Using Virtual Reality in your dive store

Virtual Reality in your dive store

The modern day shopping experience is constantly evolving. Customer’s need their senses tingled before committing to a purchase, and virtual reality will do just that. Swapping quaint imagery of Red Sea fish life for the PADI® VR Scuba Planner app will give your customers the immersive experience of Egypt right from your store.

For dive businesses that plan dive trips to Egypt, the PADI® VR Scuba Planner is a great tool to back up a sales promotion. Instead of relying on your word to explain how great Red Sea diving is, simply let your customers see for themselves. Through VR glasses, divers and non-divers alike can experience 360-degree videos on a mobile device. Giving your customers virtual bottom time on some of the Red Sea’s most memorable dives will certainly tempt them to book their place on a trip.

In addition to the modern day sales pitch, the app also has the very real benefit of being able to plan dives. Available on Apple and Android, divers can plan 67 immersions in the Red Sea with tips and advice from PADI Pros in the area. The geo-positioning and mapping feature allows for accurately planned dives accompanied by maps, photos, key information and illustrations to further assist with pre-dive planning.

Use this post from the PADI Blog, The Virtual Red Sea, across your social media channels to encourage your customers to come and check out the PADI VR Scuba Planner!

The PADI VR Scuba Planner is available in eight languages and can be found here:

For Apple devices

For Android devices