Andrea Zuccari and Freediving World join the PADI Freediving Family!

PADI is happy to announce the registration of the first PADI Freediving Center in Sharm El Sheikh, Freediving World Apnea Center!

We are also particularly proud to have the center’s owner Andrea Zuccari, multiple Freediving Record Holder and PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer on-board the PADI freediving family.

Let’s start with Freediving World Apnea Center

Freediving World meets PADI Freedivers needs at all levels all the way from beginner to instructor level. The center is equipped with a 25m swimming pool, platforms which are fitted with counterweight systems as well as several buoys/lines reaching different depths, a perfect set-up for freediving courses, group training sessions and workshops.

…and now, let’s talk about Andrea

  • 3 Italian National Records in Variable Weight (VWT) and No Limit (NLT)
  • 10 Swiss National Records in CWT, CNF and FIM
  • 2 No-Limits Tandem Word Records
  • In 2014 Andrea becomes the deepest man in the world using a Freediving Mask with 175m in No Limits



Andrea is currently training to reach the “no packing” target in “TheDeepDiveProject”. Stay tuned and follow Andrea on Social Media for the latest news and information about “TheDeepDiveProject”.


2007                                                                                                                                      51m: Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) – Swiss Record

2008                                                                                                                                      71m: Free Immersion (FIM) – Swiss Record
71m: Constant Weight (CWT) – Swiss Record

Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) – Swiss Record
75m: Free Immersion (FIM) – Swiss Record
77m: Constant Weight (CWT) – Swiss Record
120m: No Limit (NLT) – Swiss Record

No Limit (NLT) Tandem with Anna Von Boetticher  –  World Record

2012                                                                                                                                      131m: No Limit (NLT) – Swiss Record

No Limit (NLT) Tandem with con Stavrow Kastrinakis – World Record
135m: Variable Weight (VWT) – Italian Record
155m: No Limit (NLT) – Italian Record

No Limit (NLT) – Italian Record (second deepest man in the world)



Dive Into the World of Professional Freediving – Become a PADI Freediver Instructor

PADIHas freediving cast its spell on you, holding you in its net of wonder forever? Are you ready to challenge yourself and take your freediving to another level? You want to move away from recreational freediving and dive into the world of professional freediving?

Becoming a PADI Freediver Instructor will be your passport into the world of professional freediving; teaching others to redefine their limits by experiencing ultimate freedom beneath the surface.

Becoming a PADI Freediver Instructor is not only a question of acquiring the necessary knowledge and understanding but also of achieving exceptional skill and endurance levels that allows you to safely and comfortably demonstrate to your students how to perform dives.

In order to enrol on the PADI Freediver Instructor course you must be physically and mentally prepared for a minimum of four days of classroom and inwater sessions.

There are three Instructor-level certifications for PADI Freedivers.

  1. PADI Freediver Instructor: You are authorised to teach PADI Freediver and Basic Freediver.
  2. PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor:  You can teach all diver levels through to PADI Advanced Freediver.
  3. PADI Master Freediver Instructor: You can teach all diver levels including PADI Master Freediver.

There are two paths to earning the PADI Freediver Instructor rating. The first is for experienced freedivers who gain instructional skills by attending a PADI Freediver Instructor Training Course. The second path is for current freediver instructors who want to join the PADI organisation by attending a PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation.

Note that PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors (or higher rating) who are also experienced freedivers and have a PADI Advanced Freediver certification may apply directly for the rating by submitting a PADI Freediver Instructor Application to your PADI Regional Headquarters.

There really is something about this sport that takes people under its spell…we will leave it to you to teach others to discover it for themselves.

If you’d like further information on how to become a PADI Freediver Instructor, please contact our Training Department


PADI Freediver, why not add it to your dive Centre?

padi-freediverWith the PADI Freediving programme coming up to its first Birthday it is fantastic to see how many people have decided to join PADI just for this option. These divers are not SCUBA Divers nor are they likely to ever be, however when you can dive to 40 meters on a training course or hold your breath over 3 1/2 minutes why should they?

It is time to get serious about freediving as it is one of the fastest-growing dive-industry segments. PADI EMEA is very proud to have helped launch along with Divesangha and O.M.E.R, Bristol’s first ever international pool freediving competition! The Bristol Blue Freediving Competition on Sunday 27th of November here in sunny Bristol join us live . I have been speaking with one of the team and they are expecting personal bests and records to be broken. Hearing figures like 8 min breath hold has the EFR IT in me worried but the freediver in me competitively jealous. I managed just under 3 minutes during my training and that was just from one day’s training.

If you haven’t guessed it the PADI Freediver courses provide you with new business opportunities and a pipeline to younger customers. If your  Dive Centre is not offering Freediving then you do need to ask yourself why not? Freediving itself might not be for you, nor your current student or club divers (have you ever asked them if they are interested), but one of the constant questions I get asked is how do I get more business. If you have honestly tried all of the advice and guidance from your PADI regional manager and still need more custom then what have you to loose?

