Dive-In Limassol Wins Travel and Hospitality AWARD

For the second time for outstanding customer service. Jonathan Wilson and his wife Deborah have been running the PADI 5 Star IDC Centre Dive-In Limassol in Cyprus, based in the 5 star Four Seasons Hotel, for many years. Their dedication to making diving fun and safe really shows… not only by this award, but in their glowing reviews over multiple customer driven platforms such as TripAdvisor and Google. As their PADI Regional Manager, this AWARD only goes to show that the PADI System is the one that the people choose, and Dive-In Limassol is the resort that people choose and love! It’s a proud moment for everyone involved and thus needs a public shout out to everyone involved.


Keep up the good work Johnathan and Dive-In Limassol team!


Adaptive teaching with Just Scuba in Cyprus

Who says that people with a handicap are not able to dive..? The Adaptive teaching with Just Scuba in Cyprus opens a complete new world for people with disabilities. A few weeks ago the Dive Centre in Pernera took a remarkable young man with severe Cerebral Palsy on his first PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience. 

Definition of Cerebral Palsy

While Cerebral Palsy (pronounced seh-ree-brel pawl-zee) is a blanket term commonly referred to as “CP” and described by loss or impairment of motor function, Cerebral Palsy is actually caused by brain damage. The brain damage is caused by brain injury or abnormal development of the brain that occurs while a child’s brain is still developing — before birth, during birth, or immediately after birth.

Cerebral Palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. It can also impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor functioning.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is the result of a brain injury or a brain malformation. Individuals with Cerebral Palsy were most likely born with the condition, although some acquire it later.

It was once thought that Cerebral Palsy was caused by complications during the birthing process. While this does happen, it is now widely agreed that birthing complications account for only a small percentage, an estimated 10 percent, of Cerebral Palsy cases.

Current research suggests the majority of Cerebral Palsy cases result from abnormal brain development or brain injury prior to birth or during labor and delivery. Accidents, abuse, medical malpractice, negligence, infections, and injury are some known risk factors that may lead to Cerebral Palsy.

The young man is called Mohammad Alndies and comes from Goteborg in Sweden. He is 23 years old with severe Cerebral Palsy and could not speak any English. Filippos, the Assistant Instructor from Just Scuba is half Swedish – so he did the briefing with the family.


Mohammad´s mum and dad signed up for the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience as well, so that they can get pictures together with their son underwater.

Just Scuba are having a great experience with Disabled divers from all over the world. Just recently they had a visit from Angie Hamilton from Royston in Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Angie is double amputee and she loved every second of diving with the Just Scuba Team.


Who is Just Scuba and why do they have such experienced Instructors who know how to handle handicapped Students?

Daryl Hales, the Partner of Just Scuba got into being with people with disabilities when he was 6, after his mother had a severe stroke, and became triplegia – losing the use of both legs and her left arm. His mother had to have years of therapeutic treatment that included “Centres”; places where self-minded people came together. This is where he became involved with Physical and mentally impaired people.

Daryl started his diving career with PADI back in 1994, and BSAC in 1996, stayed with both agencies for many years. 

He then retired in 2012, with the age of 50 (after selling his company) to concentrate on teaching recreational diving, but again he found very little has changed regarding teaching people with disabilities, so he went to Denmark and trained with DDI.

In March 2014, Daryl and his wife Jo – decided to move to Cyprus and took over the partnership with Just Scuba. This step released the restraints for his desire to introduce people with disabilities into the world of diving. Just Scuba is a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre and as such, Daryl wanted to maintain using the PADI system and use the “Adaptive training techniques” that allow instructors to teach people with disabilities….

With assistance from the wonderful PADI team in Bristol and with the continued support from the PADI Regional Manager, this had allowed Daryl and the company to help people with disabilities to achieve their dreams…

Daryl and the team from Just Scuba have only one dream; the hope to make Just Scuba, one day, a PADI Disabled Dive Centre.

Thanks guys for all your passion. The world needs more people like you!

