Ocean Film Festival UK Tour

Ocean Film Festival Whale Shark and DiverFor two months only, scuba divers and ocean lovers in the UK can immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean without getting wet as the International Ocean Film Festival hits UK theatres for the first time.

The festival, which originates in Australia, features a selection of the world’s most captivating ocean-themed short films and is currently being shown in 17 towns and cities across the UK including Bristol in the South West where Project AWARE will be exhibiting.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Ocean Film Festival Australia earlier this year so we’re really excited to have another opportunity to be a conservation partner of this awe-inspiring film festival.” says Domino Albert, New Media Specialist & Manager Project AWARE UK office. “Book a ticket now and let the Ocean Film Festival UK Tour inspire you to further explore, respect, enjoy and protect our ocean.”

For information, locations and bookings, go to projectaware.org

Photo from the film “The Giant and the Fisherman

Be Part of a Scuba Guinness World Record on Friday 12th September

CAY07_1136_TS_KingWorldEilat Red Sea are inviting scuba divers from all over the world – including you – to join them in setting a new Guinness World Record as part of “Storm in the Sea”.

This exciting event takes place tomorrow, Friday 12th September, when hundreds of divers, 26 diving instructors, 32 production members and 12 professional photographers will all dive together at the Satil missile boat wreck in Eilat, Red Sea.

Using a sophisticated technological set-up, the dive will be broadcasted live via a YouTube video stream, enabling millions of viewers to witness this magnificent event in real time and collectively set a new Guinness World Record for the largest audience for a live-streamed underwater event.

Guinness have set an objective of half a million viewers in order for the record to be registered…view this event live and help make it happen!


The dive will take place on September 12th, 11.30am (GMT + 3). Go online and watch the broadcast – including exciting pre-dive preparations – from 11:00am (GMT + 3).


See the broadcast live online via the website at: www.eilatredsea.com

Underwater Photography World Championship

shootout_teamStorm in the Sea” and this incredible world record-setting attempt is taking place as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations for the “Eilat Red Sea International Underwater Photo Competition” – also known worldwide as the International Underwater Photography Olympics.

Eilat Red Sea, PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa, and boot Düsseldorf have introduced the Underwater Photography World Championship, inviting photographers to team-up and represent their country during the event and put together a stunning, award-winning portfolio of 6 images.

Photographers have been heading out throughout this week to capture stunning images of the beautifully colourful and fish-populated regions underwater. The final image submissions were submitted earlier today and keen photographers are excited to find out the outcome this weekend.

Jonas Samuelsson (PADI Regional Manager) arrived in Eilat on Monday and will be there throughout the event to meet, greet and provide support during the week’s activities. PADI has sponsored the first prize in the category “Underwater Photography Global Championship“ and the top prize of $3,000 USD will be presented to the winner at the Eilat Red Sea Awards ceremony on Saturday 13 September.

For more information visit: www.eilatredsea.com


PADI TecRec – The Way the World Learns to Dive, Tec

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PADI TecRec courses are designed specifically for divers wanting to explore beyond the bounds of the recreational diving envelope. Covering the full range of backmount and sidemount open circuit courses, recreational and technical rebreather training, as well as technical specialties, PADI TecRec courses differ in approach to PADI’s recreational courses due to higher physical demands, specialist skills and knowledge required of tec divers. Despite these differences, TecRec programmes are built upon the PADI instructional system design principles for which PADI courses are renowned worldwide, and are supported by high quality instructional and student materials. As global TecRec diving grows exponentially, PADI is now also becoming The Way the World Learns to Dive, Tec.

Visit PADI at Eurotek 2014 and meet our tec team. See the latest products, find out how to begin or progress in PADI TecRec and learn more about some of the support services PADI offers during Vikki Batten’s presentation on The Aftermath of Incidents.

Click here for the full Conference Schedule.

