Getting your business Facebook page to appear in a Google search

I recently visited a dive centre who wanted to get their business Facebook page to appear in when someone did a Google search. Here are tips direct from the Facebook team if you are looking to do the same:

Pages generally don’t appear in search right away. The best way to get your Page to appear in search is to focus on building your audience and posting engaging content that extends your Page’s reach.

To make your Page more engaging, they suggest:
– Posting status updates on your Page
– Uploading interesting photos
– Creating an event through your Page
– Asking people to vote or give feedback on a question you have by creating a poll

For more best practices on how to make your Page engaging, visit

To expand your audience, try:
– Inviting friends to like your Page
– Posting in-store signage or mentioning your Page on your website
– Claiming a username at
– Running ads or sponsored stories

To learn more about increasing the number of people who like your Page, visit

I hope this helps!

Using Facebook insights to maximise your Facebook exposure

Recently Facebook has had a number of make overs, but for those using Facebook as a business tool one sticks out.

Facebook Insights

Have you ever used the insights tab on your Facebook business page? If the answer is no then now is the time to start taking it serious as a powerful tool to help maximise your business profile on Facebook. Continue reading “Using Facebook insights to maximise your Facebook exposure”

Log Dives on ScubaEarth in August to show your support for Project AWARE

Scuba Earth

Dive for Dollars

Looking for a new way for your business to show support for ocean protection?

This month ScubaEarth has teamed up with Project AWARE to bring you the Dollars for Dives promotion. For every logged dive on ScubaEarth in August, PADI will donate one dollar (US) per dive to Project AWARE to support ocean conservation – up to $100,000 US. Continue reading “Log Dives on ScubaEarth in August to show your support for Project AWARE”

New Benefits Available For Discover Scuba Diving® Participants through ScubaEarth™

Scuba Earth
The New PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide
The New PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide

The new PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide (product no. 72200) gives Discover Scuba Diving participants a range of new benefits. The guide includes a special code that unlocks these benefits, including a commemorative Discover Scuba Diving eCard, access to the PADI Open Water Diver Online Preview, 90-day trial access to PADI Diving Society and 90-day trial access to ScubaEarth Premium. The ScubaEarth Premium benefit includes access to any PADI eCards as well as the new Dive Dashboard – an interactive panel of slates where ScubaEarth users can track dive sites, marine species, buddies and dive destinations in real time. Continue reading “New Benefits Available For Discover Scuba Diving® Participants through ScubaEarth™”

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa – Open Day

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa held a special Open Day on May 13th to celebrate the move to the new Pavilions office in Bristol, UK. 


Guests were welcomed by PADI President & CEO Drew Richardson and Vice Presidents Mark Caney, Jean Claude Monachon and Neil Fishburne.    

After enjoying canapés and sparkling wine, guests were able to visit a range of booths to learn more about the purpose and role of each department. Exhibits from Project AWARE and PADI Sportswear were also on show. In addition to meeting and greeting PADI staff, a group trip to the warehouse was organised – visitors were even invited to take the shrink wrap challenge!

 Following a closing presentation by Drew Richardson and Mark Caney, guests were presented with PADI Open Day gift bags before enjoying an evening meal in the Pavilions restaurant.

 Open Day visitors were incredibly impressed with the new Pavilions office, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet the PADI staff. Comments from two PADI Members are as follows:


“Thank you and your staff for a superb and most enjoyable visit to your splendid new HQ… You certainly have a first class team”


“It was great to see the new offices (so swish!) and lovely to meet up with so many old friends who work at PADI”

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa is now located at:


The Pavilions

Bridgwater Road


BS13 8AE

Tel: +44 (0) 117 300 7234

Fax: +44 (0) 117 971 0400


Request for Your “Best Teaching Tips Ever” Feature

The Undersea Journal  is currently accepting contributions for a “Best Teaching Tips from the Field” feature that will publish in the fourth quarter issue. This article will detail the best tips, tricks, strategies, pointers, words-to-the-wise and any other expert advice you can offer to fellow pros based on your experience as a passionate diver and professional. Continue reading “Request for Your “Best Teaching Tips Ever” Feature”

Using PADI’s Youtube to help market your business


YouTube is ranked 2nd for all searches on the internet, and its not even a search engine in the traditional sense.  So we know that video is big.  In fact who has’t watched a video on YouTube be it the Evolution of dance, or what happens when you combine a popular drink with a brand of soft mints or even a keyboard playing cat (yes thats right 31,199,425 views!) Continue reading “Using PADI’s Youtube to help market your business”