Get the Most out of Black Friday

Black Friday has grown in the public imagination over recent years – it is common to see retailers offering huge discounts for their goods on the 23rd November.

How does a small business capitalise on a big event like this?

Here at PADI we wanted to share some key ideas to help you make the most of Black Friday 2018.

  • Create a sense of urgency:

The buzz around Black Friday only works because the offers you make are unique. There are lots of excuses for extending the event (Cyber Monday has essentially become a way of offering things throughout the weekend) but be sure to limit yourself – if your customers can get the offer any time, they won’t feel an urgency to buy from you now.

  • Reward loyal customers:

Your marketing reach is probably going to be most effective at reaching your existing customer base. They’re the ones who have shopped from you before, and they are the ones most likely to recognise the benefits of your offers. PADI continuing education courses are best used for this.

  • Don’t just discount – upsell:

Simply reducing the cost of your courses on Black Friday is unlikely to truly benefit your business – you simply give away profit and end up working harder for less. Your best option is to encourage people to buy full price, and get something extra as a result as a reward.

  • “Buy two, get one free”:

This is a classic sales technique that is easily deployed. Your customers choose two items and get a third item free. You need to look carefully at your profit margin on the first two items to ensure that the offer works, however used correctly this is a great way to encourage customers to increase their average purchase price.

  • Keep It Simple:

Too many offers can be confusing for you, your staff and your customers. Pick a couple of attention grabbing headlines and use these to encourage consumers to your store. Even if they don’t take the offer in the end, you have a chance for them to see all the other products you have available.

So how might these offers look in real life? We’ve put together a few simple ideas that you could use in your store. You can use these are they are, or you could use them as inspiration to then make your own offers:

The Upsell:

Target your Rescue Divers from the last two years and offer them a free gift if they register for a Divemaster course with you during Black Friday. They should be required to pay a deposit on the course over the weekend in order to secure the offer. You need to ensure that the price of the course includes enough profit to cover the cost of the gift.

Example advert: Change your life and become a PADI Pro by completing your PADI Divemaster course with ABC Dive centre – BLACK FRIDAY OFFER! Register for your Divemaster course during Black Friday by paying a deposit and receive a PADI towel valued at £35 completely free of charge!

The Buy Two Get One Free:

Target your Advanced Open Water Divers and offer them a free Oxygen Administration course when they register for their EFR and Rescue Diver course. O2 is an easy course to add one, with minimal extra time commitment, and a high perceive value

Example advert: Serious Fun! Become a PADI Rescue Diver today! BLACK FRIDAY OFFER! Register for your EFR and Rescue Diver course during Black Friday, and complete your PADI Emergency Oxygen Administrator Specialty complete free of charge!

The Customer reward / sense of urgency:

Target your Open Water Divers and offer them a reduced price on a Specialty course if they sign up within a certain time-frame:

Example advert: Thank you from ABC Dive Centre – BLACK FRIDAY OFFER! As a thanks to our loyal customers, we are offering a 10% discount on Dry Suit Specialties to everyone who has trained as an Open Water Diver with us during 2018. Limited spaces available – contact the store on Black Friday to book your training now!

 Business advice is available to all PADI Dive Centre owners – if you’d like ideas and support for promotions during Black Friday, contact your Regional Manager ([email protected] or [email protected]) today!

Building relationships with Spanish Dive Centres

Following the success of the 2017 Familiarisation Trip to the Murcia region of Spain, the Costa Brava Tourist Board contacted PADI offering to support another trip.  The Regional Managers for the UK and Political Advisor for Spain invited 8 UK Dive Centre representatives and lined up the Spanish Dive Centres ready to receive these guests.

The aim of this trip was to introduce the UK Dive Centres to the diving community in Spain and show them that it can be a great destination for long weekend dive trips, a place to complete courses and to send students when they are only completing a referral in the UK.

With a number of sheltered dive spots there is always guaranteed diving on a variety of depths and types of sites – suitable for all levels.

Over the 4 day trip the group enjoyed a number of dives, a guided tour of Girona, long lunches and a meet & greet session with around 15 Dive Centres from the Region.  During this time they received information from the local Dive Centres and Resorts showing everything they have to offer.

Each of the UK Dive Centres were very impressed and surprised by what this area of Spain has to offer and plans are already being put in place for them to run a variety of trips over there.

If you have not been on a dive trip to Spain before, maybe it is time to start exploring the diving that the Mediterranean has to offer!

For more information on running trips to this part of Spain, or any other destination please contact your Regional Manager – Emma Hewitt – [email protected] or Matt Clements – [email protected]

Professional PADI Clothing

When conducting a Professional Level PADI Course it is paramount to include as much information as possible.  It is also a nice addition to be able to present your candidates with a congratulatory gift once they have completed their course.

We can all remember how proud we were when we became a PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor and to wear this as a badge of honour feels great!

You can give your Divemaster and Instructor Candidates this opportunity by packaging a piece of clothing together with their course.

Or perhaps you would like to have these for yourself or your team to easily differentiate from students when at dive sites or the pool.  Also giving you and your team the chance to wear that badge again!

