Chinese PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual Erratum

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Please take note of the important information below. This will also be announced in the next Training Bulletin. 

Correction: Advanced Open Water Diver Course, Deep Dive – Page 77, Chinese Version #70139SC and #70139C

Please note that there is an error in both the Simplified and Traditional Chinese Versions of the Advanced Open Water Diver Course Student Manual, in the Deep Dive section on Page 77. The translated, printed versions state incorrectly that if you have to ascend following a computer failure you should “make a three-minute (or longer) safety stop at 18 metres/60 feet”. The correct depth for this stop is 5 metres/15 feet. 

Here is the correction for the printed student manual in Simplified Chinese: 

在水深 5 米/15 英尺处(或电脑表说明书指示的深度)做 3 分钟(或更久)的安全停留。 

And in Traditional Chinese: 

在水深 5 公尺/15 英呎處(或電腦錶說明書指 示的深度)做 3 分鐘(或更久)的安全停留。 

Please take note of this for your Chinese-speaking student divers. The manual will be corrected upon reprint. 

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