2018 PADI Women’s Dive Day Video Contest: Win a Free Membership Renewal

Share a video from your PADI Women’s Dive Day event this July 21, 2018, and you could win a free 2019 PADI Membership Renewal.

To help promote PADI’s Women’s Dive Day, the PADI marketing team is searching for videos that reflect what the day is all about – empowering women divers. Enter: the 2018 PADI Women’s Dive Day Global Video Contest.

The winning videos will be the featured in the 2019 event promotional video and the winning entrants will receive a free 2019 PADI Membership Renewal.

How it works:

  1. Register to host a PADI Women’s Dive Day event on July 21, 2018. Register here.
  2. Film your event, giving regards to PADI standards and safe marine life practices.
  3. Edit footage to no longer than two minutes in length/minimum 1080p.
  4. Submit entries to [email protected] Be sure to include the entrant’s name, PADI Member/Store number, and contact information.
  5. Send video via file-sharing services such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.
  6. Six winners will be notified via email.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a compilation of some of last year’s PADI Women’s Dive Day video submissions:

Click here to see Official Rules

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