Tips to help with digital and why it is important to your business growth.

Are you using the host of PADI Digital Products? There are normally 3 distinct answers that I get during my visits. The first being – “Yes, and I am pushing for 100% digital students”. Well this article might have some useful tips to try with extra marketing. The next is “Well I get them sometimes, but it’s not something that we actively promote”. The Finial one is a flat No often justified by “my customers just don’t want it”. Well I am hoping that the following will really help you reach out and grow your business (which as a Regional Manager (RM) that is my main goal)


Our (PADI’s) paper products are fantastic and not going anywhere anytime soon. It has been the norm to study with a paper based book, if you ask any school or higher education facility, the future of learning is digital. So if you would like to tap in to that ever growing market of millennials (who is a person reaching young adulthood around the 00’s.) then they will be use to learning via some form of digital platform.

Our eLearning products have been great, but the new kid on the block is our industry-leading touch products which have been designed to modernise and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals. If you have not yet used a one of the touch manuals then you should ask your RM for some help and training on them. Also you will be getting the chance to get yet another free one with your renewal, so if you would like a display copy just get in touch with the sales team to take advantage.

The current list of Touch products are;

  • Digital Certification Pak – Open Water (OW)
  • Digital Certification Pak – Rescue Diver
  • Manual – Freediver Touch
  • ReActivate Touch
  • Equipment Specialist Touch
  • eRDPml Touch

With the Advanced OW course to follow soon. Whist these products work unbelievably well offline on tablets (currently apple and android) they also work online via the website. So if your student loses their device (or does not have one) they can keep studying.

The current list of eLearning products are;

  • eLearning – OW – Cert Pak
  • eLearning – AOW – Cert Pak
  • Dive Theory eLearning
  • eLearning – EANx
  • IDC eLearning
  • Scuba Tune Up eLearning
  • eLearning – DUP – Cert Pak
  • eLearning – Rescue – CertPak
  • Divemaster eLearning

With new products to be added ASAP I wanted to help you with some things you could be doing to improve things with your student numbers. Also it’s with bearing in mind that all, none application, courses include the PIC with the course and what is better the student fills in their own details. As the customer fills in their own digitals it means you no longer have to try and translate their hand writing. The second benefit is this speeds up the whole online processing experience.

The other advantage with going digital is that you have the flexibility to teach in many deferent styles. The most obvious aspect to take advantage of is that with the new touch core courses, the student can complete their knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams within their manual, offline, at a time that suits themselves.  This will mean that you can have much more structured tutorage time where you can focus on their needs and on introducing them to skills and importantly the choice of equipment available in store. However you could still get them to sit the paper exams in the classroom if this is the way that works best for you.

There are 2 main ways of bringing digital products to your customers. The first is that you purchase what you think you need in advance, this means that you will hold some stock (online). The advance with the touch products is they are, (somewhat akin to Schrödinger’s cat in that) available simultaneously in multiple languages and the always most current version, that is until the point of download. Once on your student have chosen the language and download to their device they will have the option to update once they log in again, should any changes have happened. The other option is to let your students order through, this option means you will hold no stock but the price they pay is fixed.

Looking at some tips to help

1st If you are sat in the No, we don’t use Digital Camp (hopefully some of the pointers above will help to change your mind.

It is important to bear in mind that Digital customers could be any number of persons, if you are not using digital then you are most likely missing out on the youth market, who are used to learning this way. But also people who are time poor but otherwise affluent i.e. professionals.

It will cost you nothing to add a few lines of text to your website or to tell people via emails or on the phone that they also have this option.

2nd Use of Commission based Links PADI Pros site screen Shot

Are you aware of the PADI Commission system? As a PADI Dive Centre or Resort that for every single person who purchases through linked to your centre then you will be earning commission.

If you have not added these links to your emails or website then there is options to help your business grow through promoting and using the PADI Digital Product Suite. This is to both new and existing customers – PADI has compiled a collection of free marketing tools which you can download for free from the PADI Pros’ Site by visiting Toolbox > Marketing.

