55 Scuba Tune-up English – Cert Pack
56 Rescue Diver English – Cert Pack
57 Divemaster English – Cert Pack
58 Open Water Russian – Cert Pack
59 IDC Course Japanese – Cert Pack
60 Dive Theory Japanese – Cert Pack
61 IDC Course Spanish – Cert Pack
62 Open Water Chinese – Cert Pack
63 Enriched Air Japanese – Cert Pack
64 Open Water Korean – Cert Pack
65 Divemaster Japanese – Cert Pack
B4956EA2-9985-4356-A9DA-42BEF212D8D8 ReActivate Touch – all languages

For landing pages to display in a particular language you can add the Language Code below. 

Language Code Language
ch Chinese (Traditional)
ko Korean
ja Japanese
sp Spanish
fr French
de German
du Dutch
it Italian
ru Russian

Also, make sure you check your “Courses Offered” preferences under the My Account section on the PADI Pros’ Site so you are able to utilize the corresponding affiliation links. If the proper courses are not set up in the Pros’ Site your store will not be auto-affiliated.

Note: If you have existing eLearning affiliation links installed on your website, these will continue to work.

If you have any general questions regarding PADI eLearning or Touch please contact PADI Customer Relations or for marketing support contact

PADI Pros Facebook Pages New Global Structure

The PADI Pros Facebook Pages are important platforms for PADI to communicate important news, updates and tips relating to PADI and the industry specific to your region.

These Facebook Pages will soon be merging into a new global page structure.

What does this mean for me?

You will most likely not notice any difference; however, you will be defaulted to the regional page based on the country where you live. You will have the option to switch regional pages by selecting a different country.

How do I switch regional pages?

  • Hover over ‘More’ below the Page’s cover photo.
  • Select Switch Region.
  • Select the country you want as your default for the Page.
  • Click Save Preference.

Example from

PADI Pros 1PADI Pros 2

What will the global page structure look like?

There will be a new global PADI Pros Facebook page and then the same regional pages that you have already been following.

padi pros

What PADI Pros Facebook pages are currently available?


PADI Pros Africa

PADI Pros East Asia

PADI Pros Europe

PADI Pros Japan

PADI Pros Latin America

PADI Pros Middle East

PADI Pros North America & Caribbean

PADI Pros Oceania

PADI Pros South East Asia

PADI Pros South Korea

We strongly encourage you to visit and ‘Like’ the PADI Pros Facebook Page relative to your region.

If you have any questions about this transition, please contact PADI’s social media team at

Marketing Support from PADI in 2017

marketing-supportThe New Year is over a month old and I hope that the majority of you paid your PADI Membership fess already. But what do you get from PADI when you renew your PADI Membership? What kind of marketing support can you expect from PADI in 2017?

This is a very good question and you will find further down the answers to this question.

Please remember that you will not have access to your PADI Prosite anymore when you did not renew your PADI Membership until the 31st of January 2017!

How can PADI support you in terms of marketing?

The following 8 points should show you how PADI can support your Business in terms of marketing and that you can focus on the most important things of your Business – YOUR CUSTOMER!


alpha-divers-2Dedicated Store Visits or Online Consultations

Your Regional Manager can organise a visit from our eMarketing Specialist in your Dive Centre. Our eMarketing Specialist will check your Website and Social Media activities from head to toe – during a 2 – 3 hours visit. Our Specialist will show you exactly how you can improve your Website and how to improve your Social Media activities.

If it´s not possible for the eMaketing Specialist to visit your Dive Centre – we can always organise an Online Consultation.


13735723_1056550734419555_678261624877133597_oStore Wraps > Design

PADI has an amazingly professional Designs Department who can “pimp“ your Dive Centre outside or inside. We are even able to organise a Car Wrapping.


Poster and Brochure Support > Design

Like the Store Wrapping – We can support you by design customized Posters and Brochures for your needs.


Adverbs on Social Media

In the past few years, PADI launched very successfully the Adverb support for PADI Members on Social Media. PADI is sponsoring adverbs for your Dive Centre for example on Facebook or Google.


Website Reviews

If you wish – we can organize a Web Review for you. PADI is working very closely with an external company together who will check your Website. You will get a detailed report from PADI with all the changes you need to make to improve the traffic to your Website and that the Website is working better for you.


fb-header-aarau-dive-factory-2017_signatureSocial Media Support & Artwork Assistance > Cover Photos etc.