94 year old Ray Woolley – Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest scuba diver

Remember back in August 2015 when Harry Thornton became a Suba Diver with Viking Divers at the age of 83..? On Monday the 28th of August 2017, almost exactly two years after Harry, another senior diver from Viking Divers made it into the news; this time it is an amazing and incredible record; Ray Woolley claimed the Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest scuba diver!

Wow… This is truly inspirational…

Ray Woolley spent his 94th birthday on Monday the 28th of August 2017 diving to the sunken wreck of the Zenobia ferry in Larnaca in a bid for a Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest scuba diver.

Ray’s attempt saw him dive to a depth of 38 metres for 41 minutes. The entire process was filmed, photographed and documented in line with guidelines approved by Guinness World Records. Ray will know if he has officially been awarded the title in around three months’ time.

“I only had to dive below 12 metres for 30 minutes to take the record off the last guy, but I decided to do a bit more,” Ray told the Cyprus Mail.

Daughter Lyn Armitage, who travelled from the UK to help him celebrate his birthday and milestone dive, said he was eager to get in the water and nimbly jumped off the end of the boat in great spirits.

Originally from Port Sunlight in the Wirral, Ray lives now close to Limassol in Cyprus. He was born in 1923 and first started diving with the Portland and Weymouth British Sub Aqua Club in 1960.

After taking up diving in 1960, Ray was posted to Cyprus in 1964 and was a regular diver here. In 1999 he retired and returned to live permanently in Cyprus after diving in locations around the world.

What is Ray´s secret to be so amazingly fit?

“I swim for two hours a day in my swimming pool; staying active is important. I feel terribly sorry for other people my age who are struggling a bit and may not be in the condition I’m lucky enough to be in,” he said.

Congratulations Ray! You are a true inspiration to all of us..!

Developing a Diving Destination of Excellence

Let´s talk about how to develop a diving destination of excellence. One of my many duties as a PADI Regional Manager is to help the dive industry grow in the particular Region I manage. As a PADI Regional Manager, I´m responsible for Cyprus, the Canary Islands and Switzerland. This time – I would like to have a closer look how to develop Cyprus and how to bring Cyprus on the map as a diving destination of excellence.

What is a diving destination of excellence?

Diving is classified as adventure tourism – and the definition of excellence is measured by the image of the destination itself by the tourists themselves.

I´m sure you heard about the Zenobia Wreck, which sunk on the 7th of June 1980. The Zenobia lays now at roughly 42m and about 1.5km offshore in front of the marina in Larnaca.

In order to be classified as an excellent destination the Zenobia must fulfil both short term and long term criteria.

Short term view:
Ability to fulfil divers expectation: The diver must be immediately satisfied.

Long term view:

  • The value generated by diver tourism must be shared between all involved parties
  •  Preserve the dive sites: marine conservation
  • Must comply with the ethical principles recognized by international law

The Zenobia has long been classified as one of the top ten wrecks in the world. We can look at past wreck specialty certifications from 2004 – 2014.

As you can see the number of these certifications has remained vastly the same over this period. This illustrates that we have maintained this dive destinations’ global rating, but also shows us the opportunity for growth. The Zenobia already generates 25 million euros per annum in dive tourist revenue. Promoting the Zenobia in the right way will ensure a steady and sustainable growth of revenue, and dive-tourism Island wide will also benefit. This niche in adventure tourism will put Cyprus on the destination of excellence map for reasons that go beyond that of the “cleanest beaches of Europe” and with the right market strategy we could also get the on the top dive destinations of Europe too.

How do we do this?

Cooperation, cooperation, cooperation!!

Official bodies like the CTO, the CDCA and all dive operations must have the same goal and we must, above all work together. Competition should be seen as a challenge to raise the overall standard of this beautiful island as a dive destination. The Zenobia and the purposefully sunk wrecks all form artificial reefs that boost fish stocks and get some more life into the Mediterranean. Improved fishery Laws and enforced marine parks will all help generate dive tourism by making our sea more alive, more beautiful and therefor more interesting. PADI is here to support you, organizations such as Project AWARE have the sole aim to improve the ecology of the world’s oceans, and it offers support to regional areas to allow this improvement to happen in a sustainable way. Improvements must have long term goals to ensure divers are both immediately satisfied, but also want to return year after year. Sustainable growth through quality will ensure quantity with continuously grow. We have been doing a fine job……now let’s strive for excellence.

