DIVE FOR DEBRIS – Hilton’s Thrive Sabbatical Project

Project AWARE and Hilton team up to support Emille Artigas’ Thrive Sabbatical Project:

At the end of March, Emille Artigas ( Hilton’s Director – Marketing and Communications) in partnership with Teo Brambilla (PADI Regional Manager) organized and underwater cleanup – DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS – few miles out of Hilton Al Hamra in Ras Al Kaimah (in UAE), as part of her Thrive Sabbatical Project:

The objective was not only to clean a specific dive site but to report types and quantities of marine debris found underwater!

Supported by PADI Diving Centers (Adventure Divers – Al Jazeera – Divers Down), under the auspices of Hilton Al Hamra’s general manager, Marino Gherardi, the event started early morning at the resort’s beach, where  50 volunteer divers were briefed by the safety team and equipped with bags and gloves!

After the briefing was done and the logistic sorted, the boats left from the hotel’s jetty to reach the dive site which was selected for being a ‘natural debris filter/collection point’ of the area.

Participants collected over 100kg of litter from 2km of the seabed, during the two-hour underwater clean-up.

At the end of the dives all the partecipants were welcomed with a succulent lunch to the Hilton’s beach restaurant.

Covering more than 70 percent of our planet, oceans are among the earth’s most valuable natural resources. They govern the weather, clean the air, help feed the world, and provide a living for millions.

With an estimated 8 billion kilograms of plastic waste entering the world’s ocean from coastal regions each year, organizers’ objerctive was to raise awareness and inspire participation amongst the local community.

Emille Artigas, the project leader from Hilton said, “Our message and passions are clear – our sole purpose is to make a difference. We want to protect the fragile marine environment, share the importance of reef ecosystems and contribute to the longevity of this beautiful underwater kingdom.”

Many thanks to to Emille, all the divers involved, Adventure Divers, Al Jazeera Diving Center, Divers Down Under, Filipino Scuba Divers Club – UAE and Hilton Al Hamra!