Celebrating the Divemaster

You learnt to dive, completely fell in love with the sport then decided to fulfil those dreams of retreating to a better life under water. So here you are, either completing your PADI Divemaster Course, or you are already a certified PADI Divemaster. Whichever stage you are at on the journey, cheers to the adventure and the wisdom you have gained from discovering the beautiful underwater world.

We’ve put together 3 truths of becoming a Divemaster, that in our opinion, make this experience a truly unique and life changing experience.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained

As a Divemaster you are there to educate and pass on your knowledge. Assisting with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course, you have allowed students to use a regulator; that oh so magnificent invention that allows us to breathe underwater. Sharing this knowledge means you witness those moments of pure awe, when the students breathing slows to a calm pace, they become comfortable in their surroundings, and succumb to the feeling of weightlessness.You educate students in the dive briefings about different marine species, the history of different wrecks, and then with any luck you all encounter these as you assist them on their Open Water Diver course.

But whilst you spend every day sharing your knowledge, you also get to spend your time with individuals from all over the world. As you sit on the boat after a dive, sharing stories and learning about new cultures, you realise just how vast our world is, and how diving lets you explore and navigate your way around it, be it below or above the surface.

Those diving companions are for life

Whilst meeting amazing new people every day from across the world, you will also work within an incredible dive community of likeminded people who support you, teach you and become your family. There is no better feeling than surfacing from a dive and all announcing your excitement about the beautiful marine life you saw. No matter your age, background, or native language, you all share a love for the ocean and an adventurous spirit for exploring the underwater world.

Exploring the Unknown

It really is another world down there, one that is full of mystery and beauty. Being a Divemaster allows you to share your passion for this underwater world, letting people enter a meditative state where they are in the present moment, taking in their surroundings. You gain the opportunity and responsibility to help protect our oceans and the marine life within. By allowing people to explore this vast environment, they become conscious about its ongoing protection. Not only this but you can personally get involved, by participating in Dive Against Debris events and becoming an ocean ambassador, you have the knowledge and ability to become a catalyst for change.

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Happy diving PADI Divemasters!














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