Congratulations to the new EMEA EFR Instructor Trainers

We wish you the very best with your EFR business through 2018 and into 2019!

Jakub Uzytczuk Remco van’t Hooft Stephen Kruger
Aleksander Chmiel Werner van Loon Luke Caisley
Mona ali Aloud Sandro Krawinkler Ryan Burchell
Feher Abualfaraj Marianne Johner Jan den Boef
Carl Teare Dave Keany Neal Govender
Raed Alotaibi Phillip Pain Dimitris Synodinos
Nagib El Imad Keith Horsted Tony Larcombe
Hussain Almunajan Simon Hotchkin Irini Mitsotaki
Adel Alzahran Sammi Mills Ulf Jakobsson
Issam Kanafani Andrew Frith Thomas Nielsen
Ahmed M. Abel-Aziz Ian Culley Patrik Jeppsson
Khalid M. Hanny Stephen Laing Alfred Kristoffersen
Gerard Hughes Wayne Richards Bertram Nielsen
Daniel Wagner Janine Mansford Cory Symoens
Marc Peltier Jack Mason Vincent Maissan
Thierry Chazalon Darren Hector Truujse Terwijn
Jos Rosier Bethan Comley Daniel de Boer
Harry de Gier David Newman Sander van’t Hof
Julien Iacomelli Daniel Baugh Suzanne Sep
Thomas Mayer Mélanie Donven

PADI is delighted to announce the new EFR Instructor Trainers in 2018.  Programmes have been conducted around the EMEA territory throughout the year and completing the course has enabled these new EFR Instructor Trainers to teach the wide variety of EFR programmes at Instructor level.

This highly prized qualification allows these professionals to further expand their EFR businesses beyond diving markets.  A recent EFRIT candidate, Bethan Comley, said of the programme:

“The way that the trainer structured the course was done in a really considered way, keeping the timings flexible to allow and encourage discussion on each of the topics and the trainer was able to call on their vast knowledge and experience to answer any questions that were raised as we went along. Once again, a really great day”.

We wish everyone the very best of success for the future!

Are you interested in growing your business?  Become an EFR Instructor Trainer

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