Project AWARE – Dive against Debris in the Canaries and Switzerland

The 4th of March 2017 – was a great day for Project AWARE in the Canary Islands and Switzerland! Two Key Accounts in my Regions organised on the same day a Project AWARE Dive against Debris with outstanding results!



Dive against Debris Crew Tenerife

One Project AWARE Dive Against Debris event happened in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and has been organised by the Big Fish Dive Center in Los Cristianos. The other event has been organised by Adventure Sports and the Dive Club from Frauenfeld & Eschenz in Switzerland.
Both Events were organised almost similar. The Event from Adventure Sports in Switzerland started the evening before with the orientation for the Project AWARE Dive against Debris course – while the event in Tenerife started in the morning of the 4th of March.

It was amazing to see how passionate the participants were involved to clean the Beach underwater in Playas las vistas In Tenerife and in the “Untersee” in Steckborn. Even more impressive was the amount of rubbish who has been removed from the Atlantic and from the Lake of Constance.

Big Fish Tenerife

Data collected:
Divers collected the following amount in Tenerife;
66 KG 





Divecorner Frauenfeld



Divers collected the following amount in Steckborn;
259 KG 



A big Thank you goes to the organizers in both Countries. Thank you Michal Motylewski and Sandro Krawinkler!

The world and our environment needs more people like you! You are an inspiration for all of us and I hope that with your example we can make a difference and animate more Dive Centres, Divers and citizens of both regions to protect our beloved environment!





Dive against Debris Crew Steckborn

How can you help to protect the ocean?

Dive Against Debris is a global marine debris survey – the only data collection effort of its kind that involves volunteer divers collecting, recording and reporting data on marine debris found on the seafloor. Marine debris is a problem that is often considered ‘out of sight – out of mind.’ By sharing data on the debris we find underwater, we’re able to contribute the underwater perspective. It’s really exciting – divers can have a powerful role to play in helping contribute data to influence marine debris policy.
So how can you get started?

1. Download our Dive Against Debris Survey Toolkit – here you’ll find the survey kit for your divers, including a certificate to award to your volunteers.
2. Add your action to our Event Map. Create your My Ocean profile and add your action to our interactive map for our dive community to see. You can also blog and upload photos or videos in My Ocean.

. Promote over social media, through your network and communications – don’t forget to use the following hashtags #ProjectAWARE, #DiveAgainstDebris, #MarineDebris, etc.
4. Report your data. Data is critical. Don’t let your dives go to waste. Make sure you report the data on the litter you found.
5. Share the data with your divers by showing them the Dive Against Debris Map.

Project AWARE ® can offer you mesh bags and a banner to advertise your action during the day. Each mesh bag comes with a donation of € 6.00. This way, Project AWARE is able to send you some other promotional materials to use during your action (leaflets, posters, stickers, badges, etc.).
Adopt a Dive Site™ is a campaign where Project AWARE launched last year on Earth Day, which basically is repeated Dive Against Debris surveys in one dive site: Project AWARE requires divers adopting a specific dive site to clean up and report data at least once a month. You can find all information on the website and if you are interested, just sign up on the website.

Start your Ocean protection today, sign up with adopt a dive site and take an example of the two Dive Centres in Switzerland and in the Canaries! Together we can make a difference and educate the coming generations!

I still believe in us humans and that we can change the current situation, but the time is ticking… Our beautiful environment is counting on you!
#myOcean #myHope

PADI Partner Dive Centre

download-2Join forces, extend your summer and become a PADI Partner Dive Centre..!

Don’t underestimate the importance of forging long term relationships with Dive Centres outside your immediate region. Build key partnerships between the north and south to reap the benefits of an extended dive season and greater teaching breadth and reach.

Based on feedback from the field please refer the following case study as an example of where this strategy has been put into practice.

The Canaries and Switzerland

The Canary Islands benefit from a far warmer winter than their more northern friends in Switzerland. Due to weather extremes, Dive Centres in Switzerland therefore normally are wrapping up their last Open Water Courses  for the season at the beginning of October. After which, during winter, the only courses that are being held are non-diving courses, dry suit and sometimes ice diving.  In order to combat this issue dive centres from both countries were brought together to work collaboratively and in cooperation with one another, and thus far results have been successful.

So, why not get in touch with a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

download-3There are a huge range of advantages for all parties involved:

  • New Diver Acquisition
  • Theory and Confined Water at home
  • Dive Travel
  • New Customers
  • Chance to try new equipment
  • Increase the season
  • Make new friends
  • Escape from the winter

Don’t just travel to new destinations with non-certified divers, be sure to promote continuing education courses and specific specialties to be undertaken on these types of travel trips too.

images-1How do I find a PADI Partner Dive Centre?

At the end, everyone is a winner and can benefit from such an arrangement. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with Dive Centres all over Europe and the world.


Start today! Become a PADI Partner Dive Centre in the North, or the South!