Host a PADI Women’s Dive Day Event That Makes a Difference

For the fourth consecutive year, PADI® Women’s Dive Day will bring together thousands of divers of all ages and experience levels at hundreds of events around the world.

While the day primarily focuses on celebrating the shared adventure and passion for the ocean within the female dive community, it also serves as a platform to engage new and veteran divers with the PADI Pillars of Change. As the largest single day of organized diving, it provides a tremendous opportunity for the entire PADI community to have a positive effect on the ocean and the dive industry.

Here are just a few ways you can plan a PADI Women’s Dive Day event that makes a difference for the cause(s) you are most passionate about:

1 – Ocean Health
2 – Marine Animal Protection
  • Invite female marine animal experts to join your Women’s Dive Day event to provide your divers with information about local marine life and inspire them to protect it.
3 – People + Community
  • Use PADI Women’s Dive Day and the weeks leading up to it as an opportunity to spotlight women on your team (and others) who are having an impact on the local community – and the planet. Share their stories on your social channels, in your email communications and through other outlets. If you need ideas, PADI will be sharing a number of inspiring stories over the coming months. Read about some incredible PADI Women here. Tag your social stories with #padiwomen and #padi4change.
4 – Healing + Wellness

Participate in PADI Women’s Dive Day 2018 to strengthen and grow the female dive community, attract new women to the sports of scuba diving and freediving, and motivate existing female divers to get back in the water and continue their dive training. There is still time to change lives and host a PADI Women’s Dive Day event by registering your event on


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More information about the contest

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