When researching freediving online I have seen it described as the new Yoga and there an undeniable benefit of personal fitness that serious divers maintain. If you take to the sport then you will no doubt find the benefits stacking up (which in turn could help with the HSE Medical).

Health benefits to one side and looking at the padi-freediver4bottom line, most manufacturers have a fantastic range of equipment that will get those that need the new and shiny gadget twitching. There is a certain set of Carbon fibre fins and mask have my credit card fearing for its limits. But you don’t necessarily have to fork out to start with you can use your current Scuba mask and fins to get started.  Think also there are dedicated trips that you can take your new team on. I know a Centre who just organised a Seal Snorkeling and Freediving trip and it filled up with Scuba divers who fancied a break from the norm. Great!

With most Freediving instructors charging more for per student on a course than the average open water course, even if you only teach one or two students per course the figures stack up. The PADI Freediver manual is in a word visually stunning and has been written by a global team of experts. once you have downloaded the course it will have you engrossed in your tablet for hours, the nice thing about the course materials is that it is 3 manuals in one. That’s right, freediver, advanced freediver and master freediver in one beautiful product. It comes with the first PIC. 

I talked a lot earlier about record breaking and Personal Bests, well freediving is a sport and therefore it has that side to it. In Scuba if you want to be competitive then you can always have a good hover off. But Freediving is not all extreme as a Basic Freediver (pool based and a fantastic winter training tool), you will gain the training and discipline needed to stay safe during breath-hold dives. Afterwards, you can continue your education and progress to new depths.

If you would like to join the ranks then the process is straight forward and there are numerous undersea journal articles and training bulletins to help. However, you can also ask your training team within the PADI Office or get in touch with your Regional Manager. With your new skills as an instructor you can really bring alive the snorkelling and duck diving skills within confined training. 

There will be Freediving events taking place in 2017 so why not give it a try. pfd

Breathless in the Maldives

Akim Adhari is one of the few people who has dived to over 100m. HOLDING HIS BREATHE! Let’s face it, a 100m dive is still a huge achievement on scuba, but doing it as a constant weight freedive is very rare!

akim1In fact Akim has been challenging himself to push his physical limits since he was just 6 years old when he started training in Judo and Juitsu. By the time he was 18 he had a 2nd Dan degree and headed to Thailand to train as a Thai boxer.

In 2009 Akim changed career to embrace his new love of freediving, becoming a Freediver Instructor and setting himself another challenge. He developed and shared training methods using the discipline and methods he had learnt over a lifetime of martial arts training. As well as achieving personal excellence, some of Akim’s students have done on to hold national and world records.

In 2011 he launched the world’s biggest freediving school, Blue Immersion, with his partner Jonas Samuelsson (now a PADI Territory Director!) and Good Time Adventures, Koh Tao and with the support and help of his friends Tim and Charlie Severino. Blue Immersion quickly became one of the leading centers for freediver training and has influence the industry worldwide.

Since then, as well as staying active as a competitor and instructor trainer, Akin founded a Freediver instructor development course and a freediving liveaboard in 2016 he has joined PADI and brought his experience to help PADI divers and members moving into and through the PADI Freediver courses. Akim has trained and certified over 250 Freediver instructors!

Recently Akim visited The Maldives and told us what an amazing experience it was both as a freediver and as a tourist:


My experience in Maldives was unique,

I spent some times in Male the capital for a few days with friends originally from the region.

I was surprise to see that just 500 meters away from the capital we had 40 meters visibility and unlimited depth for training.

For our first day of training we just went 10 minutes out of the harbor and performed an 85 meters CWT dive, I was so excited to discover a real new place for training deep freediving with such excellent conditions and being that close to a capital means that, in case of an emergency, any care that would be needed can easily be given.

As well as finding the ideal environment for freediving, Akim was also overwhelmed with the culture and warmth of the Maldivians:

In the Maldives I can really say I was able to relax and had a comfortable time. The food was great -it’s very similar to the Indian cuisine and the locals will make you feel home. There was no hassle, which you can find in some tourist destinations, and I think the kindness and hospitality of the people is in general part of the culture.

He went on to tell us about some of the things he saw while visiting:

A few days later me and my Maldivian friend and student Valho went to an island called Ukhulas. In only a few days we had the opportunity to see dolphins, sharks, manta, all kind of fish and the reef was in perfectly good condition.


And how the set up made it easy to freedive:

I did some deep dives there from 90 meters to 97 meters using the boat kindly provided by Island Vista Inn which is a local guest house that provides high standard room that have been restorated for a very decent price. If you wish to travel as a backpacker and not have to go through resorts you can easily find guest house now in the Maldives.

