Scuba Divers Fight Back Against Marine Debris

Every day, scuba divers around the world battle the ocean’s silent killer – marine debris – from beneath the surface. Their mission during this September’s Debris Month of Action? To inspire year-round action to remove, report and prevent underwater debris while combating the growing marine debris problem.

Project AWARE Debris Month of Action

More than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year. Once there, our trash accumulates and includes everything from plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles to car batteries, fishing nets and industrial waste.

Project AWARE is engaging the dive community in the fight against marine debris. By participating in Debris Month of Action this September, divers and ocean advocates can: (Continue Reading …)

Want to get involved but not sure how to get started?

Check out the Dive Against Debris Event Organizer Kit – Download helpful tools to recruit, organize and recognize your volunteers as well as ideas for how to organize additional activities alongside your survey such as a family fun day, BBQ lunch or fundraiser.

Join PADI this Saturday and Sunday for a fun-packed weekend at ScubaFest Anglesey

PADI388PADI will be sponsoring Discover programmes at ScubaFest Anglesey this weekend (31st August to 1st September) and it’s not too late to join us for a fun-packed weekend by the sea!

Prospective divers will be able to sign up for a free PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience with PADI Professionals. Sessions will be available between 2pm and 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday, at the Holyhead Leisure Centre pool complex.

Participants won’t just experience the unforgettable feeling of breathing underwater for the first time; they’ll also be able to bag a free limited edition PADI Discover Scuba Diving t-shirt, too!

To catch up with PADI Managers Simon Chance and John Carlin, or to find out about the PADI Discover programmes available during the weekend, just visit the PADI stand at the main Anglesey Outdoor Centre.

Anglesey Outdoor Centre: Porthdafarch Rd, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey LL65 2LP

Holyhead Leisure Centre Pool: Kingsland, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey LL65 2YE

The PADI Marketing team will be posting plenty of updates and photos throughout the weekend, so watch this space and we look forward to seeing you there!

For more information about ScubaFest visit:

ScubaEarth Spotlight: Build Your Gear Locker

As an online scuba community, ScubaEarth isn’t just a place to find information, it’s also a place for divers to make new connections. Those new connections are YOU! With over 50,000 users you want to make sure that divers have access to the most up to date information regarding your dive business. Your ScubaEarth gear locker is a feature that you can often overlook, but it’s a feature that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten.

A well-stocked gear locker means that any new divers looking for a PADI dive shop to try a DSD experience with, learn to dive, or do their advanced course, will easily be able to tell the brands you stock. As a potential customer, brand awareness automatically brings greater integrity to any decision about who to dive with.  So keep on top of your gear locker by adding all the manufacturers you stock. If they’re not in the list, let us know who they are and we’ll add them.

Need assistance setting up your Stores Gear Locker? View the How to video below:

Don’t forget about your PADI Instructors & Divemasters Gear Lockers!

PADI Instructors and Divemasters are the first port of call for all new divers. When seeking advice on what they should purchase, it matters to them what their Instructor uses. If your instructors maintain their gear locker a student not only sees what brand of BCD, regulator, mask etc. they own, but even what model and type!

Log into ScubaEarth and start updating your gear locker today!

Do you want to control when you write Facebook posts?


Are you crunched for time?

Could you use a little Facebook automation in your life? Well, help is here.

Facebook allows you to schedule your page posts.

Many people cheered this feature because Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm and other quirks make using third-party tools like HootSuite or SocialOomph for scheduling your posts less desirable than posting manually.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out some of the nuances of using Facebook scheduled posts.

First, we will give you the steps to schedule your posts and edit them.

#1: How to Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling is easy—just follow these steps:

  • Write your post as you normally would. You can attach photos, add links,add YouTube Videos, add tags to other pages and events or just include regular text

    Facebook Post
    Facebook Post

    Type your post as you would normally.

    In the lower-left corner of your post, click on the clock symbol as shown in the screenshot above. You can now add year, month, day and time you want the post to go out.

    Select the time symbol
    Select the Time Symbol

    Add the date and time you want your post go out.

    Notice that you can also backdate your posts to supplement your Timeline if you wish (more on that later).

    You can schedule your post up to 6 months in the future (more months are shown, but if you select more than 6 months out, Facebook won’t accept it). You can schedule the minutes at  00-, 10-, 20-, 30-, 40- or 50- -minute marks of the hour. So if you need a post to go out specifically at 2:15 pm, you cannot set it.

    • You can also add language and location targeting in your scheduled posts, just like you can in your regular posts. Just click on the Public icon and make the necessary adjustments.
    • Once you have everything set, just click the blue Schedule button. Voilà! Now just remember to circle back to your posts later after the scheduled time to watch for follow-up comments!

    ·         NOTE Scheduled Posts Won’t be Automatically Tweeted

    ·         If you have linked your Twitter account to your Facebook page by setting up so that everything you post on Facebook gets tweeted (yes, we know that it’s not always a great idea but sometimes it isn’t terrible), be aware that your scheduled posts won’t go out to Twitter.