The PADI Instructor Hoodies come in Small, Medium and Large.  They are cosy and warm, perfect to throw on after a dive!

The Women’s PADI Divemaster T-Shirts come in S, M, L, XL and XXL.  There are also a very limited number of Men’s XL PADI Divemaster T-Shirts.

These are all only available while stocks last, so don’t waste time and get your orders in soon!

If you would like to place an order you can find them on the Online Shop, or send your order through to Emma Hewitt – [email protected], Matt Clements – [email protected], Emily Petley-Jones – [email protected] or Jason Socket – [email protected]

How Environmentally Friendly is Your Business?

Are you as green and environmentally friendly as you could be?  Could your business have a better impact on our planet?

As business owners and managers we are often very busy and the idea of focusing time and efforts on doing more for our environment could be something that falls down the priority list.  However, this is fast becoming a vital part of our everyday operations.

The need to reduce single use plastic and debris in our oceans is now a mainstream topic and necessity in all corners of our planet.  We can all do our part, both personally and professionally.

To ensure scuba diving is an activity that future generations are going to want and be able to get involved with, we need to protect our oceans.  As scuba diving professionals, integral pieces of the industry and ambassadors for our oceans, it is our duty to fight, campaign and care for the planet, educating our students and divers along the way.


Skin Diver and Turtle

At the PADI office we are working hard to do our best for the environment with initiatives across all areas, including:

  • Packaging – Packing peanuts are made from corn starch and our shipping boxes have fewer chemicals and contain 49% recycled material.
  • Recycling – Recycling stations are set up throughout our offices, electronics are sent to off-site recycling centres and bulk packing cartons are reused.
  • Digital Forms – Digital Signatures are being implemented to reduce the need for paper forms.
  • Lights – Automatic Lights are used throughout our office buildings, ensuring they switch off when not needed.
  • PADI Team – We now have an internal Green Team to drive eco-friendly corporate practices. Staff are offered two paid volunteer days per year and company-sponsored environmental events and clean-ups are organised.
  • Carpool – Staff are encouraged to share transportation to and from the office.

There is plenty more in the pipeline to be released very soon, so watch this space!

Sometimes it is a little difficult to know where to begin when making changes to our business and home practices, to help you with these transitions and initiatives, take a look at the PADI Green Star Award!  This gives you a great guideline to follow and targets to works towards.

If you are able to achieve enough points across the workbook then you will be awarded with the PADI Green Star, giving you another logo and accolade to market and be proud of.

For more information on achieving the PADI Green Star Award, please contact your Regional Manager – Matt Clements – [email protected] or Emma Hewitt – [email protected] or visit

UK Coastal Diving

As a UK diver, have you been diving in the sea as much as you have inland dive sites?  As a UK dive instructor, do you regularly teach courses in the sea, rather than just inland dive sites?

The answers to these questions often show that we are not getting out to the coastal sites as much as we should.  Instead we are often restricting ourselves to the very good, but limiting inland dive sites.  Our dive centre survey conducted in 2017 showed 73% of UK based dive centres are primarily using inland sites for their training courses.

None of our divers initially started diving because they wanted to only dive in a quarry!  This is an amazing experience and provides great learning platforms, but it is not the ultimate diving dream!  We all want to have the chance to see amazing marine life, incredible ship wrecks steeped in history and be immersed in a body of water so vast we cannot even fathom it! 

We must ensure we are meeting these desires of our students and divers, otherwise they may go elsewhere, or stop diving altogether and find another activity.

The immense UK coastline, offers an array of various dive sites suitable for all levels.  With many dive centres located along the coast lines there are plenty of spots to fill tanks, get local information and charter boats.

In addition to the fun and new knowledge your students will gain, it is also great for us as instructors to get into new and varied diving conditions as much as possible.  This heightens our skills and keeps up our motivation and interest in our job/hobby.

In addition to this we are providing ourselves brilliant opportunities to teach other courses, for which we may be restricted at an inland site, for example Boat Diver Speciality, Deep Diver Speciality and Drift Diver Speciality.

The Comedian

For more information about running trips to or teaching your PADI courses at UK coastal sites, please contact your PADI Regional Managers – Matt Clements – [email protected] and Emma Hewitt – [email protected]

PADI Adaptive Techniques

The PADI Adaptive Techniques program is an incredible way to facilitate scuba diving being achieved by all.

Around the world there are plenty of people who would love to get involved with scuba diving, but feel it is not something they would be able to do, either due to physical challenges or learning difficulties.  Thankfully there are now many companies and charities which are striving to prove this belief wrong.  Together with the PADI Adaptive Techniques program there are many who have broken through barriers and are the proud owners of PADI certification cards.

Recently, staff from the PADI EMEA Office and PADI Members from the UK completed the Deptherapy Education Course followed by the PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructor Course.  Everyone involved found it to be a very rewarding and eye opening course with some stating that it was the best diving course they had ever taken!

Kerrie Eade, PADI Course Director and owner of Ocean Turtle Diving said – “I can honestly say it was the most eye opening course I’ve ever taken – the depth of knowledge and integrity that Richard was able to share was extraordinary, and Terry delivered the course in a way which made it really clear… Brilliantly interactive right from the outset in the classroom session, to the pool and then on to open water.” 

