A closer look at PADI Equipment Specialist Touch

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As existing scuba divers, your students will likely know that diving is an equipment-intensive activity. From accessories such as dive lights and underwater cameras, to essential gear like exposure suits, cylinders and regulators, there’s a lot of information for them to comprehend, especially at the start of their underwater adventures.

Unfortunately, many divers are reluctant to learn more about their equipment because they feel they’re not ‘mechanically inclined’. But here’s the good news to share with them: they don’t need a degree in engineering to understand how scuba equipment works; the Equipment Specialist Touch will help them to understand how (and why) certain pieces of scuba equipment work, as well as what components can fail and thus the need for regular servicing.

The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch is a fully interactive and comprehensive digital product for iOS and Android tablet devices. The product covers the following topics:

  • Owning your own gear
  • Scuba Systems
  • Scuba Cylinders
  • Cylinder Valves
  • Regulators
  • Rebreathers
  • Instrumentation
  • Enriched Air Equipment Considerations

This valuable tool provides a beautifully immersive look into scuba equipment through short video clips and 3D rotating images to enable students to obtain a clear visual representation as to how things work and how components fit – and work – together.

Whether students plan to invest in their own gear, or just want to learn a bit more about it in general, the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch will teach them the benefits of owning their own equipment, how to choose it and apply it best across various scenarios, and considerations on care after they’ve invested. What’s more, this fantastic tool is perfect for first-time learners through to experienced divers who want to refresh their equipment knowledge at a later date before taking additional PADI courses.

To find out more and/or to get your own copy contact your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Consultant by email (sales.emea@padi.com) or by telephone (+44 117 300 7234)