boot Düsseldorf 2019 Seminars

Find out what’s on:

Over the course of the show we’ll be holding some great seminars and workshops, which we’d love you to join us for.

Instructor Development Update

Saturday 19th January: 10hr00 – 14hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB (German)

Congress Centre: Room 4CD (English)

This live event will update you on the latest standards changes to the Instructor Development Course revision, and provide a broader overview of the exciting PADI developments planned for 2019. As a PADI Course Director, attendance will enable you to teach the revised IDC curriculum when this in launched later in 2019. Places are limited and IDC Staff Instructors, Master Instructors and Course Directors are welcome to attend. This program meets Active status Course Director requirements and counts towards seminar credit for Master Instructor and CDTC applications.

To register for the program, download the Registration Form

EFR Instructor Training Programme

Saturday 19th January: 15hr00 – 18hr00

Room VIP Right (German)

 The EFR Instructor Trainer course will teach you the skills required to effectively train and prepare future EFR Instructors for the first aid industry. You will be shown counselling and coaching techniques for your classes and you will develop marketing techniques for use during your programs.

Price includes:
– EFR Instructor Trainer materials (digital)
– Online learning
– Live tuition
– Application fee

To register for the program, download the Registration Form 

Membership Renewals (German)

Saturday 19th January: 15hr00 – 16hr00 (Room 4AB)

Sunday 20th January: 11hr00 – 12hr00 (Room 4AB)

 A great opportunity for PADI members who are out of status to catch up on the latest PADI information, renew their membership and start to teach again. The seminar includes information on the latest standards and training techniques, and the option to complete your 2019 renewal at the same time.

 Adaptive Techniques (English/German)

Saturday 19th January: 15hr00 – 18hr00

Sunday 20th January: 13hr00 – 17hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

 This half-day program introduces the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty to PADI Professionals. If you want to learn techniques to teach and supervise divers of varying abilities, or with physical challenges, this program is for you.

Completion of this program results in certification as a PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Instructor (or Instructor Trainer if you’re a PADI Course Director), once additional experience is documented. The PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Instructor credential qualifies you to teach two courses;

  1. PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty (to other PADI Professionals)
  2. PADI Adaptive Support Diver Specialty (to able bodied buddies)

To learn more about the Specialty check out the 1Q18 Training Bulletin.

PADI Business Management Programme Introduction (German)

Monday 21st January: 11hr00 – 12hr00

Tuesday 22nd January: 11hr00 – 12hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

An introduction to the all NEW PADI Business Management Program is being conducted at boot Düsseldorf 2019.  This one day Program will equip PADI professionals with the core knowledge and skills necessary to operate a cutting edge PADI dive business. Led by industry experts, and with interactive presentations ranging from pricing strategy, to store layout and staff management, this is an essential Program for PADI Dive Store stakeholders aiming to raise the bar and increase turnover and profit in 2019.

Grow your business with PADI Travel™

Monday 21st January:

10hr00 – 11hr00 (English)

14hr00 – 15hr00 (German)

Congress Centre: Room 7A

Learn how to leverage PADI Travel to grow your business and sell more courses, more equipment and more dive trips.

Tour the New PADI Online Processing Center (German)

Monday 21st January: 13hr00 – 14hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

This seminar will give you an in-depth tour of the new PADI Online Processing Center. PADI staff will teach you how to distribute and process digital codes, manage digital forms and answer any questions you may have.

PADI Products, Programs and Standards (German)

Monday 21st January: 15hr00 – 16hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

Discover how to leverage new products and programs to increase business, while learning about any additional standards changes that will affect your daily teaching.

Risk Management 2019: Protect Your Divers and Yourself

Tuesday 22nd January: 13hr00 – 14hr00 (German)

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

Wednesday 23rd January: 15hr00 – 16hr00 (English)

Congress Centre: Room 201

Are you prepared in your ongoing efforts to avoid dive accidents? Determine how prepared you are through an analysis of real dive incidents and learn how conservative decisions provide better protection. You’ll also learn how to better manage risk in diver education programs and throughout your dive business.

CDTC Q&A: What It Takes to Become a PADI Course Director (German)

Tuesday 22nd January: 15hr00 – 16hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

 PADI Course Director is the ultimate PADI Professional rating. Attend this mini seminar to learn how you can reach this goal and about the prerequisites, application procedures and acceptance protocols for the Course Director Training Course.

Freediving + Scuba = Huge Potential (German)

Wednesday 23rd January: 11hr00 – 12hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

The PADI Freediver program is gaining momentum and you will benefit from adding freediving to your course offerings. Hear from successful PADI Members who have integrated Freediver training into their businesses and have experienced great success.

Mastering the Art of Entry-Level Conversion (German)

Wednesday 23rd January: 13hr00 – 14hr00

Congress Centre: Room 4AB

Are you leveraging every tool or opportunity to convert new customers into new divers? Discover the top 10 best practices to increase entry-level certifications, and hear from members who have seen great success using easy-to-implement tactics.

Member Forum and Social (German)

Saturday 26th January: 18hr00 – 20hr30

Congress Centre: Room 02

Don’t forget to register for the Member Forum if you’re planning to attend. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

We look forward to seeing you!


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