3rd Marketing Referrals

If you have people looking to complete their course away from your centre then the digital product is the way forward. As I mentioned above, digital comes with the PIC and all knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams can be complete their within their manual. This not only takes care of a chunk of the paperwork but means you can focus on a quality and higher level of service which should hopefully bring the student back to you following their holiday.

4th Targeted continuing education courses

As I write this winter is on the way so with courses like Equipment Specialist Touch and eLearning – EANx will mean that you can run courses on the coldest of months, dry!

As always I write this column with the hope that I will spark some questions, your Regional Managers can do a lot to help you, but without engaging with them then we do not know what you would like to work on. Digital Products is one route to help, but there is countless others. Get in touch today.

Dive into the Digital Age in 2016

The PADI Digital Product Suite is a collection of industry-leading products designed to modernise and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals. Make the switch to Digital Products in 2016 and you’ll see immediate benefits:

  • Give your students a fun, interactive way to learn
  • Purchase and receive products on-demand, straight away
  • Save on stocking and shipping costs with digital delivery
  • Help the environment by cutting back on paper

PADI Touch Products

PADI’s Touch Products in particular will catapult your diving business into the digital age, offering a rich and immersive experience to students that’s available straight from their mobile or tablet device anytime, anywhere. Using a highly intuitive navigation style, they’ll be able to interact and expand their diving knowledge through text, images, videos, quizzes and more.

PADI ReActivate Touch™ – students will be encouraged to jump back into diving or simply refresh their knowledge with a fully prescriptive approach and a ReActivated certification card included.

PADI Open Water Diver Touch™ – as the first step, new divers will be able to learn the PADI Open Water Diver course syllabus on a modern platform, as well as log their training dives electronically.

PADI Equipment Specialist Touch™ – students will see how equipment works and fits together by exploring 3D diagrams, helping to drive new equipment sales and the importance of servicing.

PADI Freediver Touch™ – new or existing divers can learn about the principles of freediving with this brand new product which accompanies the recently-launched PADI Freediver program.

PADI Touch products can be purchased from your PADI Sales Consultant or via the e-Shop, and are allocated to students via the Online Processing Center. Students can then download their copy onto their iOS or Android device via the free PADI Library App.



The PADI App, available in multiple languages, is another Digital Product designed to deliver valuable content to divers and PADI Pros on the go.

Divers can use this one-stop diving hub to search for their nearest dive shop, browse travel destinations, remind themselves of important items with checklists and even log their dives. They’ll also have access to any of their purchased eCards, whilst renewed PADI Professionals automatically get these for free for all of diver- and professional-level certifications.

PADI Digital Product Tools

To help you make the most of PADI’s Digital Product range, we’ve created some useful tools to allow you to find out more about each product and how to sell them, as well as marketing tools to help promote them to your students.

Renew before 31 Dec and get a FREE Digital Product

If you’re a PADI Professional and renew your PADI Membership for 2016 before 31st December 2015, you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE copy of the PADI Open Water Diver Touch or PADI Equipment Specialist Touch product. That’s a benefit worth up to £65 / 88€ / 96CHF straight away!

Simply complete your PADI Membership renewal for 2016 and you’ll receive an email which will contain further instructions on how to get your free Digital Product.

Plus: Visit the PADI Online Shop and get 5 for 4 on all digital products*. That’s a saving of 20%! Click here for terms and conditions and more details on these offers.

For more information, contact your local Sales Consultant at or telephone +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours.

PADI Open Water Diver Touch now available in Arabic

1112 Arabic Open Water Touch Blog GraphicWith the growing trend of consumers moving towards mobile devices and interactive displays, it was only natural for PADI to continue to lead the way in technological advancements within the dive industry. The PADI Open Water Diver Touch Digital Certification Paks are now available in Arabic, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Korean and English.

These Certification Paks bring the traditional Crewpak to a fully integrated digital-delivery system and a welcome addition to the ever expanding PADI Digital Product Suite. To download the full PADI Digital Product Suite brochure click here.

