Project AWARE – Dive against Debris in the Canaries and Switzerland

The 4th of March 2017 – was a great day for Project AWARE in the Canary Islands and Switzerland! Two Key Accounts in my Regions organised on the same day a Project AWARE Dive against Debris with outstanding results!



Dive against Debris Crew Tenerife

One Project AWARE Dive Against Debris event happened in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and has been organised by the Big Fish Dive Center in Los Cristianos. The other event has been organised by Adventure Sports and the Dive Club from Frauenfeld & Eschenz in Switzerland.
Both Events were organised almost similar. The Event from Adventure Sports in Switzerland started the evening before with the orientation for the Project AWARE Dive against Debris course – while the event in Tenerife started in the morning of the 4th of March.

It was amazing to see how passionate the participants were involved to clean the Beach underwater in Playas las vistas In Tenerife and in the “Untersee” in Steckborn. Even more impressive was the amount of rubbish who has been removed from the Atlantic and from the Lake of Constance.

Big Fish Tenerife

Data collected:
Divers collected the following amount in Tenerife;
66 KG 





Divecorner Frauenfeld



Divers collected the following amount in Steckborn;
259 KG 



A big Thank you goes to the organizers in both Countries. Thank you Michal Motylewski and Sandro Krawinkler!

The world and our environment needs more people like you! You are an inspiration for all of us and I hope that with your example we can make a difference and animate more Dive Centres, Divers and citizens of both regions to protect our beloved environment!





Dive against Debris Crew Steckborn

How can you help to protect the ocean?

Dive Against Debris is a global marine debris survey – the only data collection effort of its kind that involves volunteer divers collecting, recording and reporting data on marine debris found on the seafloor. Marine debris is a problem that is often considered ‘out of sight – out of mind.’ By sharing data on the debris we find underwater, we’re able to contribute the underwater perspective. It’s really exciting – divers can have a powerful role to play in helping contribute data to influence marine debris policy.
So how can you get started?

1. Download our Dive Against Debris Survey Toolkit – here you’ll find the survey kit for your divers, including a certificate to award to your volunteers.
2. Add your action to our Event Map. Create your My Ocean profile and add your action to our interactive map for our dive community to see. You can also blog and upload photos or videos in My Ocean.

. Promote over social media, through your network and communications – don’t forget to use the following hashtags #ProjectAWARE, #DiveAgainstDebris, #MarineDebris, etc.
4. Report your data. Data is critical. Don’t let your dives go to waste. Make sure you report the data on the litter you found.
5. Share the data with your divers by showing them the Dive Against Debris Map.

Project AWARE ® can offer you mesh bags and a banner to advertise your action during the day. Each mesh bag comes with a donation of € 6.00. This way, Project AWARE is able to send you some other promotional materials to use during your action (leaflets, posters, stickers, badges, etc.).
Adopt a Dive Site™ is a campaign where Project AWARE launched last year on Earth Day, which basically is repeated Dive Against Debris surveys in one dive site: Project AWARE requires divers adopting a specific dive site to clean up and report data at least once a month. You can find all information on the website and if you are interested, just sign up on the website.

Start your Ocean protection today, sign up with adopt a dive site and take an example of the two Dive Centres in Switzerland and in the Canaries! Together we can make a difference and educate the coming generations!

I still believe in us humans and that we can change the current situation, but the time is ticking… Our beautiful environment is counting on you!
#myOcean #myHope

PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

Various Dive Centres in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands organised on Saturday the 16th of July – the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

The event was not only in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands a great success – Dive Centres all over the world organised a Special Event or organised a special happening for their female customers on the PADI Womens Dive Day.


A few impressions from the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

12Dive – Tenerife             

The 2nd PADI Women´s Dive Day is over. It was an amazing and successful day here in Tenerife.

We did some nice activities during the morning like some aqua-gym. A lot of people joined us for this special day.

Later in the afternoon, we took as well time to enjoy some great diving in the beautiful Atlantic. Some of them were already divers and for others it was the first breath underwater…They LOVED it. They loved to be underwater to see all the different kind of fishes around here and as well this amazing feeling to be weightless was just stunning for them.

