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It was a very proud day for me as Regional Manager of Malta (and Northern UK), to have recently been able to introduce my fellow PADI Regional Managers, to one of my regions, Malta.

Malta played host to a major conference at which time all of the PADI Regional Managers from around our EMEA Region, also we had all of the Territory Directors, Vice Presidents as well as our CEO Drew Richardson and CMO Kristin Valette-Wirth in attendance.

The annual conference is a chance for us to update each other and get a better understanding of how we can, as PADI Regional Managers better support our Members.

During this conference, we made time to conduct a Project AWARE  Dive Against Debris®.  This opportunity allowed us to lead by example as one of our goals at PADI is to mobilise our Divers to Be a Force for Good, this is critical to, PADI’s Four Pillars of Change.  (find out more here

Project AWARE plays a huge part in our Ocean Health Pillar.  Ocean Health is vital to us all on this Ocean Planet and we at PADI are forging partnerships with organisations that support the establishment of more marine protected areas (MPAs) and the reduction of human pressures that threaten the future of our blue planet like marine debris.

Our clean up took place at the HMS Maori (a Tribal-class destroyer, sunk while at Malta in 1942) which now sits near the bottom of the walls to the stunning capital Vallette.

Please take time to mobilise your own divers and get engaged through the Project AWARE speciality courses. Why not include Dive Against Debris® as part of your Advanced Open Water or conduct it on every dive as it is so easy now to record your data using the Project AWARE App (

Do you generally dive at the same spot, then why not Adopt a Dive Site™? Adopt a Dive Site is tailored to our most dedicated dive leaders: participants commit to carry out monthly Dive Against Debris surveys, reporting types and quantities of marine debris found underwater each month from the same location. (

Please speak to your Regional Manager to find out more about it.

Matt Clements
PADI Regional Manager


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