How does dive tourism affect island wide tourism?

Divers who are attracted to Cyprus as a dive destination will most likely be travelling with non-diving companions or family. These non-divers also have satisfaction criteria that must be met by the island. This naturally generates growth of Tourism Island wide, by the normal avenues of tourism – such as hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities outside of the diving realm. The beauty of the islands marine environments may even generate a growth in entry level certifications and diving, especially when the dive sites are in the caliber of the Zenobia. Diving is, as we all know, highly addictive. This enthusiasm is contagious. Marketing and promotion in the right way will ensure that this enthusiasm is transformed into new diver acquisition and an every improving revenue in the dive tourism sector.  It’s a circle of benefits that feed each other. Let’s keep the keep the wheel turning!

Future trends

Seeing as diver numbers for wreck specialties have remained fairly constant over the last decade we can see that growth needs come both from successful marketing of the current dive attractions and the development of ever more niche markets within diving. The ever increasing interest of side mount and technical diving allows ever new avenues of diving opportunities to be explored and profited from. By maintaining high standards, variation and cooperation within the industry we can ensure future trends are positively advantageous to tourism as a whole.

Let´s work together and bring more divers to the beautiful island in the eastern Mediterranean.


Outstanding Customer Service

stephen-a-harte-293275What´s happening when PADI is receiving Emails from very happy customers about outstanding Customer Service?

As Regional Managers we have always the opportunity to reward a Dive Centre or a Dive Centre owner when they achieved something amazing or when the performance of the Dive Centre in the past year was outstanding.

steveBut what really makes me happy is when an Individual PADI Instructor gets mentioned in the Undersea Journal and PADI receives on top of that additional Emails from very happy customers about a particular Individual PADI Instructor.

Yesterday I had the honour to present the certificate of recognition to the Head Instructor of Latchi Watersports in Cyprus – Stephen A. Harte

Congratulations Steve! You are an inspiration and a true PADI Ambassador! 


20161027_132550Steve says…

I was very much blown away by the award you presented to me today.

I have been a diver since I was 15 saving up my own money to buy the PADI open water course in my local town back home because it’s all I ever wanted to do was dive and teach.

I never thought that my passion for diving and teaching people ever since I was old enough to become a PADI pro would excel me to achieving something so wonderful and amazing.

My life through PADI has allowed me to experience the world and meet thousands of likeminded people and share what we have in the ocean through first hand encounters.

I have been an instructor 5 years this month and if the next 50 bring half the joy and achievement I’ve experienced in this 5 I’ll be grateful to have lived a life happy enjoying what we instructors do best’ teaching others about the 71 % they need to explore.

Thanks again Steve – Keep up the good work!

PADI Partner Dive Centre

download-2Join forces, extend your summer and become a PADI Partner Dive Centre..!

Don’t underestimate the importance of forging long term relationships with Dive Centres outside your immediate region. Build key partnerships between the north and south to reap the benefits of an extended dive season and greater teaching breadth and reach.

Based on feedback from the field please refer the following case study as an example of where this strategy has been put into practice.

The Canaries and Switzerland

The Canary Islands benefit from a far warmer winter than their more northern friends in Switzerland. Due to weather extremes, Dive Centres in Switzerland therefore normally are wrapping up their last Open Water Courses  for the season at the beginning of October. After which, during winter, the only courses that are being held are non-diving courses, dry suit and sometimes ice diving.  In order to combat this issue dive centres from both countries were brought together to work collaboratively and in cooperation with one another, and thus far results have been successful.

So, why not get in touch with a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

download-3There are a huge range of advantages for all parties involved:

  • New Diver Acquisition
  • Theory and Confined Water at home
  • Dive Travel
  • New Customers
  • Chance to try new equipment
  • Increase the season
  • Make new friends
  • Escape from the winter

Don’t just travel to new destinations with non-certified divers, be sure to promote continuing education courses and specific specialties to be undertaken on these types of travel trips too.

images-1How do I find a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

At the end, everyone is a winner and can benefit from such an arrangement. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with Dive Centres all over Europe and the world.