    So if you rely on your Facebook page to supplement your tweets and you move to more scheduled posts, you will have to schedule your tweets with a different tool.


Free ways to get more Facebook Likes

One of the new and exciting ways to drive people to your Facebook Fanpage is importing contact lists from EVE, email, LinkedIn and other sources. To do this go to your Fanpage and open the Admin Panel on the top of the page (it should be open by default). Click “Invite Email Contacts”

UPDATE: this feature will only work for pages with less than 5000 fans. Please see this page for more info:

Note: you will only be able to use invite contacts if you have fewer than 5000 Likes.


Here you’ll be able to invite your EVE customers, Windows Live Hotmail contacts, Yahoo! contacts and Skype contacts. There is also a section called “Other email service” where you’ll be given instructions on how to invite your email contacts such as those from Outlook!

One of the really cool features of this is the ability to invite your EVE customers to Facebook, here’s how to do this:

1.) Open EVE on your desktop

2.) Use the Customer Search Wizard to select all customers on your database. Use the “Select All” button.

EVE Customer Search Wizard
EVE Customer Search Wizard

3.) Select the Export button and choose export type as Microsoft Excel.

4.) Deselect all the fields and click on FirstName and Email then click Next.

EVE Export Fields
EVE Export Fields

5.) Click on Open Worksheet

Export to Open Excel File
EVE Export to Excel

6.) Type a name for the file and choose a location. Remember to “Save as Type” CSV(MS-DOS) and save.

Export Saved as CSV
Export Saved as CSV

7.) Go back to your Facebook Fanpage click “Build Audience” and “Invite Email Contacts.” Then follow these simple steps:


This is how you can invite your LinkedIn contacts to Facebook, here’s how to do this:

1.) Sign into LinkedIn

2.) Visit the Address book export page

3.) Select “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)” and click “Export”

4.) Save and name the file

5.) Go back to your Facebook Fanpage click “Build Audience” and “Invite Email Contacts.” Follow the three steps above.

You can follow a variation of these steps to import your email lists from many formats. If they are stored in a database just ensure that you export the email addresses in a CSV format!

Congrats! You’re well on your way to getting your friends and contacts liking your Facebook page, but before you go ahead and invite your contacts I have one important tip.

Facebook does not allow you to customize the email you send out to your contacts, but it does include a fairly sizable image of your square profile picture. So when you go to send out your “Like my page” email, you may want to consider uploading a new profile photo temporarily. Make the profile photo say something like: “Like Us to enter our contest!” or “Like our Page for Free Giveaways,” etc.

NOTE: To make sure your email was sent, try adding your own email address to the CSV.


Getting your business Facebook page to appear in a Google search

I recently visited a dive centre who wanted to get their business Facebook page to appear in when someone did a Google search. Here are tips direct from the Facebook team if you are looking to do the same:

Pages generally don’t appear in search right away. The best way to get your Page to appear in search is to focus on building your audience and posting engaging content that extends your Page’s reach.

To make your Page more engaging, they suggest:
– Posting status updates on your Page
– Uploading interesting photos
– Creating an event through your Page
– Asking people to vote or give feedback on a question you have by creating a poll

For more best practices on how to make your Page engaging, visit

To expand your audience, try:
– Inviting friends to like your Page
– Posting in-store signage or mentioning your Page on your website
– Claiming a username at
– Running ads or sponsored stories

To learn more about increasing the number of people who like your Page, visit

I hope this helps!

Using Facebook insights to maximise your Facebook exposure

Recently Facebook has had a number of make overs, but for those using Facebook as a business tool one sticks out.

Facebook Insights

Have you ever used the insights tab on your Facebook business page? If the answer is no then now is the time to start taking it serious as a powerful tool to help maximise your business profile on Facebook. Continue reading “Using Facebook insights to maximise your Facebook exposure”

Log Dives on ScubaEarth in August to show your support for Project AWARE

Scuba Earth

Dive for Dollars

Looking for a new way for your business to show support for ocean protection?

This month ScubaEarth has teamed up with Project AWARE to bring you the Dollars for Dives promotion. For every logged dive on ScubaEarth in August, PADI will donate one dollar (US) per dive to Project AWARE to support ocean conservation – up to $100,000 US. Continue reading “Log Dives on ScubaEarth in August to show your support for Project AWARE”

New Benefits Available For Discover Scuba Diving® Participants through ScubaEarth™

Scuba Earth
The New PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide
The New PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide

The new PADI Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide (product no. 72200) gives Discover Scuba Diving participants a range of new benefits. The guide includes a special code that unlocks these benefits, including a commemorative Discover Scuba Diving eCard, access to the PADI Open Water Diver Online Preview, 90-day trial access to PADI Diving Society and 90-day trial access to ScubaEarth Premium. The ScubaEarth Premium benefit includes access to any PADI eCards as well as the new Dive Dashboard – an interactive panel of slates where ScubaEarth users can track dive sites, marine species, buddies and dive destinations in real time. Continue reading “New Benefits Available For Discover Scuba Diving® Participants through ScubaEarth™”