What Did You See During Your PADI Open Water Course?

I was recently visiting PADI Resorts in Wadi Lahmi which is south of Marsa Alam, and I had the pleasure of meeting this German young boy who is 11 years old who you can see in the photo with his instructor and parents.

This young man just finished the last dive of his PADI Open Water Course.  This young man did his bubble maker when he was eight years of age, then PADI Seal Team followed by PADI  Master Seal Team and he could not wait to be a PADI Diver to dive with his parents regularly.

I chatted to the young man about his Open Water Course experience,

He said, I did four dives in the sea, during the first two dives, I only seen corals, a lot of small fish, sea horse and few other small things. However, during the last two dives, I saw a whale shark, couple of turtles, couple of sharks, and I swam with the dugong for 15 minutes.



Then he asked me jokingly, you are the PADI representative, right? Can you sack the instructor I did my first two dives with!

How amazing that is to get to see all that during your Open Water Course, which begs the question, What did you manage to see during your Open Water Course?