Start today! Become a PADI Partner Dive Centre in the North, or the South!



Get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus

Go Pro 10Did you ever thought to become a PADI Instructor and change your life for good…?Then Get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

But where is Cyprus?

Sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” the island of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. After Sicily and Sardinia, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The total population on the island is around 900´000 people of which about 200´000 live in northern Cyprus.

Cyprus 2
It is a beautiful island – scented with wonderful aroma of wild jasmine, with mountain peaks stretching to over 6000 feet, long stretches of sand beaches and turquoise coloured sea.

The surrounding Mediterranean Sea has a great visibility between 20-40m and there are only mild currents.

There are direct flights pretty much every day from every capital in Europe to Larnaca or to Paphos. The flight time varies from 3 – 5 hours (obviously it depends from where in Europe you are flying from).

Cyprus 3But why Cyprus?

Cyprus is, as mentioned above already, very easy accessible and it is in Europe. Cyprus is a very safe place compared to other destinations. Believe it or not, but this is what the people are looking for in these crazy world of the unrest and all the politics.

No visas are required for EU citizens or CH – nationals. Cyprus offers a subtropical climate – which reaches in August a water temperature of 30 Degrees Celsius and 33 – 35 Degrees Celsius Air temperature.

The Diving in Cyprus is fantastic. It is perfect for beginners, but also for experienced Divers. Cyprus offers great visibility, no currents, warm water and very professional PADI Dive Centres.

And therefore Cyprus is the perfect location to become a PADI Pro!

Cyprus 1There are 50x PADI Dive Centres all over Cyprus. All of them offer PADI Beginner courses, PADI Advanced and PADI Specialty courses. You can even become a PADI Divemaster in every PADI Dive Centre, but only a handful are teaching Instructor Courses. You can find PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centres all over Cyprus from Paphos to Protaras and from Kyrenia to Larnaca.

PADI schedules every year in the following month the PADI Instructor Examination:

  • April
  • June
  • September
  • December

(Please check out the Dive Shop Locator to find a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Center)

But with this article I would like to introduce you as well to the top of the Food Chain – to the resident PADI Course Directors in Cyprus:

hr_logo_on_whiteCoral Bay Divers in Coral Bay – Paphos

The owner of the only PADI Career Development Centre in Cyprus, Coral Bay Divers, is PADI Course Director, Jurg Dahler – who is originally from Switzerland. Jurg runs 4x Instructor Development courses every year and is therefore the most successful PADI Course Director in Cyprus. This shows also his Gold Course Director Status which he receives from PADI pretty much every year – as a recognition for his dedication, commitment and for all his effort.

Jurg Dahler
Jurg Dahler

With a Job opportunity to manage a Dive Centre, Jurg moved to Cyprus in 2001. In March 2002 he decided to bring his knowledge and professionalism to a higher level and became a PADI Course Director. 2006 was the year where everything changed and Jurg decided that it is time to be his own Boss and became the owner of Coral Bay Divers, which is located in Coral Bay – Paphos.

Jurg loves to teach IDC´s because of the versatility of the candidates and the motivations to become a diving instructor.

Please contact Jurg Dahler directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

www.coralbaydivers.com / jurg@goprocyprus.com


13735723_1056550734419555_678261624877133597_oSunfish Divers – Agia Napa

The owner of Sunfish Divers is the only female Course Director in Cyprus – Dena Asimenou.

Dena was born 1974 in Cyprus and she loves her Country very much. Obviously, as a Diver she loves the surrounding sea and the fantastic weather, which invites her to dive all year around.

Dena Asimenou

She started Diving back in 1996 and was so addicted to diving that she decided to become a professional Diver and started to work as a full time PADI Instructor in 1998. Just seven years later, in 2005, she became the owner of Sunfish Divers which is located on the main Boulevard in Agia Napa. Dena became a PADI Course Director in 2008 and shortly after that, Sunfish Divers became a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.