Our Designs Department can create cover Photos for your Facebook campaigns or to advertise your events.


email-templateEmail Template Design & assistance > with or without EVE

Our daily business is writing emails and read emails… PADI can show you how easy it is to work in the future with an EPS like Mailchimp for example. We can also, if you wish, design special Templates for your needs.




canary-campaignCampaign Support

Our Marketing team is worldwide 24/7 active. We never sleep and we always create new campaigns and content for our social media channels, for our blogs and for our Website. The goal is always the same – we want to bring your customer back in your Dive Centre and we are looking for the customer their where they are looking for you… We are leading your future customer in your direction.

Below you will find a link for a campaign to advertise the Canary Islands:



Please don’t be afraid to ask. We might not always be able to assist immediate, or have the resource to complete the request at that time, but we will be endeavouring to help where we can.

Please contact your PADI Regional Manager if you wish more information about the Marketing support we provide during 2017.

Egypt, PADI …and The Boot Show

After the supportive attendance of Egypt’s Regional Manager and Regional Training Consultant at Dive 2016 in the UK, PADI decided to increase the support towards Egypt and have a dedicated booth – within the PADI Village – at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf, to promote and support this fantastic country.

boothDedicated flyers – in English and German – were handed out with info about Egypt, a map highlighting the different diving destinations, the closest airports and a QR code with a link to the PADI Dive Shop Locator …in order to help visitors to find their favorite PADI Dive Resort in Egypt!

boot3During the 9 days of the show, PADI Regional Manager [Teo Brambilla] and Regional Training Consultant [Pam Holt] shared roles in promoting Egypt and helping Boot Show’s visitors with practical tips on how to travel to Egypt, how to move around, answer generic questions and overcome concerns about security in the country.

boot4Having someone like Teo, who lives in Sharm El Sheikh since almost 20 years and has an extensive local knowledge of this region …and Pam, who is handling – from the Bristol office – any request from Egyptian-based Diving centers and Individual members on a daily base was an inestimable added value!

boot6The Show was also a great opportunity for Pam and Teo to further support all the PADI Diving Centers (located in the Red Sea) exhibiting at the show: beyond providing the usual marketing kit “PADI Show support pack”, there was time for discussing ideas, campaigns, training and sales for 2017.

boot7 copyThe Boot Show was really successful and even more important we succeeded in our intention: more and more people were inquiring about Egypt, especially compared to last year were visitors were just neglecting the country.

The general feedback from participating Egyptian based Members was positive for the whole region …we just hope for more flights and the removal of the travel ban from some countries!

PADI Divemaster – Profesional del Buceo


En un viaje de buceo reciente en el que he tenido la suerte de visitar algunos centros de buceo, me he encontrado con que, como parece logico, en todos ellos el guía de las inmersiones era un PADI Divemaster.


Una mañana, recien llegado al centro de buceo y después de seleccionar el equipamiento con el que voy a hacer las inmersiones del día me indican la playa desde donde salen los barcos con los buceadores. Al llegar a la playa, el Divemaster se me acerca, se presenta y me señala donde está mi equipo para montar y que hacer una vez que esta montado, me dice donde estan los baños, las duchas, el botiquin, el oxigeno de emergencia y me entrega el registro de la inmersión para que firme la entrada junto a mi nombre.

Todos mis compañeros de inmersión siguen el mismo proceso y una vez estamos todos listos nos reúne en un área donde se vuelve a presentar e inicia la orientación de la inmersión que sigue sin saltarse ni un paso del manual:

1. Nombre del sitio de la inmersión.

2. Descripción del sitio, donde además dibuja un mapa sobre la arena indicando donde se va a situar el barco para la entrada en el agua.

3. Su papel y cómo los buceadores podemos reconocerte bajo el agua. Nos dice que es lo que hará si ve algo llamativo para los fotógrafos y nos da las señales que utiliza para indicar cada especie animal.

4. Técnicas de entrada y salida, estamos en un área con ciertos retos, hay bastante oleaje y el mar de fondo puede ser transformarse en corriente en cuestión de segundos.

