Recognition to Danish Dive centres!

Ocean Adventures Dykkercenter won the title as Tourist Enterprise 2018. The prize was given by Foreningen Business Kolding – (The Association Business Kolding) at the big award ceremony show, where over 100 companies were represented.

The prize of Tourist Enterprise 2018 is awarded to an enterprise or institution in Kolding commune that contributed in making the commune an exciting place to visit in 2018 and for branding Kolding as a tourist destination both nationally and internationally as well as having launched initiatives that inspired other tourist branches.
Under these criteria, the field was hard set. The nominated were Kolding City Forening, The exhibition Magtens Smykker from Koldinghus and Ocean Adventures Dykkercenter. Ocean Adventures was without a doubt a small player in this game.
Ocean Adventures is a family owned company. The owners, Christina and Martin run their company with their heart and passion. The DNA of the company is communication and storytelling about the unique Belt environment and not to forget diving.

“Ocean Adventures has received many prizes. They have adopted a shoreline and taught over 500 divers a year. The award-winning diving centre has indeed placed Kolding and Lillebælt on the map within the diving community. They teach all their diving students to speak Lillebælt’sk. They educate environmentally conscious divers, but have high focus on informing, communicating and acting as ambassadors for the world seas” states Business Kolding.

Communication is precisely most important for Ocean Adventures. The approx. 30 freelance instructors see themselves more as intermediaries, who tell the fantastic under water stories, than as instructors. Passion is a part of each day and the instructors are passionate in their work.
They promote the area of Lillebælt as Denmark’s centre for diving, in close cooperation with Naturpark Lillebælt and tourist organisations. They have even created their very own diving course about life in Lillebælt.
Ocean Adventures has adopted a coastline at Løverodde, which they care for, clean and maintain. They also monitor the area and collect data on life in Lillebælt for research – and to the benefit of us all.

”A crazy experience! This is so big”


Such were the words from Martin Pedersen, the CEO of Ocean Adventures. We never thought that we would win – with such strong competitors. This is huge! In addition, we have felt such incredible support and kind attention in connection with this prize.  says a smiling Martin.

The arguments and comments for the award going to Ocean Adventures, has placed Kolding and Lillebælt on the map within the diving community. It is one of the largest PADI education centres in Denmark and has taught diving students since 2007. Ocean Adventures has also been awarded PADI’s Green Star Award as a “Green enterprise”.
”It is of great importance, for a company like ours, to receive such an award. It is a huge pat on the back for our work and at the same time a push to plan even more actions to promote our city, area and nature. There is no doubt that we will set even more into action and invite even more people to learn how to speak the language we call Lillebælt’sk”, Martin says.

This is just another great example on how the Dive Industry in Denmark has matured.

The Dive Centres and the Educational facilities are doing an excellent job in Denmark promoting and selling diving as a fantastic sport, which changes your life forever. We have Master Dive talking with the commune and the local aquarium about building an undersea area for snorkelers and divers. We have Diving 2000, who was heavily involved in sinking a ferry to create an underwater haven for Danish divers and to get dive tourist to visit Denmark too. Diving 2000 has also received the prestigious Gazelle price. We have Ranum Efterskole College they are using diving as one of the Profile Subjects. ”Diving brings people together across of cultural background and diversity, diving teaches the student to look after each other and care for each other” are some of the statements I get from the school.

So all in all we are on a great path to grooving this amazing industry even more.