CPR Live Feedback Mannequins. A Tool to Support your EFR Courses


American Heart Association research indicates that students using this equipment show a significant improvement in their ability to perform CPR and to retain the necessary techniques afterwards. Although there is not a requirement to use these tools, they can be utilised by EFR Instructors to help add a further dimension to your lessons. Before considering investing in a unit, however, it is helpful to understand more about how they work.

A CPR feedback mannequin enables you and your student to receive immediate feedback on the CPR they are practising. This feedback typically focuses on two areas: compression rate, and compression depth. Historically CPR mannequins have employed a ‘clicker’ that can be heard each time a compression reaches a specified depth. The number of clicks can also be counted to ensure the rate is appropriate; most EFR Instructors will be familiar with these tools – fundamentally, this sort of mannequin meets the definition of providing real time feedback.

The newest mannequins utilise more advanced technology in the form of a monitor that provides feedback through a series of lights. These typically focus on the rate of compression; if the compressions are too slow, the light may be red. There are then a series of lights moving up to green to indicate that the compression rate is correct, or even too fast.  Other feedback devices provide audible responses such as bleeps to indicate that a suitable depth or range has been met. All major manufacturers are designing training tools utilising monitors of some description. In some instances these monitors can be purchased as part of a new CPR mannequin or, through some manufacturers, added to existing ones.

As you review your first aid training tools, it is important to consider the benefits of real time feedback during CPR training. Multiple options are available, and you may choose to consult your usual supplier for information as to how they can assist you.

If you chose to use a real time feedback mannequin do be sure to remind yourself of the guidance found in 1Q19 Training Bulletin regarding how best to use these to maximize the learning benefit for the students you teach.

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