Take part in the third annual PADI Women’s Dive Day on Saturday, 15 July 2017

For the past two years, divers from every corner of the globe have come together for PADI Women’s Dive Day to bond over their love of the ocean and a passion for diving. This growing tradition will continue on 15 July 2017, further strengthening and supporting the female dive community through a day of fun, adventure and camaraderie.

PADI Dive Centers and Resorts hosted more than 700 events in 77 countries last year for the second annual PADI Women’s Dive Day on 16 July 2016. Since the 2015 inaugural event, the celebration has continued to gain momentum as new and experienced divers gear up for everything from high tea on the high seas to shark dives and underwater cleanups. As a result, PADI female certifications increased noticeably in both 2015 and 2016, narrowing the gender gap in diving.

This was possible thanks to the enthusiasm and participation from PADI Members around the world who got behind this initiative. Let’s do it again, only bigger. More new divers. More ambassadors for the underwater world.

Participate in PADI Women’s Dive Day 2017 to strengthen and grow the female dive community, attract new women to the sports of scuba diving and freediving, and motivate existing female divers to get back in the water and continue their dive training.

Start planning your 2017 PADI Women’s Dive Day event on 15 July 2017 using these simple steps.

1. Decide what type of event to host. The type of event to host is completely up to you! Whether you conduct PADI Women’s Dive Day themed courses, have a family-oriented open day, host fun dives or even a girls’ night out with your divers, only your imagination limits your event.

2. PADI Retail and Resort Members, register your event on the PADI Women’s Dive Day Event Locator. By registering your event, your dive center/resort will be included on the Event Locator at padi.com/women-dive.  To register your event, ensure you are logged into the Pros’ Site with your PADI Dive Center or Resort account (not an Individual Member account), go to ‘My Account’ page of the PADI Pros’ Site, and click on ‘Register your Women’s Dive Day event(s)’. Follow the on-screen instructions to quickly and easily add your event.

3. PADI Professionals hosting an event not affiliated with a dive center/resort are encouraged to share their event information with their regional PADI office (PADI Americas: [email protected]; PADI Asia Pacific: [email protected]; PADI EMEA: [email protected]).

4. Promote your event. Use different platforms to help get the word out about your event – email, social media, advertisements (print, online and in-store), and event calendars. Visit the PADI Pros’ Site Women in Diving page to download customizable PADI Women’s Dive Day marketing materials. Tag your Twitter posts with #padiwomen to have your news shared in the Twitter Feed on padi.com/women-dive.

5. Post Event Follow-Up. Follow up with all your PADI Women’s Dive Day event participants afterward. A simple “thanks for being with us” keeps divers engaged and encourages them to continue diving with you. Don’t forget to include links, telephone and a call to action. And be sure your success stories and photos with the marketing team at your PADI Regional Headquarters! Tag event photos that you post on social media with #padiwomen to feed into PADI’s social channels.

PADI Retail and Resort Members: Register your 2017 PADI Women’s Dive Day event now! 


PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

Various Dive Centres in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands organised on Saturday the 16th of July – the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

The event was not only in Cyprus and in the Canary Islands a great success – Dive Centres all over the world organised a Special Event or organised a special happening for their female customers on the PADI Womens Dive Day.


A few impressions from the PADI Womens Dive Day 2016

12Dive – Tenerife                       https://12dive.com/

The 2nd PADI Women´s Dive Day is over. It was an amazing and successful day here in Tenerife.

We did some nice activities during the morning like some aqua-gym. A lot of people joined us for this special day.

Later in the afternoon, we took as well time to enjoy some great diving in the beautiful Atlantic. Some of them were already divers and for others it was the first breath underwater…They LOVED it. They loved to be underwater to see all the different kind of fishes around here and as well this amazing feeling to be weightless was just stunning for them.

We enjoyed a great day, got new experience and met great people.

We enjoyed it so much that we will do it again in 2017!









Poseidon Dive Centre & Ocean View Diving – Cyprus    http://www.poseidoncyprus.com/


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Scuba Monkey – Cyprus                        http://www.scuba-monkey.com/










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