2017 AWARE Week

We are excited to invite you to join the 2017 AWARE Week!  This event celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Project AWARE® and helps end the year with a celebration of our oceans through lots of positive actions including fundraising and ocean awareness events as well as having a whole lot of diving fun! In addition to supporting ocean conservation, it will also give you the opportunity to generate additional business.

Click here for the 2017 AWARE Week landing page to learn more about this event.  You will also find a link to download a Marketing Toolkit full of resources to help you get your event set up and to ensure it is a great success.

As part of 2017 AWARE Week, our goal is to set a record number of Project AWARE courses taught! To help you conduct these courses, you’ll find the all new Project AWARE Specialty Lesson Guides in the Marketing Toolkit, along with the latest copy of the Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Guide.  Remember, you can also download the optional student manual – “AWARE – Our World Our Water” free of charge.

In addition to running a Project AWARE course there are other ways to take part in the 2017 AWARE Week – think outside the box and have fun with your ocean protection!  Below are some ideas to kick start planning for this event:

  • Run some clean-ups in your area or at your local dive sites
  • Run some Project AWARE Courses, for example, Dive Against Debris® and AWARE Shark Conservation
  • Offer a free of charge Project AWARE course as part of a Master Scuba Diver package
  • Include the Dive Against Debris certification together with your Advanced Open Water courses
  • Hold a seminar or a talk for your Club members to give them further education and information on Project AWARE’s conservation work and how they can get involved
  • Put together some Christmas Goodie Stocking Fillers to sell and donate some of the profits to Project AWARE
  • Run a kids program, get them into the water for a Bubblemaker and get them excited about learning more about marine life and how they can be an Ocean Protector
  • Run a Social Media competition for the best photograph/video of marine life/example of debris in the water
  • Run a Social Media competition for the biggest fundraiser, possibly offer them a discount on equipment/servicing/next diving course/free dive centre t-shirt
  • Take on a fundraising challenge of your choice (cake sale, 5k run, etc.) and start your 2017 AWARE Week online fundraising page.

Be sure to promote this on all your Social Media platforms to show your divers what you are doing and how they can get involved. Use #2017AWAREWeek on your social media channels to collate your efforts and generate a great shout-out for Ocean Protection. To help you market your Project AWARE courses and events you will also find Facebook banners and email headers within the Marketing Toolkit.

We look forward to hearing about your plans for this event and are sure you will have a lot of fun with it too!