Removed 280 kg garbage in two hours

Serious cleaning of Nemo Classic Divings dive site

The dive site of Nemo Classic Diving has been well adapted for training dives, with lights above water and under water, a big platform at five meters for practicing skills and a surprisingly large number of fish and invertebrates. Unfortunately it was also filled with a lot of garbage, considering the proximity to Bergen city.

Instructors and dive masters at Nemo Classic Diving, together with the local dive club, decided that it was time for action, and they had to do it them selves. Thursday 30th August, instructor Marianne V. Hansen, together with 13 other divers lined up at the dive site – ready for some serious under water clean up. The under water clean up was arranged through Project Aware and Dive Against Debris, and within two hours a lot of garbage and debris was brought to the surface. Close to 40 beverage bottles, more than 100 metal fragments in different sizes and a huge tarpaulin was removed from the dive site. All 14 divers in the water did an excellent job bringing different debris to the surface, and the ”surface-crew” was kept very busy sorting and registering everything. The total result – 280 kg of garbage was removed from the marine environment, and Nemo Classic Diving has got a dive site with considerably less debris. Thanks to all divers and surface-crew for making this possible. The fish are smiling again  🙂

By: Christine Hopland, PADI MI. Nemo Classic Diving. Bergen, Norway.

Photo by: Björna Nygård.

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