Training Insights… PADI Rescue Diver Part 4: Rescue Diver Skills Review & Development

Following from last week’s article on what the PADI Rescue Diver course consists of, we’ll look now at skills review and development. There are two sections where divers refresh and develop their personal skills:

#1 Self-Rescue Review


Remind divers that they already have some rescue skills from their previous training. Do make sure they are comfortable helping themselves before they start to focus on assisting other divers. This can be done in confined or open water, and students should be confident with their self-rescue skills before moving on.

#2 10 Rescue Exercises

Each student must master the Performance Requirements in open water, although you can have them practice in confined water first. Make sure you demonstrate new skills and then have each diver take turns practising. You may use your certified assistants as “victims” to help scheduling, but divers can also learn by being “rescued” as well as by “rescuing” – this can add some extra fun into the course, especially for friends taking their course together, as well as giving divers the chance to self-critique through watching fellow students’ techniques.

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