Out of the amazing varieties of professional PADI courses – to teach IDC´s is her favourite professional course. She comes across different behavioural changes when people are under stress and she still learns many different things from her Candidates during an IDC. Dena never wears her CD badge and she never shows her Course Director card when she is diving abroad. Dena like to keep a low profile and she strongly believes that you don’t gain respect from what you say but from what you do.

Please contact Dena Asimenou directly if you want to get more information about her IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

www.sunfishdivers.com / dive@sunfishdivers.com 


20160502_163841Easy Divers – Protaras            

The owner of Easy Divers is PADI Course Director Joey Ridge. Joey came to Cyprus in 1995 looking for the perfect place. With its mild winters and hot summers, it makes Cyprus the perfect place to dive all year round. The underwater marine life is not the red sea, but it will impress you with its marine life and an abundance of turtles. Cyprus has some of the most perfect crystal clear sea water. Underwater visibility can be 40 meters and average of about 20 metres – That´s why Joey choose Cyprus.

Easy Divers
Joey Ridge

He started Easy Divers in Cyprus from scratch, and grew it to be one of the best PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre in Cyprus. In 2007, Joey decided to move up the PADI Career ladder and did his Course Director course in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Joey really loves to teach PADI IDC´s! He gets a great achievement of working with people and defining them to become PADI Professionals.

Becoming a Dive Professional is a Life Changing Experience! “It’s a life transformation of yours and those you teach. For the love and passion of the sea and the joy and fulfilment on the faces of your students. Imagine a Job where you go to work in your shorts and bikinis? That’s why I love my job!”

Please contact Joey Ridge directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

www.ezdivers.com / dive@ezdivers.com


HerbiesHerbies Diving Paradise – Protaras / Pernera

Hubert Boehm, alias Herbie, is the most experienced PADI Course Director in Cyprus and also the owner of the PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre “Herbies Diving Paradise”. Herbies Diving Paradise was officially opened in 1990. In 1994, Hubert decided to become a PADI Course Director and the Dive Centre became a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre.

Herbies 2
Hubert “Herbie” Böhm

Hubert moved Herbies Diving Paradise to a new location back in January 2002. You will find the current location of the Dive Centre just around the corner from Anastasia Beach Hotel at Pernera street 36.

Herbies Diving Paradise was always following the PADI Slogan: “PADI, the way the World learns to  dive” by offering PADI Programs and PADI Courses from beginner to professional level, adhering to all Standards and making diving real Fun for our customers. Since 1994 they are also conducting beside all non-Leadership Courses at least 4 Instructor Courses, Emergency First Responder Instructor Courses, Specialty Instructor Courses, Master Scuba Diver Trainer Courses und IDC Staff Instructor Courses. The aim of Hubert Boehm was always and still is: Quality comes before Quantity.

Please contact Hubert Boehn directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus.

www.herbiesdiving.com / herbies@herbiesdiving.com


Cengiz 2North Cyprus British Scuba Centre – Kyrenia

Cengiz Topel Bergun, is the only PADI Course Director in Northen Cyprus. He was born and raised in Cyprus, but lived for many years in England. Cengiz has taught in England at one of the busiest and most reputable dive centres on the south coast of England, Newhaven Scuba Centre.

Since he returned back to Cyprus in 2005 – Cengiz opened his own Dive Centre – the North Cyprus British Scuba Centre in Kyrenia.

Cengiz Bergun

He became a PADI Course Director in 2012 and is enjoying to teach PADI IDC courses since.

“Since, when I opened my dive centre, I am always enjoying to teach any level of PADI courses, from bubble makers up to Instructor level, but my favourite course to teach is the PADI Instructor Development course.

Please contact Cengiz Bergun directly if you want to get more information about his IDC´s and why you should get your PADI Instructor in Cyprus!

www.northcyprusscuba.com / info@northcyprusscuba.com



PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

Various Dive Centres in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands organised on Saturday the 16th of July – the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

The event was not only in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands a great success – Dive Centres all over the world organised a Special Event or organised a special happening for their female customers on the PADI Womens Dive Day.