We enjoyed a great day, got new experience and met great people.

We enjoyed it so much that we will do it again in 2017!









Poseidon Dive Centre & Ocean View Diving – Cyprus

GOPR5078 GOPR5084 GOPR5090 GOPR5096 IMG_7153


Scuba Monkey – Cyprus              










Feeling inspired to take your diving further after PADI Women’s Dive Day? Learn more about becoming a PADI Pro in this article by Alexandra Dimitriou-Engeler;

Go Pro, Girls!






Dive Against Debris in Tenerife

12Dive Dive against Debris 12122015We are very proud to announce that 12Dive, the PADI 5 Star IDC Centre and 100% Project AWARE Partner in Tenerife, organized the second Project AWARE Dive against Debris in Tenerife.

After a very successful first Dive against Debris in Tenerife on the 12th of September 2015, the two owners of 12Dive in Tenerife, Mark Vanderhaegen & Alejandro Huitron de Velasco decided to organize, exactly three months later, another successful Beach Clean-up and Project AWARE Dive against Debris.

The event happened on the 12th of December 2015 on the Playa La Caleta in Adeje – Tenerife and was again a very successful happening.


Why Beach Clean-up and Dive against Debris?12359847_10153748149759417_5730985214898220300_n

More than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year. Once there, our trash accumulates and includes everything from plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles to car batteries, fishing nets and industrial waste. Pervasive debris kills wildlife, destroys habitats and threatens our health and economy. Found in even the most remote ocean places, once underwater, debris can remain for generations. Together, we can stop marine debris by taking local action and supporting policy change.
Together we can make a difference – together we can save our oceans, the environment and at the end our beautiful blue planet!


12Dive is a great example how it can be done and how to involve a lot of people in this
movement. Thanks to 12Dive and their commitment to take care of our oceans and of our world – we can make a difference and a better world.

A Plastic Poem from Steve Andrews in 2010:

Plastic packaging and plastic rings,

Plastic bags for more plastic things,

Plastic bottles for the water you drink,

But plastic causes death so stop and think!

Millions of sea birds and turtles painfully die,

After eating plastic that floats on by,

Plastic thrown away and out of reach,

Ends up as plastic sand on a plastic beach,

Plastic sold for consumer cash

Fills our oceans with plastic trash.

Copyright © 2010 Steve Andrews


Thank you 12Dive in Tenerife to be such a strong leader to fight against pollution in the oceans.

The world needs more like you guys!

12Dive AWARE

Wow what an amazing day at Alcala!!

Articel and Media supplied by Martin from 12Dive in Tenerife

IMG-20150904-WA0003Wow what an amazing day at Alcala!!

Perfect weather, clear, sunny and hot, just how we all like it here in Tenerife!!
The day started off as you would imagine when you’re organising a big event, trying to sort out where the gazebos were going, when the sound guy’s would arrive, arranging electricity, (the phrase running around like headless chickens come to mind!). Within one hour we had managed to transform Alcala jetty into an organised thing of beauty, music playing, BBQ fired up and everyone smiling, happy, ready and raring to get the clean up on the way and to get as much rubbish as humanly possible!

11169074_10153585370019417_2155641005228847472_oFirst though was the serious bit of paperwork and a full dive briefing conducted in two different languages, by our very own joint owner Alex. Once completed everyone was split into small sized groups and was advised which area they would be cleaning.

Geared up and ready to go diving all volunteers were given a pair of safety gloves and a mesh bag to collect the trash. Group by group at 10 minute intervals, giant strided into the water and descended into the bay, with land support ready to collect anything they found and place it in to the skip.

11998991_10153581682559417_2352410590523200441_nAbout 45 minutes after the first group went down the teams started came back with bag after bag of cans, glass and plastic bottles, rope even tractor tires, sun loungers and large metal frames (from what I don’t know), by the end of the day we ended up collecting approximately 75kg of rubbish.

11951468_10153585366904417_158263078759772866_oThe best part of the day (besides collecting all the rubbish of course) was that after you finished diving there was a great atmosphere and buzz around, people knowing they had done something really special to help the local environment and after all our hard work it was time to relax with a burger and beer or ice tea.