Open Water Certification Pak – Offline (Touch) includes:
– Open Water Diver Touch
– Open Water Diver eManual
– Open Water Video clips
– eRDPml Touch/Digital RDP Tables
– eTraining Dive Log
– Certifying Credit (PIC)

Where do I find it?

PADI Library App, and ScubaEarth for the eTraining Dive Log

Who can purchase it?

PADI Members can purchase it via PADI Sales Consultants or the PADI eShop. Students can purchase it through

For more information about how to buy and sell PADI Touch products click here

Do I need an internet connection?

This is only necessary for the initial download to the PADI Library App, to submit Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes, Final Exam and to Log Training Dives on ScubaEarth.

For more information and/or to order copies of the Open Water Diver Certification Pak – Offline, contact, call your PADI Sales Consultant (+44 (0) 117 300 7234) or visit the PADI eShop.

5 for 4 on all PADI Digital Products (20% saving!)

0415 Digital Product Offer Email HeaderWant some digital madness? Get 5 for 4 on all PADI Digital Products*. That’s a saving of 20%!

Just use RENDIG2016 when placing your order via email to or telephone your PADI Sales Consultant during business hours to claim this offer.

Digital Products Available Now:

  • Open Water Diver Touch
  • Open Water Diver Digital Certification Pak Lite
  • Adventures in Diving Digital Certification Pak Lite
  • Equipment Specialist Touch
  • RDPML Touch
  • Rescue Digital Certification Pak Lite
  • ReActivate Touch

Coming Soon!

  • Rescue Diver Touch
  • Freediver Touch

*Offer ends 31st July 2016. Offer available only on multiples of five. Available to PADI Instructors who have renewed their PADI membership for 2016.

5 Reasons why PADI Open Water Diver Touch Benefits You as a PADI Pro


PADI Open Water Diver Touch is part of PADI’s revolutionary collection of digital products designed to enhance and modernise the way divers learn today. Here are 5 reasons why you, as a PADI Professional, will benefit from this new teaching tool:

#1 – It’s the modern way for divers to learn. With a sleek, interactive interface designed especially for the mobile platform (PADI Open Water Diver Touch is available for Android and iOS devices), students will enjoy a style of learning that’s in tune with the rest of their digital life and in line with their modern learning expectations.

The Benefit to PADI Pros: Meeting expectations = satisfied customers who will enjoy the learning experience and therefore be more likely to re-visit and recommend your dive operation to others.

#2 – Digital delivery eases stock control and shipping. Because there’s no physical product to stock or ship to customers, you don’t need to worry about stock levels or shipping times and costs. Instead, you can order 24/7 365 days a year from the PADI e-Shop and the product will appear almost instantly into your PADI Online Processing Center account, ready for you to register to your next student – anytime, anywhere.

The Benefit to PADI Pros: A quicker, cheaper way to provide PADI Open Water Diver course materials will save your business money = more profit in the long term.

trraining dives#3 – Logging training dives just got easier. Your Open Water Diver students will be able to log their training dives on ScubaEarth (via the website or using the free PADI App). From there, the instructor will be able to review and verify the information is correct. This digital approach to logging dives eliminates the need for bulky books and, with mobile devices often at students’ fingertips, is way for them to reflect and capture their diving memories straight after the event.

The Benefit to PADI Pros: Making it easier for students to log their dives = more accurate dive logging and happier customers who’ll want to come back and dive with you again.

#4 – Interactive format will enrich the learning and teaching experience. The PADI Open Water Diver Touch takes the existing high-quality course material and mixes it together with a range of videos, interactive quizzes and an intuitive navigation style that’s designed for mobile devices. This immersive format will help turn potentially tricky topics into fun and engaging sessions.

The Benefit to PADI Pros: Enjoyment and understanding of the dive theory will lead to rewarding sessions for both students and their instructions = positive experiences, which students will remember when booking their next course with you.

#5 – It supports the values of Project AWARE. In the age of eco-awareness, divers are encouraged to help protect the underwater environment by all means possible. By teaching with PADI Open Water Diver Touch instead of paper materials (where available), you’ll be using less paper, helping to combat marine debris and deforestation issues.