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson – PADI Regional Manager for UK (South) Channel Islands, Ireland, Wales & Portugal

Contact details:

Email: terry.johnson@padi.com

Telephone: +44 754 557 3574

A quick bio from Terry Johnson:

“I learned to dive in the eighties in the UK and joined PADI in 2004, after owning and running various dive centres in the UK and overseas.  Initially working as a PADI Training and Quality Management (TQM) Consultant and PADI Instructor Examiner, I then moved on to becoming a PADI Regional Manager for Egypt, Eastern Europe and Russia.

I returned to the UK in 2011, where I managed various other territories as a PADI Regional Manager. I have spend the last two years as the PADI Regional Manager for the UK North and am now extremely excited to be moving territories to look after the UK (South) Channel Islands, Ireland, Wales & Portugal.”

Fun stuff…

When did you first learn to dive? – In 1984 in South London, England

How many dives have you done? – 3000+

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought? – An AP vales Buddy BCD

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be? – My fins

What is your favourite dive site in the UK? – Portland, England. Great centres, great diving and great pubs! Could you ask for anything more!?!

What is your favourite dive site in the world? – Chuuk Lagoon, I visited in the 90’s and I want to go back!

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving? – Underworld, Born Slippy

What is your favourite animal underwater? – Has to be a sea horse!

What animal would you love to see on your next dive? – Oceanic White Tip shark

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list? – Galapagos

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives? – My protein shakes, I’m trying to lose weight!!

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be? – Eddy Izzard, he’d just crack me up!

Project AWARE: Debris Month of Action is Here

Debris Month of Action

September is Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action – a time when thousands of scuba divers around the world unite and take action against marine debris – the ocean’s silent killer. But don’t think of it as just a one-time dive to take out the trash. It’s so much more than that. With events happening around the globe this month, there are many options for you to get involved. Go to projectaware.org to find out more.

PADI Business Academy 2014 goes from strength to strength 

25 PADI Dive Centres attended the Dubai PADI Business Academy earlier this season and we continue to receive positive feedback and testimonials.

Don’t miss out on this essential two day business development programme.  If you don’t do anything else in 2014, attend one of these programmes, implement the strategies we teach you and see your PADI Dive Centre business grow.

PADI Business Academy


Pro Diaries: Diving in the Antarctic – A view from the Ice

We took the opportunity to ask our guest blogger Kelvin Murray about his experiences leading and training divers in the Antarctic:

How would you describe your role in the British Antarctic Survey [BAS]?

My primary role was to manage all diving operations in support the British Antarctic Survey’s marine science programme.  This involved planning, leading and supervising dives, training the dive team and base personnel, procuring and maintaining equipment including the on-site recompression chamber, updating and developing manuals and operating procedures, plus mopping the floor!  My other role was to support base operations and the work of other staff – it was all very much a team effort.

What are the diving conditions really like in the Antarctic?

We are very used to seeing footage of divers under Antarctic ice with stunning visibility in crystal-clear water – and this can be the case, especially during the winter months when planktonic life has died off and there is very little organic material in the water column.  However, the opposite can be said during the summer months of massive productivity in the marine ecosystem when visibility can be a few feet!  We had very little current to contend with and certainly avoided windy conditions, especially when there was ice around.  The water temperature ranges between about 2oC/35oF to minus 2oC/28oF, however despite being only a few degrees difference you can really feel the change between plus zero and sub-zero.  In saying that, when the air temperature is -25oC jumping into sub-zero seawater is like getting into a warm bath – for a while anyway!  When we climbed back out onto the ice after such a dive our drysuits would freeze solid…

How would you organise and lead a dive under these conditions, and what sort of things to you have to take into consideration?

Despite operating 8,000 miles from the UK, we carried out our diving operations under British Diving at Work Regulations, which gave us an acceptable standard to adhere to.  This meant we had a process of risk management, standard operating procedures and equipment requirements that all helped to actually make things easier when planning dives.  BAS has its own systems and procedures based on decades of diving experience ‘down south’ however each Diving Officer will bring their own experience to the role.  As a PADI Instructor I am very familiar with having well-established standards and procedures to follow when leading divers, and I brought this to the dive locker.  We had divers of all level of qualification and experience working at the base throughout the seasons, and assessment, encouragement and management of the team was a daily routine. more


ReActivateA PADI® Worldwide survey of nearly 400,000 PADI divers shows that 97% of inactive divers intend to return to diving. We know that this number hasn’t followed through in the past, so this is a massive opportunity gap that hitherto has been missed.  PADI’s new ReActivate™ program presents a fantastic means to close that gap by providing a quick, convenient and prescriptive way to brush up divers’ knowledge and skills, backed up with a proactive and targeted marketing campaign.

