Join the eLearning Avalanche


In 2007 PADI launched eLearning and since then the uptake has snowballed. It is now running at full speed down the mountain and to reap the increased revenue stream of new diver acquisition, and associated continuing education, you need to jump on board.

With so many consumers using the internet to educate themselves these days it follows that these people are a percentage of your future divers. They don’t want to wait for materials to begin learning. They want to learn online and learn now! These people have grown up using the Internet to read and shop and do just about everything else. You need to be ready to capture their web searches when they decide to start diving today.

eLearningWebButtonPADI invites DSD participants to enrol onto the PADI Open Water Diver course. Many of them will simply click the eLearning button in the invitation taking them to the eLearning sign up page where they will affiliate themselves with a PADI Dive Centre to get their PADI. Are you and your website ready for eLearners and the potential boost in profits they bring? Is your Virtual Classroom set up and ready to interact with these customers? Now is the time to upload PADI’s NEW eLearning Banners to your website, Blog, Facebook page and so on to capture new business.

If you’d like to jump on and be part of the eLearning avalanche why not register for our eLearning Webinar during which we’ll give you more insight into the features and benefits of this educational medium. We’ll also provide you with tuition on setting up and enhancing your Virtual Classroom.

And to support you further with your eLearning business development we’ve got a great Sales offer for those of you who attend the webinar. Register today for the Webinar and boost your profits by becoming part of the eLearning avalanche.

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