Tips to help with digital and why it is important to your business growth.

Are you using the host of PADI Digital Products? There are normally 3 distinct answers that I get during my visits. The first being – “Yes, and I am pushing for 100% digital students”. Well this article might have some useful tips to try with extra marketing. The next is “Well I get them sometimes, but it’s not something that we actively promote”. The Finial one is a flat No often justified by “my customers just don’t want it”. Well I am hoping that the following will really help you reach out and grow your business (which as a Regional Manager (RM) that is my main goal)


Our (PADI’s) paper products are fantastic and not going anywhere anytime soon. It has been the norm to study with a paper based book, if you ask any school or higher education facility, the future of learning is digital. So if you would like to tap in to that ever growing market of millennials (who is a person reaching young adulthood around the 00’s.) then they will be use to learning via some form of digital platform.

Our eLearning products have been great, but the new kid on the block is our industry-leading touch products which have been designed to modernise and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals. If you have not yet used a one of the touch manuals then you should ask your RM for some help and training on them. Also you will be getting the chance to get yet another free one with your renewal, so if you would like a display copy just get in touch with the sales team to take advantage.

The current list of Touch products are;

  • Digital Certification Pak – Open Water (OW)
  • Digital Certification Pak – Rescue Diver
  • Manual – Freediver Touch
  • ReActivate Touch
  • Equipment Specialist Touch
  • eRDPml Touch

With the Advanced OW course to follow soon. Whist these products work unbelievably well offline on tablets (currently apple and android) they also work online via the website. So if your student loses their device (or does not have one) they can keep studying.

The current list of eLearning products are;

  • eLearning – OW – Cert Pak
  • eLearning – AOW – Cert Pak
  • Dive Theory eLearning
  • eLearning – EANx
  • IDC eLearning
  • Scuba Tune Up eLearning
  • eLearning – DUP – Cert Pak
  • eLearning – Rescue – CertPak
  • Divemaster eLearning

With new products to be added ASAP I wanted to help you with some things you could be doing to improve things with your student numbers. Also it’s with bearing in mind that all, none application, courses include the PIC with the course and what is better the student fills in their own details. As the customer fills in their own digitals it means you no longer have to try and translate their hand writing. The second benefit is this speeds up the whole online processing experience.

The other advantage with going digital is that you have the flexibility to teach in many deferent styles. The most obvious aspect to take advantage of is that with the new touch core courses, the student can complete their knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams within their manual, offline, at a time that suits themselves.  This will mean that you can have much more structured tutorage time where you can focus on their needs and on introducing them to skills and importantly the choice of equipment available in store. However you could still get them to sit the paper exams in the classroom if this is the way that works best for you.

There are 2 main ways of bringing digital products to your customers. The first is that you purchase what you think you need in advance, this means that you will hold some stock (online). The advance with the touch products is they are, (somewhat akin to Schrödinger’s cat in that) available simultaneously in multiple languages and the always most current version, that is until the point of download. Once on your student have chosen the language and download to their device they will have the option to update once they log in again, should any changes have happened. The other option is to let your students order through, this option means you will hold no stock but the price they pay is fixed.

Looking at some tips to help

1st If you are sat in the No, we don’t use Digital Camp (hopefully some of the pointers above will help to change your mind.

It is important to bear in mind that Digital customers could be any number of persons, if you are not using digital then you are most likely missing out on the youth market, who are used to learning this way. But also people who are time poor but otherwise affluent i.e. professionals.

It will cost you nothing to add a few lines of text to your website or to tell people via emails or on the phone that they also have this option.

2nd Use of Commission based Links PADI Pros site screen Shot

Are you aware of the PADI Commission system? As a PADI Dive Centre or Resort that for every single person who purchases through linked to your centre then you will be earning commission.

If you have not added these links to your emails or website then there is options to help your business grow through promoting and using the PADI Digital Product Suite. This is to both new and existing customers – PADI has compiled a collection of free marketing tools which you can download for free from the PADI Pros’ Site by visiting Toolbox > Marketing.

3rd Marketing Referrals

If you have people looking to complete their course away from your centre then the digital product is the way forward. As I mentioned above, digital comes with the PIC and all knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams can be complete their within their manual. This not only takes care of a chunk of the paperwork but means you can focus on a quality and higher level of service which should hopefully bring the student back to you following their holiday.

4th Targeted continuing education courses

As I write this winter is on the way so with courses like Equipment Specialist Touch and eLearning – EANx will mean that you can run courses on the coldest of months, dry!

As always I write this column with the hope that I will spark some questions, your Regional Managers can do a lot to help you, but without engaging with them then we do not know what you would like to work on. Digital Products is one route to help, but there is countless others. Get in touch today.