Make a Life

How did you get into diving? Or more specifically, who got you into diving? You’re a diver either because someone took you by the hand and led you to an instructor, or you found an instructor who nurtured your interest. Maybe it was a bit of both or someone else helped you along, but no matter how you slice it, we’re all divers because someone shared diving with us. They opened the door, encouraged us and made us feel welcome. Even if we were already interested thanks to the internet, television, cinema or whatever, to some to extent (usually to a large one) diving was (and is) a gift.

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A Way to Pay It Forward and Make a Difference

Like most PADI® Members around the world, you’re probably aware that the 2017 hurricane season wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. And in 2018, other areas suffered from natural disasters: earthquakes in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Taiwan; Super Typhoon Mangkhut hit Guam, Marshall Islands, the Philippines and southern China; plus there were 11 other typhoons and a list of other disasters. Every year, natural catastrophes devastate -different parts of the world, including some of the most popular dive destinations. Each event costs hundreds of lives and billions in US dollars of damage.

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Take Responsibility, Own the Dive, Gain Confidence

Not many adventure sports occur in alien environments. In that regard scuba diving is less like skiing or rock climbing and more like playing ping pong in outer space. Divers have to learn knowledge and skills as well as how to properly kit up to simply breathe while participating in and enjoying the activity. To be captivated by diving, an individual needs to engage deeply in diver training. How do we get people to do that?

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The New Age of Privacy and Private Information

Rapid changes in data collection lead to more regulation across the globe

The New Age of Privacy and Private Information

By Al Hornsby, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs

Legal obligations regarding the collection, transfer and use of student diver and customer information are not new. These obligations are inherent not only in the diver certification and registration process, but also in your day-to- day business activities. What is new, and still expanding, is the rapid evolution of far- more-stringent approaches to data collection and use showing up across the globe.

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