Do I need a Google+ page?

Recently I wrote about the advantage to businesses of being on Twitter. Which lead to a conversation with a colleague on the subject of Google+ and what was my view on Businesses being present on this network also.

Get your Business seen online

In my view its vital to have an active presence on Google+, especially if  a business has a physical location, as every business should have a Google Local entry and these should be linked to a Google+ page, though I’m getting ahead of myself.  (if you don’t have a Google Local, previously called Places you can sign up here

Now us digital marketing professionals have been arguing since the launch of Google+ about its apparent worth.  As a social network I personally think its not as worthwhile as many others.  But we’re not here to talk about posting pictures of cats or our lunches. We’re here to talk about increasing your business visibility and generate leads.  The following reasons are based on what we know Google is doing with Google+ and how it influences our websites position across Google search.

4 Reasons you need to be on Google+

Google+ in search results
A search for PADI shows our Goolge+ page details in a seperate section on the right

1.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  – The single most important factor in my opinion at present. All content you post to Google+ is indexed by Google much the same as it indexes websites. This means your public posts on Google+ are searchable.  Posts stay in the indexes and can rise in the rankings as you gain more +1s or shares.   Pages that are linked to from Google+ will gain page rank authority – This is why its important to post links to your blog, website or other web real estate.  I could go into a lot more detail but I will leave that for a later “advanced user” post about Google+

2.YouTube – As Google moves to integrate all its products, those of you with YouTube channels will have started to notice that YouTube tries to get you to create a Google+ page.  Well in future it looks like all comments on YouTube will have to be managed through Google+

3.Google One account – Its not just Youtube, its all Google.  If you sign up to Google today it will encourage you to open not just a gmail account, but also a Google+ and a Youtube channel all on the same logon.  So if future we can see Google pushing more and more towards every Google user having a Google+ account.   Makes sense to get there ahead of the curve and while reaping the SEO benefits you are also serving new and future customers who are being pushed into Google+

4.Its here to stay and its growing – As you read in point 3, Google is integrating this with everything it does with just one logon.  Thats means Google is investing in this platform and not just that Google+ will be central to all other Google services Local Reviews, Maps, Chrome, Ads, Hangouts,Drive, Calendar, and more.  So here is your chance to get in ahead of the competition and really make it work for you.

So head over to and start by setting up your personal profile, then set up your business page and link this with your existing Google Places / Local.   But don’t stop there encourage your staff to also create Google+ accounts and get sharing your links and posts.   You can even make some of them managers of your Business Page so you can spread the work load.

You can also use Hootsuite to post to Google+ as well as Twitter, so if you tweet already then the only extra work is to setup your Google+

You can connect with me on Google+  via [googleplusauthor]  and also don’t forget to add PADI to your circles!


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