The Benefit to You: Helping your customers contribute positively towards conservation issues that are close to divers’ hearts = a feel-good factor that will encourage divers to choose your business.

Want to see more? Check out – and share with your potential customers – our PADI Open Water Diver Touch video.

To purchase or learn more about PADI Open Water Diver Touch, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.

PADI Digital Product Webinar Available to Watch Online

0415 Digital Product Offer Email Header

The recording from our recent webinar, How to Use PADI Digital Products, is now available to watch online and available to anyone who might have missed the live presentation earlier in June or those who simply want to watch it a second time.

The webinar explains:

  • How to use and promote the PADI Digital Product Suite
  • How to purchase and deliver the product to your students
  • How your students can use the materials
  • How you can process the associated PIC certification for the products

Click here to watch the webinar recording now!

If you have questions regarding this webinar please email

5 Reasons why the PADI App Benefits YOU as a PADI Professional

The PADI App is a one-stop hub for the scuba diving world, delivering a mix of useful tools and reference guides to the fingertips of both recreational and professional divers. Here are 5 things that divers can do using the PADI App which will benefit you as a PADI Pro:

trraining dives#1 – Log Dives

Divers can log both recreational and PADI Open Water Diver training dives on ScubaEarth via the PADI App, and with many reaching for their mobile devices as soon as they surface from a dive, they’ll have all of the tools they need to log – and share – their dive whilst it’s fresh in mind – right at their fingertips.

The Benefit to You: Divers logging accurate dives makes it easier for them to remember great experiences in the future, reminding them to come back to dive with you again. If they’ve shared their dives, their friends might even be inspired to join them!

#2 – Access content in multiple languages

The PADI App is currently available in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Thai – and there’s more to come in the future.

The Benefit to You: Offering content in more languages helps meet the needs of an even wider range of the customers you may receive in your business. Meeting needs = happy customers.

#3 – Find their nearest PADI Dive Shop

Using location based services, the PADI App’s Dive Shop Locator tool will enable users to find their nearest PADI Dive Center. Potential customers who are travelling or living in your area will be able to see that you are their nearest dive shop, encouraging visits and helping to boost the footfall of your business.

The Benefit to You: More potential customers through your door = more potential for sales of courses, trips and equipment which helps increase your business profit.

#4 – eCards

The PADI App allows divers to carry their purchased PADI eCards on their smartphone or tablet device, anywhere and everywhere they go. This means they’ll be able to show you exactly what certification they currently hold or whether they’ve recently ReActivated any of them. You’ll spend less time trying to search and verify for divers’ details and more time giving them a great experience.

The Benefit to You: Customers who have a quick and easy check-in will be more impressed with their trip. Happy customers = potential repeat business and positive recommendations.


#5 – Browse the Travel Section

Covering destinations across the globe, the PADI App travel section feeds from the vacation spotlight pages and offers a wealth of inspiration for divers looking for their next adventure, whether on their doorstep or abroad. Use this information to help promote and sell upcoming trips as well as local diving opportunities.

The Benefit to You: Customers inspired by a destination provides opportunities to sell spaces on relevant upcoming trips.

The updated version of the PADI App is available for Apple iOS and Android-based devices. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the Google Play or iTunes App Store where you can download it free today!

Want to Plan a Dive on Your Mobile Device? Well here’s how…

By using PADI’s eRDPml Touch you have the ability to plan a single or multilevel dive through interactive Dive Tables.

Accessible on mobile devices and tablets, the eRDPml makes Dive planning more convenient than ever. Whether you are teaching a course or wanting your students to plan their Dive, this is for YOU!

erdpmlFor use on: Tablets and mobile devices

Compatibility: Apple iOS and Android based devices

Where to Find: PADI Library App

Internet: Necessary only for downloading to the PADI Library App.

Course – All courses

Components: Electronic, interactive dive planner that includes instructions and practice exercises.

Sold To: PADI Members a la carte and as part of the Open Water Diver Digital Certification Paks – Offline (via PADI Sales Consultants and the Online Shopping Cart). It is also sold to divers a la carte (via and the PADI App.)