5. Procedimientos de la inmersión y cual va a ser la ruta que va a serguir alrededor del arrecife, incluyendo la profundidad que nos dice que será de 25 metros y el tiempo máximo de inmersión que nos dice será de 25 minutos aproximadamente. En este punto, algunos del grupo empiezan a protestar, “sólo 25 minutos” dicen “eso es ridículo” protestan. Nuestro Divemaster se incorpora y sin alterarse lo mas mínimo saca sus tablas PIR y le pide a uno del grupo que protesta que le diga cual es el tiempo máximo de inmersión a 25 metros que resulta ser de 29 minutos. “Caballeros, estas son inmersiones sin parada de descompresión, iniciaremos el ascenso alrededor de los 25 minutos, gracias” silencio en el grupo, asunto zanjado.

6. Procedimientos de emergencia y que hacer si un buceador se pierde y como se da la alarma a tierra pues no hay radio en el barco pero se ve la playa desde todos los puntos de inmersión.


7. Revisión de las señales específicas de la inmersión incluyendo las habituales mas algunas que el usa en esas condiciones.

8. Comprobación de los compañeros de inmersión donde se asegura que todos tenemos uno y además nos recuerda que debemos mantenernos cerca el uno del otro.

9. Orientación del medio ambiente donde nos vuelve a repasar las especies que esperamos encontrar y las señales que usa para describir cada especie asi como el modo de proceder en caso de encontrarse con una especie “peligrosa”

10.Verificación de seguridad pre-inmersión

Después de las inmersiones cuando vuelvo al centro de buceo le comento al encargado que el Divemaster me había parecido fabuloso y que haría un buen instructor; “no quiere” me dice, es mas feliz y gana mas como Divemaster, entre su sueldo, las propinas y las comisiones que se lleva por desempeñar ciertas funciones extra, además bucea cada dia los mejores puntos de inmersión.

Es recomendable que cuando los alumnos de buceo vienen a los centros a hacer sus cursos de PADI Divemaster, en vez de tener al candidato dando vueltas por el centro durante dos meses, cargando botellas, acompañando inmersiones y en general haciendo un poco de todo, por que no hacer y terminar el curso cuanto antes y si el candidato desea obtener experiencia, usar sus capacidades al máximo, guiando inmersiones, asistiendo en cursos, dirigiendo PADI ReActivate o si además han obtenido la credencial PADI DSD Leader, dirigiendo programas de Discover Scuba Diving. Los Divemaster de PADI realmente pueden ser de enorme utilidad!





PADI Digital educational products – where to start?

Digital Product Suite

Touch Products

An industry first, Touch products offer a revolutionary, tablet-based option for a rich, interactive learning environment. Once purchased, Touch products are available for download through the PADI Library App. Also, all Touch products (except for the eRDPML Touch) include the certification card processing fee.

Open Water Diver Touch™

Open Water TouchView the Touch demo video
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ReActivate Touch

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eRDPML Touch

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Certification Paks

Certification Paks bring the traditional crew-pak to a fully integrated digital-delivery system. Currently, Certification Paks are only available for the Open Water Diver course. They are sold both to PADI Members and direct to consumers. The Certification Paks now available are the Open Water Certification Pak – Online and Open Water Certification Pak – Offline. All Certification Paks also include the certification card processing fee. Certification Paks will be available in additional languages and courses throughout 2015.

Read the FAQs

Open Water Certification Pak – Offline (Touch base product)

  • Open Water Diver Touch
  • Open Water Diver eManual
  • eRDPML Touch / RDP Tables (digital)
  • eTraining Dive Log

Open Water Certification Pak – Online (eLearning base product)

  • Open Water Diver eLearning
  • Open Water Diver eManual
  • eRDPML Desktop / RDP Table (digital)
  • eTraining Dive Log
Open Water Certification Pak – Lite (eManual base product)
  • Open Water Diver eManual
  • RDP Tables (digital)
  • eTraining Dive Log

PADI® Apps

PADI Library App


The completely revamped PADI App is now available for Apple iOS- and Android-based devices and helps improve and increase user engagement, drive awareness of diving, and create a one-stop mobile experience for everything related to diving.

PADI Library App
The PADI Library App provides access to the extensive PADI digital product library. New PADI digital products available through the PADI Library use interactive tablet and mobile device based files that are iOS and Android compatible.

Trial eCard
Free 30-Day Trial eCards for New PADI Divers

Trial eCard

Newly certified PADI Divers receive a free trial eCard for their recent certifications. These eCards, valid for 30 days, provide an immediate certification confirmation that divers can use while waiting for their permanent certification cards. The existing process does not change – this is in addition to any existing temporary cards (good for 90 days) your divers receive.