Help Divers ReActivate

Help Divers ReActivate

Divers know when they’ve been out of the water for too long and need a refresher – you can help.

‘Keep skills proficient, review key dive information, and seek refresher after a period of inactivity’ are all phrases divers hear throughout their training. It’s solid advice, and not only important for diver safety but also for comfort and enjoyment in the water. Some divers do refreshers every year. For others, it’s an upcoming trip to an exotic dive destination that motivates them to refresh their dive skills after remaining dry for several years.

One of the best features of the PADI ReActivate® program is that it accommodates PADI Divers who want a refresher, whether it’s a minor yearly
tune-up or a major dive skills and knowledge review. ReActivate is convenient,
prescriptive and allows each diver to progress at a personal pace. You provide only as much guidance and coaching as the diver needs.

How It’s Done

1 . Follow ReActivate standards in the PADI Instructor Manual when conducting
the program.

2 . Have divers complete a knowledge refresher with PADI® ReActivate eLearning and schedule a water skills session in either confined or open water.

3 .During a predive interview, make sure to check diver log books. Then, ask
divers these questions:

      • How many dives have you made, and
        in what conditions and environments?
      • When and where did you make your
        last several dives?
      • How did your last dives go?
      • What would help you to improve your
        last few dives?
      • What skills do you want to practice?
        You can use the Skill Practice Slate to
        have divers indicate the skills they are
        unsure about.

4 . In your briefing, remind divers that they should do a predive safety check. They should also go over special entry and exit techniques, if there are any, for
the dive site.

5 . Observe divers before and during the dive. Based on your observations during
this time, provide reminders, demonstrations, adjustments and other
remediation as needed to restore mastery.

6 . Have divers specifically demonstrate and practice these skills:

        • Remove, replace and clear the mask
        • Neutral buoyancy and hovering
        • Emergency weight drop
        • Alternate air source ascent
        • Controlled emergency swimming ascent (in confined water only)


  • 7 . Have divers practice any skills they said they wanted to practice during the predive interview and those skills that require more practice based on your

    Use your judgment to make the dive prescriptive to what divers need. A PADI Diver who completes both the knowledge and dive skills review earns a replacement certification card with a ReActivate date. Log on to the PADI Pros’ Site and go to the Online Processing Center to request a replacement card. A ReActivate date can be placed on any PADI diving certification card the diver has earned. Use ReActivate and your divemastering skills to help divers get back in the water. Check the ReActivate Instructor Guide in your PADI Instructor Manual and the ReActivate pages in PADI’s Guide to Teaching for more details.