eLearning Testimonials

eLearning_header_image “When speaking to my Instructors and my Open Water students, I hear nothing but praise for the eLearning courses. Instructors are spending less time in classrooms, more time in the water and the students are showing great results academically proving that eLearning is creating a more knowledgeable and a better prepared student. Because of this, we have all changed our sales pitch. Learning to dive does not involve reading a book anymore. Learn to dive anytime anyplace anywhere with eLearning” Phil O’Shea – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

“ELearning empowers students to ask important questions early in the courses enabling our instructors to better prepare confined and open water sessions within the scope of what the students have learned. ELearning by no means diminishes Instructor – student contact but rather emphasizes the scope and focus of what the student has learned allowing us to spend more time to teach diving where it matters…in the water!” Ernst Van der Poll – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

“The PADI eLearning Courses have now become an integral part of our dive store in the list of courses we provide. The fact we are a London based dive centre means we cater to a large number of city working divers, who do not always have the time for our normal 2 day Open Water Referral Course. The eLearning now gives them a bit more freedom and flexibility, in turn allowing us to run the courses at very short notice and whenever they choose. Whether it be after work mid-week or 1 day at the weekend. We have seen a large increase in the number of people preferring to take the eLearning option, as even I would lean towards an online theory course compared to a classroom based one.” Neil Thomas, Dive Ops Manager, London School of Diving (UK)

“The PADI e-Learning program has been a tremendous asset to our dive centre over the past few years. With our location on a tropical beach, our guests now have this fantastic option of completing the academic portion of their course online before they travel, thereby avoiding the classroom and going straight to the fun part – the Indian Ocean! Furthermore, we teach many student groups and find that the younger generation is more familiar with learning using online multimedia than the old school way of reading the manual. No matter the students’ age, we find they arrive well prepared with a thorough understanding of diving theory for whichever course they have completed. We have also invested in several desktop computers and wifi internet to create an e-Learning classroom allowing us to offer the program to walk-in customers as well as those who book in advance. The best part is we no longer have to carry a large stock of manuals in many languages, we can simply sign them up for e-learning in whichever language they prefer and they can complete the modules in their own time in the comfort of their hotel room over wifi, or in our e-Learning classroom. Well-done PADI for offering this fantastic program! ” Tammy Holter, Scuba Do Zanzibar

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