I finished my voyage in the Maldives with the conclusion that it was one of my best trips over 12 years of traveling around Asia.

I will definitely come back to organize more training and free diving courses 3 to 4 times a year  I believe the Maldives should be as popular a free diving destination as it is for scuba diving.

In September 2016, Akim will be back in the Maldives conducting a training camp and PADI instructor course, should you be interested in participation please contact PADI Regional Manager


Free Diver course in Sweden

Patrik H2O Lund
Patrik H2O Lund

H2O Lund, Sweden, is one of the first PADI fridykker Centers established throughout the world. They have already run tow free diving courses and instructor Patrik is very excited about the program.

Here are the first impressions of the course written by Patrick:

H2OLundFreediver 2

I have been fortunate enough to be able to teach the new PADI Freediver Course, the entry-level course in PADIs new Freediver-program. After completed two courses I must say it’s just great.

The student material, PADI Freediver Touch, is a truly professional product. It delivers the information in an active and fun way and students are excited to complete the knowledge development part. Freediver Touch covers all three programs, Freediver, Advanced Freediver and Master Freediver and all of my students so far have been studying the material from the other courses as well. The response to the product is fantastic.

To divide the Freediver program into three different courses makes a lot of sense to me. This means that the entry-level course is accessible to all people interested in freediving and the performance requirements is, with practice, obtainable. The Advanced Freediver Course and Master Freediver raise the bar considerable, and I think it’s really good. This means that the program also includes those divers wanting a new challenge and are ready to take there diving to the next level.

The prerequisites to be able to teach these levels are also high. I see this as a great challenge to advance my own skills and I’m really enthusiastic to attend more courses myself and practice with my freediver friends.

Diving in Sweden is for sure an all year around activity thanks to drysuits, dry gloves and other proper equipment. However, freediving needs to be in a wetsuit and to be honest, there is “a few” months a year where teaching the Freediver-program in open water is just too cold. This is where the Basic Freediver course comes in. The Basic Freediver course covers the knowledge development and confined water part of the Freediver course making it ideal to teach during the winter. When summer is back again the divers have the possibility to complete the open water sessions earning the PADI Freediver rating.

My students all come from different backgrounds. So far I have trained staff from the dive centre, scuba divers, non-divers, young and old. This program has something for everyone. The bookings are great and I will have a busy and fun year ahead of me teaching freediving.

Patrik Jeppsson

Master Instructor 72779

PADI Freediver is here! Sign up to the webinar to learn more

FD_Bnr_600x315_notextPADI are proud to have launched the new PADI Freediver program at DEMA this year. With a full range of training options and instructor levels, this represents an exciting opportunity for PADI members throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

An overview of the courses is available in the 4th Quarter Training Bulletin, however you can now listen to an in-depth review of all aspects of these courses by joining an upcoming webinar. These webinars are free of charge and are a benefit of your renewed PADI membership.

As always, these will be recorded and shared with everyone who registers – even if you cannot attend ‘live’, you’ll get the follow-up recording after the event.

Register today and don’t miss this free opportunity to learn more about the PADI Freediver program:

Freediver promotion webinar schedule:

English: 18th November, 19:00-20:00 GMT – click here to register

French: 19th November, 19:00-20:00 CET (GMT +1) – click here to register

Italian: 23rd November, 19:00-20:00CET (GMT +1) – click here to register

Spanish: 24th November, 19:00-20:00 CET (GMT +1) – click here to register

German: 25th November, 19:00-20:00 CET (GMT +1) – click here to register

Arabic:  27th November 19:00-20:00 AST (GMT +3) – click here to register

Russian:  3rd December 11:00-12:00 MSK (GMT +3) – click here to register

If you have any questions regarding the above webinars or the PADI Freediver program please contact

New PADI Freediver program set to launch November 2015


As PADI prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016, the organization is expanding beyond scuba diving to offer training in one of the fastest growing dive industry segments – freediving. Continuing the core business practice of delivering first in class instructional courses, the PADI Freediver program will debut in November at DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

“The PADI Freediver program provides PADI Members with additional revenue generating opportunities by allowing them to expand their course offerings and reach a younger demographic,” says Mark Spiers, Vice President, Sales, Field Services, Marketing & Business Development at PADI EMEA. “PADI Freediver will also allow PADI Retail and Resort members to increase their equipment sales through a whole new category of product offerings”.

The PADI Freediver program is complete with student materials and instructional tools that follow the PADI educational philosophy, which makes it easy for qualified PADI Professionals to quickly start teaching. The course will feature quality, tablet-based training materials so students can access PADI Freediver Touch from the convenience of their tablets with or without an internet connection.  Like all PADI courses, the program was bred from first-hand experience as industry experts and competitive freedivers played a critical role in its development.

For more information regarding the PADI Freediver program, contact your PADI regional manager or sales consultant.