Workshop PADI/SUEX in partnership with DAN Research.

1° Training Workshop PADI/SUEX in partnership with DAN Research. by Fabio Figurella – Regional Manager and PADI Examiner.

The first PADI/SUEX Workshop was held in Santa Margherita Ligure on October 21-23 in collaboration with the DAN Research Team. The goal of the workshop was to train 12 Instructors selected by the PADI Course Directors and the Keys Men SUEX and to launch a new Distinctive Specialty: PADI SUEX ADV Diver which aims to create the basis for advanced training on the use of the DPV and in particular on the use of the SUEX DPV.

The course was realized in partnership with the DAN Research Team led by Massimo Pieri, European Research Area Supervisor of DAN Europe, which launched a specific study on the use of underwater vehicles in recreational and/or technical diving, testing for the first time the scientific research protocol during the workshop training dives.

SUEX S.r.l. Training Team was composed by Ivo Calabrese – SUEX Director of Marketing and Communications and SUEX Trainers: Marco Colman and Clemens Schutzenhofer. The heads of the company Alessandro Fenu and Marco Segatto participated actively in the meeting. The workshop program was very intense. The instructors took part to several sessions in the classroom, a technical workshop on DPV, 4 training dives, 2 of which dedicated to the scientific protocol by DAN Research Team.

The training dives were performed with the support of the Diving Center “Portofino Diving Group”  PADI 5 Stars IDC in Santa Margherita Ligure who sponsored the event.

The two final dives were made within the Portofino MPA authorization by the Director Giorgio Fanciulli, who authorized the activities as a means of “collecting medical scientific data aimed at learning good practices to increase scuba diving safety”.

PADI, SUEX, and DAN Research are committed to delivering a final report to the MPA on training standards, on the sound impact of DPVs, and on the results from the first medical-scientific data collection, in order to evaluate the possibility of promoting the use of DPVs in MPA to increase scuba diving safety.

The goal that, as PADI, we have been planning with SUEX for months, is an operational synergy between teaching, diving equipment production companies, and research institutions such as DAN Research, to implement high quality training, On one hand, it aims to create instruments of continuous education, and supervised experience, taking into account also good practices of proper use of the equipment itself. Additionally, it aims to increase diving safety and apply these experiences to preserve the environment in which we dive. I thank SUEX for giving us this opportunity, I thank DAN Research, who is always ready to support initiatives aimed at increasing safety practices in diving, I thank the MPA for authorizing the initiative, I thank the “Portofino Diving Group” for the support and the logistics, but above all I thank the 12 instructors who were the buddies of this exceptional training experience.

“This initiative marks a turning point in the field of diving as it brings together three fundamental aspects related to our much-loved Sport: Training, Science and Technology. It is the beginning of a journey together that will lead us to explore new boundaries in terms of safety, training and technological development.  My heartfelt thanks goes to PADI and DAN on behalf of the whole Suex Team for making the start of this new way of diving possible. “ This is the comment of Alessandro Fenu – SUEX executive.

“Putting together PADI, represented by Fabio Figurella, DAN, which does not need presentations, and SUEX, has created a synergy that I personally had hoped for some time. Going underwater with the maximum safety possible, with the right method and with the right equipment has always been my dream. As a designer this is one of the greatest satisfactions for me. The event of Santa Margherita has concentrated so much preparation and professionalism and thanks to the collaboration of many people, has obtained very important results. We are at a turning point, a new way of conceiving diving. Safety first of all, we must never forget that we go underwater mainly for fun and for this purpose we must never expose ourselves to potential dangers. Excellent technology and first-class training make this possible today. I thank all the participants and the organizers who have made this wonderful first occasion possible. What a wonderful opportunity. A new era has now begun”. Commented Marco Segatto SUEX technical manager.

Great professionalism on the part of the SUEX training team: “After many years of field work in the diving world both as a trainer and as a diver, I believe that this initiative born from a dream shared with Fabio Figurella, has become a reality. During the high-level training days, as a result of the preparation of the candidates, several times as trainers we had to “raise the bar” to cover the educational situations that were gradually being created … I think this is the beginning of a new way of conceiving diving, aimed at the development and the creation of high security systems. It will now be possible to continue on this new roadmap where the novelties for both the educational and explorative world will be many and will spread worldwide. I wish it thank all the participants and the complete availability of PADI-SUEX and DAN. Without them all this would have remained only a dream. I’m honored to be part of this project that certainly is good for SCUBA diving “. Ivo Calabrese – Director of Marketing and Communications at SUEX.

