New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria

Blue Water Diving – The NEW PADI Dive Centre in the Canary Islands

IMG_0042In September 2014 Kate McMillan and Chris Drummond decided to sell the PADI Dive Centre One 2 One Diving in Malaga (Spain) and to move to Gran Canaria. The reason to open a New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria is very simple: Kate and Chris were looking for a all year around Diving Destination in Europe. With the Canary Islands – they found their new home. They moved together with their two daughters, age 4 and 8 months, to Gran Canaria in January 2015.

How to find a New PADI Dive Centre in Gran Canaria

If you want to become a PADI Dive Centre owner, you have two options:

Option 1: Look at the PADI Prosite on the Employment Board for some opportunities

Option 2: Start a Dive Centre from scratch and make your dream come true

Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria
Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

They were first looking to buy an existing PADI Dive Centre, but then they decided to start again from scratch and to build a new Dive Centre -The Blue Water Diving Centre. Which is since the 29th of May 2015 an official PADI Retail & Resort Association Member with the PADI Store number S-24879

 Who are Kate and Chris – the owners of the New PADI Dive Centre Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

The Staff of Blue Wate Diving
The Staff of Blue Water Diving in Gran Canaria

Kate McMillan – 32 years old. Moved to Malaga when she was 18 to complete her Divemaster. This is where she met Chris…!!!! Chris helped her with the training for the Divemaster. After a successful season Kate then started to work with Chris at the old diving centre (One 2 One Diving). Kate completed in 2005 her PADI Instructor Course.

Chris Drummond – 52 years old. He moved to Malaga 22 years ago and set up a water sports company, where he organised water skiing, jet bikes etc… He soon realised that there was a diving centre on the island and decided to change his career path and started his journey through the PADI system. He soon reached the PADI Instructor rating and slowly built up a small client base and started up One 2 One Diving.

Originally they started working from their house as Individual PADI Instructors, but soon they grew and needed to move to a larger premises. It was time to built their first PADI Dive Centre. After many years of hard work they finally settled the dive centre and obtained their goal and became a PADI 5* IDC Centre.

Welcome to the PADI Retail & Resort Association family in the Canary Islands! We are looking forward to work with you!

If you want to know more about Blue Water Diving – please contact Kate & Chris here

Certificate of Recognition

Davy Jones Diving in Arinaga, on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), recieved the PADI Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Customer Service on the 26th of May 2015.

The Team of Davy Jones Diving with the PADI Regional Manager – Sascha Engeler

The owner of Davy Jones Diving, Brian Goldthorpe, has been diving since the mid-90’s and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. He was awarded the PADI Elite Instructor certificate in 2013.

Before coming to Gran Canaria, he dived extensively in the UK at most of the popular sites including the Farne Islands, St Abbs, Oban and the Scottish West Coast, Plymouth, and of course inland sites such as Gildenburgh, Capernwray and Stoney Cove.

Brian has completed over 3500 dives and has dived in the Red Sea, Florida, Turkey, Cyprus, Corfu, Malta and other Mediterranean sites including the Medas Isles. With over fifteen years of diving experience in the Canaries, he is a wealth of knowledge on the Marine Life found in the Arinaga area, especially the secrets of the El Cabrón Marine Reserve.

His main interest today is digital underwater photography, for which he is also an instructor. In 2006 he was awarded a ‘Certificate of Recognition for Excellence’ by PADI for the teaching of their Digital Underwater Photography Course. He is also very interested in Angel Sharks, and has organised the three-year study with the University of Las Palmas into Angel Sharks in the El Cabrón marine reserve.

Congratulations once again to Brian and the whole Team of Davy Jones Diving for this Certificate of Recognition. Keep up the good work!

Diving AWARDS for Taba Diving Centre

Steve Fox-Kirk with his Staff and the PADI AWARDS

2015 has been a whirlwind of diving AWARDS. This month of May is no exception. Taba diving centre, in Protaras, was the first diving centre in Cyprus – opening it doors in 1985 as PADI Retail & Resort Association Member. It has the tiny 3 digit store number to prove it! Store number 816 has been an inspiration to the diving market for years, with contained growth year upon year.

Steve, the dive centre owner revived not one, but two diving awards this year.

  1. 30 Year Membership Award

  2. Exceptional growth in entry level certifications in 2014

These two awards show Steve´s level of commitment to PADI and the diving world. His passion is infections and his energy seems to be limitless.  He is such a down to earth guy too, it is easy to see why visitors and locals alike choose TABA Diving centre. Keep it up Steve!!



