Training Bulletin Live 4th Quarter 2017

The Fourth Quarter Training Bulletin Live webinars are coming soon. As always, we will be discussing the latest standards changes, providing background information on the updates and insight into how these can be integrated into your training.

Join us live in your chosen language on the dates below. If you miss the live event, registration will ensure that you get a follow up email linking you to the recording.

4th Quarter:

English: 24/10/2017

Italian: 25/10/2017

Spanish: 26/10/2017

Arabic: 30/10/2017

Dutch: 31/10/2017

Portuguese: 02/11/2017

French: 06/11/2017

Polish: 07/11/2017

German: 08/11/2017

Scandinavian/Nordic: 09/11/2017

Russian: 15/11/2017

If you have any questions regarding the webinar you can email [email protected]. We look forward to speaking to you during the webinar.

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