Davy Jones Diving in Gran Canaria won the PADI AWARD

DAVY JONES DIVING in Gran Canaria won the PADI AWARD for outstanding achievement in PADI Diver Training.

“Davy Jones Diving have made an immense contribution to the training of divers in the Canary Islands since moving to their new  spacious dive centre in Arinaga in 2014”, said Sascha Engeler – Regional Manager for PADI EMEA. “Feedback from customers tells us that their students are  trained to high levels of safety and confidence and really enjoy their courses with Davy Jones Diving. It is a very professional PADI Five Star rated Dive Centre, and has a mature, experienced  team of instructors. They cover a range of  languages and have several who have gained PADI  Elite Instructor status.”

Brian Goldthorpe, Owner and Chief Instructor of Davy Jones Diving  said “I am delighted that the hard work of my instructors has been  recognised with this award.  We have one of the most amazing  dive sites in the Canary Islands (the el Cabrón  Marine Reserve) right next to us, and this has different dive areas  which are perfect for different courses.  Our combination of a strong team of instructors, great dive locations and great space and facilities  at our dive centre in Arinaga have helped us  to achieve this prestigious  award.”

In the name of PADI EMEA, we would like to thank you and the whole team of Davy Jones Diving for your hard work, your passion and your dedication. Keep up the great work!


Another successful PADI Pool Party

20160606_125125PADI organised together with Dive Academy Gran Canaria – another successful PADI Pool Party.

The Dive Centre, located in Arguineguín – Gran Canaria, has the perfect location, with their own Pool, to run a PADI Pool Party.


The Goal of the whole event was to convert as many DSD participants into Open Water Diver Course Students and to attract new Customers. We actually achieved a very good result!


Thanks to the owner Matt Astill and the whole Staff of Dive Academy Gran Canaria, the event was very successful and I´m sure that this kind of event is now part of the DC´s yearly schedule.

Thanks again guys. It was good fun to work with you!

Do you wish to organize your own PADI Pool Party? Please contact your PADI Regional Manager for more information.


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New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria

Blue Water Diving – The NEW PADI Dive Centre in the Canary Islands

IMG_0042In September 2014 Kate McMillan and Chris Drummond decided to sell the PADI Dive Centre One 2 One Diving in Malaga (Spain) and to move to Gran Canaria. The reason to open a New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria is very simple: Kate and Chris were looking for a all year around Diving Destination in Europe. With the Canary Islands – they found their new home. They moved together with their two daughters, age 4 and 8 months, to Gran Canaria in January 2015.

How to find a New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria

If you want to become a PADI Dive Centre owner, you have two options:

Option 1: Look at the PADI Prosite on the Employment Board for some opportunities

Option 2: Start a Dive Centre from scratch and make your dream come true

Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria
Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

They were first looking to buy an existing PADI Dive Centre, but then they decided to start again from scratch and to build a new Dive Centre -The Blue Water Diving Centre. Which is since the 29th of May 2015 an official PADI Retail & Resort Association Member with the PADI Store number S-24879

 Who are Kate and Chris – the owners of the New PADI Dive Centre Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

The Staff of Blue Wate Diving
The Staff of Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

Kate McMillan – 32 years old. Moved to Malaga when she was 18 to complete her Divemaster. This is where she met Chris…!!!! Chris helped her with the training for the Divemaster. After a successful season Kate then started to work with Chris at the old diving centre (One 2 One Diving). Kate completed in 2005 her PADI Instructor Course.

Chris Drummond – 52 years old. He moved to Malaga 22 years ago and set up a water sports company, where he organised water skiing, jet bikes etc… He soon realised that there was a diving centre on the island and decided to change his career path and started his journey through the PADI system. He soon reached the PADI Instructor rating and slowly built up a small client base and started up One 2 One Diving.

Originally they started working from their house as Individual PADI Instructors, but soon they grew and needed to move to a larger premises. It was time to built their first PADI Dive Centre. After many years of hard work they finally settled the dive centre and obtained their goal and became a PADI 5* IDC Centre.

Welcome to the PADI Retail & Resort Association family in the Canary Islands! We are looking forward to work with you!

If you want to know more about Blue Water Diving – please contact Kate & Chris here