How to Set up Digital Product Affiliation Links on Your Website

banner-elearningAdd links to your website and automatically affiliate Touch or eLearning students with your store so you generate revenue around the clock. Use the link below and plug in your store number along with the corresponding Course ID.

For Touch, Certification Paks and eLearning use:

For ReActivate use:

Course IDCourse Name
37Open Water English Touch (all languages)
43Open Water English – Cert Pack
44Open Water Spanish – Cert Pack
45Open Water German – Cert Pack
46Open Water Japanese – Cert Pack
47Open Water Italian – Cert Pack
48Open Water French – Cert Pack
49Advanced Open Water English – Cert Pack
50Enriched Air Diver English – Cert Pack
51Open Water Dutch – Cert Pack
52IDC Course English – Cert Pack
53Dive Theory English – Cert Pack
54Digital Underwater Photography English – Cert Pack
55Scuba Tune-up English – Cert Pack
56Rescue Diver English – Cert Pack
57Divemaster English – Cert Pack
58Open Water Russian – Cert Pack
59IDC Course Japanese – Cert Pack
60Dive Theory Japanese – Cert Pack
61IDC Course Spanish – Cert Pack
62Open Water Chinese – Cert Pack
63Enriched Air Japanese – Cert Pack
64Open Water Korean – Cert Pack
65Divemaster Japanese – Cert Pack
B4956EA2-9985-4356-A9DA-42BEF212D8D8ReActivate Touch – all languages

For landing pages to display in a particular language you can add the Language Code below. 

Language CodeLanguage
chChinese (Traditional)

Also, make sure you check your “Courses Offered” preferences under the My Account section on the PADI Pros’ Site so you are able to utilize the corresponding affiliation links. If the proper courses are not set up in the Pros’ Site your store will not be auto-affiliated.

Note: If you have existing eLearning affiliation links installed on your website, these will continue to work.

If you have any general questions regarding PADI eLearning or Touch please contact PADI Customer Relations or for marketing support contact