How Environmentally Friendly is Your Business?

Are you as green and environmentally friendly as you could be?  Could your business have a better impact on our planet?

As business owners and managers we are often very busy and the idea of focusing time and efforts on doing more for our environment could be something that falls down the priority list.  However, this is fast becoming a vital part of our everyday operations.

The need to reduce single use plastic and debris in our oceans is now a mainstream topic and necessity in all corners of our planet.  We can all do our part, both personally and professionally.

To ensure scuba diving is an activity that future generations are going to want and be able to get involved with, we need to protect our oceans.  As scuba diving professionals, integral pieces of the industry and ambassadors for our oceans, it is our duty to fight, campaign and care for the planet, educating our students and divers along the way.


Skin Diver and Turtle

At the PADI office we are working hard to do our best for the environment with initiatives across all areas, including:

  • Packaging – Packing peanuts are made from corn starch and our shipping boxes have fewer chemicals and contain 49% recycled material.
  • Recycling – Recycling stations are set up throughout our offices, electronics are sent to off-site recycling centres and bulk packing cartons are reused.
  • Digital Forms – Digital Signatures are being implemented to reduce the need for paper forms.
  • Lights – Automatic Lights are used throughout our office buildings, ensuring they switch off when not needed.
  • PADI Team – We now have an internal Green Team to drive eco-friendly corporate practices. Staff are offered two paid volunteer days per year and company-sponsored environmental events and clean-ups are organised.
  • Carpool – Staff are encouraged to share transportation to and from the office.

There is plenty more in the pipeline to be released very soon, so watch this space!

Sometimes it is a little difficult to know where to begin when making changes to our business and home practices, to help you with these transitions and initiatives, take a look at the PADI Green Star Award!  This gives you a great guideline to follow and targets to works towards.

If you are able to achieve enough points across the workbook then you will be awarded with the PADI Green Star, giving you another logo and accolade to market and be proud of.

For more information on achieving the PADI Green Star Award, please contact your Regional Manager – Matt Clements – [email protected] or Emma Hewitt – [email protected] or visit