For more information – contact your PADI Sales Department  (Tel +44 (0) 117 300 7234) or enter the PADI Online Shopping Cart by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click ‘Shop Online’.

Are you ready to join the digital trend?

0415 Digital Product Offer Email Header

We recently published a list of 5 reasons why you should Go Digital with PADI’s Digital Product offering. With reasons including meeting customers’ expectations, enriched learning and environmental awareness, it’s the new way that the world learns the dive.

But don’t just take our word for it – many PADI Dive Centers around the world are already making the switch to be 100% digital, such as Hamish Taggart, Managing Director of Ocean Paradise, a company that operates three PADI Dive Centers in the Maldives:

“The release of both PADI Open Water e-Manuals and Touch packages has streamlined our business by reducing shipping costs and the need to stock an excess of manuals in multiple languages. It provides a state-of-the-art experience for our diving clients who are learning in a clear, fun and interactive manner. As a business we look forward to the continuing cutting-edge approach of PADI, with their easy, customer orientated teaching innovations”

Ready to Go Digital? Make sure you’re familiar with what’s available by reading the PADI Digital Product Suite brochure or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

5 Reasons Why the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch Benefits YOU as a PADI Pro


The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch is a fully interactive and comprehensive digital product that teaches students about scuba systems, cylinders, regulators, rebreathers, instruments and more. Here are 5 reasons why it benefits YOU as a PADI Professional:

#1 – It’s the modern way to teach the PADI Equipment Specialist course. As smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular, it’s important to keep up with the trends of a fast paced digital world. With the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, your students will have access to a new and highly engaging method of learning that’s ready at their fingertips and will match their modern day expectations.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Meeting expectations = satisfied customers who will enjoy their experience and be more likely to recommend your business.

5#2 – Interactive 3D diagrams will enrich learning. Some students can feel confused about how components really fit together and how they work as a system. The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch combats this issue by adding interactive 3D diagrams that can be rotated and expanded to give students a true 360 degree insight to their equipment. Not only does this assist their understanding, it can also turn a potentially tricky topic into a fun and engaging experience.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Better understanding = effective and enjoyable sessions that will ensure students will want to keep on learning – and diving – with you.

#3 – Communicates the importance of maintenance. After studying the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, students will have a better understanding of how their equipment works and therefore, how and why it can fail. This will naturally lead to them wanting to take better care of diving equipment (whether that’s your rental gear or their own purchases) and having a greater appreciation for equipment servicing recommendations.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Customers who take care of their kit = less damage and cost to your rental gear and increased profit from servicing and replacement gear sales.

#4 – Empowers customers to make informed purchases. Customers who have the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch will be better informed about the range of equipment and features on offer to them, as well as what will suit their diving needs and how they should take care of their prized purchases afterwards. They might want to upgrade existing equipment or buy accessories to help them look after what they already own.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Informed customers who are happy with their purchases = satisfied customers who will recommend you, and more profit for your business from increased equipment sales.

#5 – It can be used again and again. The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch doesn’t contain knowledge reviews or exams, so although it’s an ideal companion for the PADI_Shaws_April_2015_2223PADI Equipment Specialist course, it can be used for other purposes, too. Divers taking the next step in their professional development might find this a great tool to help expand their resources as well as using it as a teaching tool. New divers might be keen to soak up as much scuba knowledge as possible before taking another course. The portable, digital format means that it’s easy to keep the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch ready at their fingertips no matter when or where they might want to brush up on their knowledge.

The benefit to PADI Pros? A learning tool that divers can revisit whenever they need = knowledgeable customers who will be better prepared for trips and future courses.

“The Touch product is very easy to sell, we just show customers the product on our iPads. It’s bright, very easy to use with really cool expanding diagrams! We have our own PowerPoint presentation that we used to use, but the Touch covers everything in great detail and is easy to use, also makes for great reference material that they can dip into again at any time plus, frees our time up. It’s a great springboard for putting kit like regulator sets into customers’ hands.

-Kim Langridge, PADI Course Director & Owner, Island Divers

To purchase or learn more about PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.