We at 12dive would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in this very successful beach and underwater clean up in Alcala!!


Special thanks to all our sponsors:

PADI and Project AWARE

Ayuntamieno En Guia de Isora.

Venture Restaurants.


Creventy andTenerife shows.

Palm Beach Surfing Experts.

Gomera Producciones.

La Huerta Design.

Oasis FM radio.

CW canaries weekly news paper.

Bubles filling station.

Akustito Cocktails.


Espiritu de Buceo, with the firedepartment.

Transporte Sanitario for the Ambulance.

Firio Hielo.

Eco oceanos.


NA Arte

Tied Tiempo radio

Radio los Gigantes Y Televisión los Gigantes.

Radio Sur.

This time around we are going to be cleaning La Caleta beach on Saturday 12th December from 9.30am. We would like to welcome everyone to come down and help out, divers and non-divers alike. We know this event is going to be bigger and we hope with your help we can make it even more successful than the last.

If you are a certified diver and want to help on the underwater clean up, please bring proof of your certification and insurance, if you don’t have insurance, don’t worry you can purchase a day’s insurance from us for only 6Euros.

Non divers will take part in the beach clean-up, and once we have all finished there will be a BBQ, Bar and Music on site. With an excellent response from people wanting to sponsor the event, check out our 12dive Facebook page for regular updates on what other exciting things will be happening on the day!!!






At the Top of the PADI Food Chain

Continued-Scuba-Education-padi--300x212In January 2014 I reached another life goal and became the PADI Regional Manager for the Canary Islands, Cyprus and Switzerland (the German Speaking Part). I made this transition after taking my Course Director course in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2013 and leaving the Swiss branch of PADI when PADI Europe became PADI EMEA. Cyprus and the Canaries are two of the furthest islands apart in the continent of Europe and my life as an RM is a constant whirlwind of travel adaptors, planes and time zones.

I love it.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

The hustle and bustle that is PADI has been, and is, the best part of my life. My job as RM is many things, but my main responsibilities are support, reports, and helping the growth of the dive industry as a whole. However – sometimes I am the bearer of great news for my members, and this has to be one of the biggest highlights of the job. Great news can take many shapes and sizes, but being the bearer of a PADI AWARD gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.This year saw two Course Directors reach the HUGE milestone of achieving 1000 professional certifications. Let me say that again: a thousand certifications!!

Inspiring isn’t it?

I think so.

But how did they get there? What makes them stand out above  the others? I went to visit

PADI Platinum Course Director Kev Turner
PADI Platinum Course Director Kev Turner

David Taylor and Kevin Turner in February 2015 in the Canary Islands with a rather heavy backpack full PADI awards. After the ceremonious presentation, handshake, and the muscle memory click of posting it all on my social media platforms, I had the chance to talk to them about their achievements. I wanted to know how they managed to facilitate a whole army of instructors to pass their respective instructor examinations (IE) and release them into the world. As a Course Director, myself I am in awe of these two. I want to teach more IDC’s, and perhaps one day I too may become a platinum course director.

So what is a course director? Well, a course director is a Master Instructor who has taken the next step to join the most elite group of instructor trainers. They are the most influential leaders. They are the crème de la crème of role models. They have had to go through a tremendous program in their Course Director Training Course. Oh, and did I mention that this program only runs in two places on earth? The Dominican Republic and Malaysia are the breading ground of the course director – and the cost of even taking the exam is an investment that should not be taken lightly. You are lucky if you are even selected. Only those instructors who perform in the highest capacity and who are recommended most highly by their peers will even be considered for the program. It is one of the most competitive processes that I have ever been through. This is just the beginning.

After completing and passing the program, a new Course Director can then start to teach IDC’s. They can start shaping the future of the new generations of instructors that will ensure the continued growth of our industry.

PADI Platinum Course Director David Taylor
PADI Platinum Course Director David Taylor

Kevin Turner and David Taylor are both platinum Course Directors, meaning that they have made over 100 divers into instructors within a year. That number alone is huge in such a small time frame. In order for these two course directors to receive the award that I handed them they had to achieve this level for a decade. That is serious dedication. That is a serious love of the ocean. That is amazing!