Member of the Month April 2015

April Member Of the Month owners Jackie and Scott Smith have maintained their passion for diving

Lanzarote Dive Centre is ApriI’s Member of the Month. I am an extremely proud Regional Manager for the third time in as many months as another dive centre in my region gets an outstanding achievement award. Lanzarote Dive centre (Store number 23813) is already well known for their amazing level of customer service, so the fact that they have become April’s Member of the Month for PADI Worldwide Retail & Resort Association comes as no surprise.

Lanzarote Dive Centre

Located in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is an awesome island with year round diving. Owners Jackie and Scott Smith have maintained their passion for diving as well as for each other since they bought the centre and this passion really shines through in all aspects of their operation. They are a pleasure to be around and their divemaster candidates absolutely adore them.  PADI EMEA are proud to have such outstanding members carry their name into the hearts of future professionals. Keep up the good work and have a fantastic 2015 season!!


At the Top of the PADI Food Chain

Continued-Scuba-Education-padi--300x212In January 2014 I reached another life goal and became the PADI Regional Manager for the Canary Islands, Cyprus and Switzerland (the German Speaking Part). I made this transition after taking my Course Director course in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2013 and leaving the Swiss branch of PADI when PADI Europe became PADI EMEA. Cyprus and the Canaries are two of the furthest islands apart in the continent of Europe and my life as an RM is a constant whirlwind of travel adaptors, planes and time zones.

I love it.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

The hustle and bustle that is PADI has been, and is, the best part of my life. My job as RM is many things, but my main responsibilities are support, reports, and helping the growth of the dive industry as a whole. However – sometimes I am the bearer of great news for my members, and this has to be one of the biggest highlights of the job. Great news can take many shapes and sizes, but being the bearer of a PADI AWARD gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.This year saw two Course Directors reach the HUGE milestone of achieving 1000 professional certifications. Let me say that again: a thousand certifications!!

Inspiring isn’t it?

I think so.

But how did they get there? What makes them stand out above  the others? I went to visit

PADI Platinum Course Director Kev Turner
PADI Platinum Course Director Kev Turner

David Taylor and Kevin Turner in February 2015 in the Canary Islands with a rather heavy backpack full PADI awards. After the ceremonious presentation, handshake, and the muscle memory click of posting it all on my social media platforms, I had the chance to talk to them about their achievements. I wanted to know how they managed to facilitate a whole army of instructors to pass their respective instructor examinations (IE) and release them into the world. As a Course Director, myself I am in awe of these two. I want to teach more IDC’s, and perhaps one day I too may become a platinum course director.

So what is a course director? Well, a course director is a Master Instructor who has taken the next step to join the most elite group of instructor trainers. They are the most influential leaders. They are the crème de la crème of role models. They have had to go through a tremendous program in their Course Director Training Course. Oh, and did I mention that this program only runs in two places on earth? The Dominican Republic and Malaysia are the breading ground of the course director – and the cost of even taking the exam is an investment that should not be taken lightly. You are lucky if you are even selected. Only those instructors who perform in the highest capacity and who are recommended most highly by their peers will even be considered for the program. It is one of the most competitive processes that I have ever been through. This is just the beginning.

After completing and passing the program, a new Course Director can then start to teach IDC’s. They can start shaping the future of the new generations of instructors that will ensure the continued growth of our industry.

PADI Platinum Course Director David Taylor
PADI Platinum Course Director David Taylor

Kevin Turner and David Taylor are both platinum Course Directors, meaning that they have made over 100 divers into instructors within a year. That number alone is huge in such a small time frame. In order for these two course directors to receive the award that I handed them they had to achieve this level for a decade. That is serious dedication. That is a serious love of the ocean. That is amazing!

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How it works?

The subscriber to can select their offer. The link is located on the website under Offers. Scrolling through the diverse offers, the High50 member then selects Scuba Diving and is directed to the PADI Landing Page. Selecting the participating dive center closeby, the Member will then contact the dive center and arrange a Discover Scuba Diving Experience. One Member pays the full price, the other member gets the experience free of charge.

Discover Scuba Diving

Additional advertising and promotion through the Times+ Newspaper! We are hoping to see more divers visiting the participating dive centers and taken part in the DSD experience this summer!

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PA certification cardsShow your support by encouraging your student divers to make a donation to Project AWARE whenever they take a PADI diving course.

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