“The SUEX adventure has begun almost twenty years ago. Initially as a personal challenge, which then turned into a big commitment both in work and in responsibility. The main task is to provide the diving equipment with suitable means to make it easier, fun and above all safe for men to move around in an environment that is certainly not natural for him. These have been four days of intense training, in which the excellent level of all participants certainly contributed to the success of the event. Honestly this is just the beginning, we must continue on this path to offer the highest level of teaching”. Continues Marco Colman Team SUEX Trainer.

And below, in alphabetical order, are the participants to the workshop who became Instructors of the specialty PADI SUEX ADV Diver:

STEFANO BUSCA – PADI Course Director – Trimix Trainer. “Extraordinary event, during which training, research and mutual exchange of common experiences were perfectly integrated. Teaching was supported by the presence of teachers with a wide range of diving experience in extreme environments which made our training precious!”

ALESSANDRO DI MASE – PADI Course Director – Tec Deep Trainer. “A great training experience with a group of professionals of the highest level, masterfully organized and conducted. Suex vehicles are products that combine absolute quality with simplicity and clean design. Thanks to Fabio, Ivo, and Marco, to PADI, SUEX and DAN for the opportunity “.

PAOLO MICARELLI – PADI Course Director – Trimix Trainer. “Every new training opportunity is fundamental. Doing so thanks to the collaboration of PADI, SUEX and DAN has given us the opportunity to live a wonderful experience from a human, technical and scientific point of view. I had fun, I learned and I hopefully I improved. Unique experience that I would repeat tomorrow “.

FILIPPO MOLINA – PADI Course Director – Tec Deep Trainer. “High level training that has enriched my skills. A combination of PADI, Suex, DAN and Course Director that guarantees quality and development in the territory. But since diving is mostly fun, what better way to have fun than with a Suex DPV !? Proud to be able to offer PADI/ Suex training! “.

FABIO PORTELLA – PADI Trimix Instructor. “PADI-SUEX-DAN: excellence and quality! The right way to interpret a modern, comfortable and safe Diving “.


RAUL PUZZI VAN WEEZENBEEK – PADI Course Director – Trimix Trainer. “I really enjoyed the course, especially the part on the functioning of the DPV SUEX. We could improve our skills through video support. I’m interested in continuing my DPV SUEX training. “

EDOARDO SBARAINI – PADI Trimix Instructor. “A very interesting and formative experience. The PADI/Suex/DAN team is very well prepared and available to satisfy any technical or non-technical curiosity. The course is well structured and provides basic training in using the machine in line with the procedures and standards of modern technical diving “.

RICCARDO TOGNINI – PADI Course Director – Trimix Trainer. “I attended the DPV Padi Suex course from 21 to 23 October. I was very happy, we were followed by a valid Trainer, Marco Colman and excellent collaborators, both theoretically and practically. A stimulating course, intense and very exciting, I’m glad that there will be a following one. So I am grateful to those who made this course possible; Padi, Suex, Dan “.

MATTEO VARENNA – PADI Tec Deep Instructor. “A wonderful experience and an important first step towards teaching with a higher added value. Of course it is not enough to change prerequisites and evaluation criteria, first of all a change of vision by the current base of instructors and above all course managers. There is really a need to develop an ethics of professionalism in one’s training, before offering training to students. And this is not taught in the courses “.

MARIO VECCHIONI – PADI Course Director – Tec Deep Trainer. “The PADI SUEX DAN event was a weekend with colleagues and friends, in a top level technical and human environment, discussing wonderful tools, explorations and business opportunities, having fun and reinforcing mutual friendship and respect. Surely one of the most successful events of the three partners and one of the greatest achievements of PADI R.M. Fabio Figurella “.

LUCA ZANZOTTO – PADI Tec Deep Instructor. “I really enjoyed being able to compare myself with high-level figures from the national scene and the professionalism/ organization shown in creating and developing this project. Proud to be part of it “.

To conclude, this was a truly exciting experience, which marks, as we read in the various comments, a first step towards a safer, more sustainable way of diving, but above all an increase in the quality of training, to satisfy market demands in terms of excellence in training.  As PADI we do not think that this is a point of arrival, but simply a starting point from which to start a new path creating a new ethics of trainers, who must take into account that to be top-level trainers you must make a lot of experience and a lot of top-level training. This is the only way to really be a reference point and a “role model” for our students.

So thank you all for the work done to date and for contributing to the growth of diving in general.