The new PADI ReActivate programme is a revolutionary benefit you enjoy as a PADI Professional because it gives you a credible tool for tapping into a huge potential market. It’s strategically different than anything anyone in the dive industry has ever offered before. With ReActivate, we show inactive divers how to return to diving and we develop innovative ways they can keep diving, even when “life” gets in the way.

Reaching these divers has challenges. They don’t frequently read dive magazines or visit dive-related websites. It requires communication beyond normal dive media. PADI will use its resources to do this in a proactive and significant way. As you may expect, PADI will be marketing ReActivate within and beyond dive media to wake up and engage inactive divers.

To hear more, join a dedicated webinar on Tuesday, 9 September 2014 at 7pm UK time for a special edition of Training Bulletin Live! To learn all about the PADI ReActivate program. This one-hour webinar will touch on the integration of the new ReActivate program, standards and procedures changes, the innovative materials available for this program and much more!

For those unable to attend the live webinar on 9 September 2014, a recorded version of the PADI ReActivate webinar will be posted to the BOD Webinar page located under the Pro Development tab of the PADI Pros’ Site. In addition to the recorded webinar, you can also reference the Special Edition Training Bulletin featuring the PADI ReActivate program along with the new ReActivate Instructor Guide, the related PADI Guide to Teaching segment and Frequently Asked Questions posted on the Pros’ Site (translations to follow shortly). We will also be releasing translated webinars shortly thereafter, so watch out for information on these. ReActivate Blog Graphic

Let’s get Digital

Undersea JournalThere are so many good reasons to start getting The Undersea Journal electronically. Why have more than 13 000 PADI Retailers, Resorts and Instructors taken the leap and gone digital?

  • No more paper cuts
  • Eliminates paper archives that deteriorate and take over the office
  • Access points of interest instantly with live web links
  • Another great reason to get a tablet computer
  • Plus, enjoy instant delivery of each issue

To get your digital subscription, visit the My Account section at the PADI Pros’ Site. To ensure that you receive your digital issue availability notification, make sure you add support@notification.zinio.net to your address book or safe senders list.

PADI Geared up for Anglesey ScubaFest this Weekend

ScubaFest BannerThe Anglesey ScubaFest event is taking place this weekend (in North Wales, UK), and PADI is once again supporting activities with PADI Discover experiences in the pool and PADI staff on-hand to answer visitor, diver and PADI Pros’ questions.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Programme

Free PADI Discover Scuba Diving experiences are being conducted by PADI Professionals between 1pm and 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday, at the Holyhead Leisure Centre pool complex (Holyhead Leisure Centre Pool: Kingsland, Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey LL65 2YE).

Tickets for the PADI Discover sessions were offered on a first-come basis and have now sold out! Nearly 50 participants will be experiencing the unforgettable feeling of breathing underwater for the first time at the event.

About Anglesey ScubaFest

Anglesey ScubaFest is open to divers and non-divers, with plenty going on to keep certified enthusiasts and those looking to get into the sport fully occupied. It’s also a great opportunity to bring your students to a fun packed and exciting event. Expect RIB shuttles and charter boats heading out to nearby dive sites, try-dive sessions for total newbies, along with sessions on sidemount and rebreathers for those looking to expand their horizons, beachcombing expeditions for the kids (and the young at heart!), underwater photography splash-in competitions, the chance to trial equipment from major manufacturers, plus much, much more.

Furthermore, once everyone is out of the water, the après-dive festivities continue long into the night, with hog-roasts, curry and chilli nights, live bands and fancy-dress parties bringing all attendees together in one big, happy family.

For more information on Anglesey ScubaFest visit: www.theangleseyscubafest.com