A few impressions from the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

12Dive – Tenerife                       https://12dive.com/

The 2nd PADI Women´s Dive Day is over. It was an amazing and successful day here in Tenerife.

We did some nice activities during the morning like some aqua-gym. A lot of people joined us for this special day.

Later in the afternoon, we took as well time to enjoy some great diving in the beautiful Atlantic. Some of them were already divers and for others it was the first breath underwater…They LOVED it. They loved to be underwater to see all the different kind of fishes around here and as well this amazing feeling to be weightless was just stunning for them.

We enjoyed a great day, got new experience and met great people.

We enjoyed it so much that we will do it again in 2017!









Poseidon Dive Centre & Ocean View Diving – Cyprus    http://www.poseidoncyprus.com/


GOPR5078 GOPR5084 GOPR5090 GOPR5096 IMG_7153


Scuba Monkey – Cyprus                        http://www.scuba-monkey.com/










Feeling inspired to take your diving further after PADI Women’s Dive Day? Learn more about becoming a PADI Pro in this article by Alexandra Dimitriou-Engeler;

Go Pro, Girls!






Another successful PADI Pool Party with CY Dive

Reps-try-dive-2PADI organised together with CY Dive in Cyprus – another successful PADI Pool Party.

The PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, located in Paphos, has the perfect location with their own Pool, to run a PADI Pool Party.


Maybe you remember, that CY Dive was the PADI Dive Centre with the 1st ever Pool Party Worldwide.

This year again – the Goal was to convert as many DSD participants into Open Water Diver Students. We achieved a very good result and we even exceeded the result from the 1st PADI Pool Party in 2015.



A big thank you goes to the owner Photos and the whole Staff of CY Dive. The Event was very successful and I´m sure that this kind of event is now part of CY Dive´s yearly schedule.



Thanks again guys. It was good fun to work with you!

Reps-4 Reps-using-Underwater-Scooter

Northern Cyprus

1Cyprus is a special Island. Surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean and washed by the gentle currents carrying marine life from the Red Sea, the Island and especially Northern Cyprus is a unique diving experience.

Isolated by politics, the northern Cyprus environment has avoided the rampant commercialism that has spoiled much of the  for diving. The underwater environment reminds one of the Red Sea with remarkable visibility, vivid colour and an abundance of fish life. This is complemented by an underwater topography that challenges the diver with a spectacular coastline of gently sloping beaches, steep, vertical walls, arches, tunnels, caves, canyons and pyramid rock formations. All of this is melded with a history over 9000 years. The result-unidentified aircrafts wrecks and mysterious shipwrecks to be explored; the seas floor littered with old amphora vessels and thousands year old stone anchors from the ancient days of commercial shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Add to this the warm climate, brilliant sunshine reflecting off the bottom even at 4o meters, no tides, gentle currents, prolific marine life and you have the ingredients for a remarkable diving experience. 2

Northern Cyprus is also home to the magnificent green and loggerhead sea turtles. There are few diving experiences more compelling the opportunity to observe and swim with these marvellous creatures.

3Although the commercial diving community is small in Northern Cyprus, it is very professional. At the present time there are nine PADI Dive Centres located in the North – with more opening every year. They all are offering a full range of instruction and guide services for beginner and advanced Divers.

Diving is possible throughout the year although the months April through December are optimal. The environment is spectacular and the sunsets are stunning.

Geography and Weather

4Sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” the island of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. After Sicily and Sardinia, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The total population on the island is around 900´000 people of which about 200´000 live in northern Cyprus.

It is a beautiful island – scented with wonderful aroma of wild jasmine, with mountain peaks stretching to over 6000 feet, long stretches of sand beaches and turquoise coloured sea.

Northern Cyprus has a coastline of approximately 500miles ranging from gently sloping beaches to sheer rock walls plunging into the sea. The season is long with over 300 days of sunshine and water temperature ranging from 19° C – 27° C from May through December.


Text from the Diving Guide of Northern Cyprus by:

Fehmi Senok

David St. Charles