How to inform PADI about my DAN Europe insurance

Founded in 1983, DAN Europe is a not-for-profit Foundation which provides emergency medical advice and assistance for diving injuries, promotes and supports diving research and education.

DAN Europe, does offer three plans which include such a coverage:

  • Pro Bronze
  • Pro Silver
  • Pro Gold

All of them cover third party liability and legal defence up to €4,000,000.

Whenever you take out any of these plans, you can take advantage of a useful service:

You can request a notification to be sent to PADI EMEA right after completing your purchase, informing them about the insurance you have just activated.

How to do so? Take a look at the following pages to find it out.

Suppose you are a new DAN user and you go for a Pro Silver.

First off, you start the online process via the DAN Europe website by clicking on “Join / Renew

After setting up your own DAN account (or logged on to your existing one), you are supposed to choose a plan. Recall you want a Pro Silver, so this is the page you end up on:

Now, pay attention to the box whose title is “Training agency”.

If you wish a notification to be sent to PADI EMEA upon completing the purchase process, you need to:

  1. Tick the box
  2. Click “Edit Training Agencies” and look for PADI EMEA on the list of organizations
  3. Type your PADI number in the box on the right. If you haven’t been assigned a PADI number yet, you can select “pending”.
  4. Click on “Save” and this will come outPlease note that no notification has been sent yet.

As soon as you complete the process and your payment is confirmed, we will automatically send a message to PADI EMEA stating that you have just purchased a Pro Silver plan.

This will save you time as you will take out your insurance and inform PADI about it in one go.

A new option is now available for PADI professionals, the PADI endorsed accident and liability insurance is specifically offered for PADI Instructors and Divemasters, great value for money and extra benefits.