Matthew Clements

Matt Clements – Regional Manager for UK (North), Scotland, Malta & Gozo

Contact details:


Telephone: +44 117 300 7318

A quick bio from Matt Clements:

“I am a passionate instructor teaching and I am working towards my PADI Course Director rating. I have managed diving centres around the world and have run my own. I am also a keen surfer and took a break from diving to read Law (LL.B Hons) but decided while working for a law firm that I missed the industry and started working for PADI in 2010.”

Fun stuff…

When did you first learn to dive? – In 1996 in Lanzarote.

How many dives have you done? – Just over 2000.

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought? – A mask for snorkelling first and then a regulator set.

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be? – A dive computer

What is your favourite dive site in the UK? – Lundy Island

What is your favourite dive site in the world? – Jackfish Alley, Egypt

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving? – Angel, Massive Attack

What is your favourite animal underwater? – Playful octopus

What animal would you love to see on your next dive? – A dolphin

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list? – Truk Lagoon

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives? – Sausage roll

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be? – Doug Nash (former PADI Vice President of Sales and Marketing) – more for the apres dive!