To assist us on the course was Andy Searle, an army veteran who lost both legs during an IED explosion.  Andy’s passion for diving is palpable and his capabilities both in and next to the water are second to none.  Andy has completed his PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, a number of PADI Speciality Courses and is on his way to completing his PADI Rescue Diver Course later this year!  Without question – Andy is inspirational and proof that ‘You Can!’

The new way of approaching students, dive sites and delivery of skills was both interesting and, at times, challenging for the PADI Adaptive Techniques Speciality Candidates.  The more experienced we become as Instructors the more we can become a little ‘stuck in our ways’ and only teach ‘our’ way, rather than finding out the best way the student will learn.

Kerrie Eade stated – “I cannot wait to teach this course myself, to train up other instructors to broaden their perspectives and look at old habits from a totally different angle.”

For more information on this course and how to get involved have a look at or contact your Regional Manager – Matt Clements [email protected] or Emma Hewitt [email protected]



Be Inspired and Proud to be part of the Diving Industry!

There are many reasons that lead us to start scuba diving, whether it is by chance while on holiday, a family member encourages us, we are curious to explore that other part of our planet or maybe we want a lifestyle change.  There are few of us however who get into diving as it is going to help our health, both mentally and physically; ultimately changing our life.

The below story is one of inspiration, courage and a reminder of just how powerful our industry can be.  In his own words Chris tells us just how learning to Scuba Dive has changed his life.

“My name is Chris Middleton, I am a military veteran due to being injured while serving in Afghanistan. I was blown up after stepping on a pressure plate which triggered an chris-middleton-2improvised explosive device and resulted in losing both my legs; the left above the knee and the right below the knee. Thankfully I was introduced to the world of diving by an amazing guy called Richard Cullen and the charity Deptherapy, we met at Headley Court, the rehabilitation centre for armed forces, only 4 months after my injury and he offered me an opportunity I would have been stupid to turn down. The chance to go diving in Key Largo, Florida. I jumped on the trip and my diving adventure had begun!

After my very first dive in the big blue, I was amazed, overwhelmed, excited and basically acting like a 3 year old on Christmas morning! My life had at that moment changed, I no longer felt that due to my disability I was unable to live my life the way I wanted. With diving I felt free, there was no pain in my stumps, the phantom pains had disappeared and ALL the negative thoughts would simply vanish. I just felt happy!

Furthering my diving adventures I have carried on to complete the courses needed and I am currently a PADI Divemaster.  I must say I think my favourite course was by far my Rescue Diver Course, for me it was the most demanding due to needing to adapt the techniques to reach the correct standards, which was very challenging but, with a great instructor Simon McKay, we got through the course and smashed it!

As I have only recently passed my Divemaster Course I have further plans to go all the way, I will be starting my PADI Assistant Instructor at the beginning of 2017, then just going to keep doing what I am doing – traveling, diving, and supporting the PADI world by introducing new and excited people into the amazing world of PADI Diving.

I would always recommend diving to anyone who has not been diving because they are just simply missing out. The community is amazing, the sites all around the world are amazing, and the courses are amazing, the adventure is amazing, but most of all diving is amazing!


I owe all this to one man and his amazing team! His name is Richard Cullen and all the guys at Deptherapy and DiveCrew, without these guys I would have been in a much worse situation as throughout my recovery I was drinking far too much which was becoming a problem. This whole experience has not only changed my life but has definitely saved it. As a result of that I use my experiences to pass on to other injured veterans who need that extra boost in life to just carry on.”

Be proud to work in the Diving industry and never forget the impact we can have on people’s lives!




New RNLI Sea Survival Diver PADI Distinctive

As Diving Professionals it is always important to ensure we are keeping our skills fresh, maintaining current with industry changes and gaining new knowledge.  By doing this we are not only ensuring we are going to be providing the best dive training possible, but we will also keep ourselves excited and motivated to do more – eliminating any chance of becoming ‘stale’. 

With that in mind – have you heard about the new #RNLI Sea Survival Diver PADI Distinctive? 

This course, which was released during October 2016, has been developed by the RNLI with help from #PADI in response to a previous RNLI survey that identified areas where some divers could improve their skills and knowledge to keep themselves safer in the sea.

The course has been created and tested within the UK, however is completely transferrable to other diving areas or countries.  With some of the more harsh conditions we face in the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe, this course will be of great benefit to anyone either teaching of diving in this part of the world.

The RNLI are famous for responding to incidents, however the department of their organisation which helped to create this course is one that is less seen or heard of, but is very proactive with setting up campaigns aimed at preventing and reducing incidents.  PADI is therefore knows that this has been written with a plethora of first-hand experience in dealing with these very incidents.

As a PADI Instructor you can apply for the Speciality Instructor Rating through the direct, Method 2, route.  Simply complete the application form and return to [email protected] Once we have processed your application we will provide you with a USB which holds all Instructional materials along with a series of short video clips that depict numerous scenarios.

Other organisations will offer similar programs in the future, but this is the first one, so let’s get PADI divers leading the way in becoming even safer and better educated divers. Find all the materials and more information here