Would you like Nitrox with that?


With so many dive companies offering PADI Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx), it would be a disservice to our customers if we didn’t promote the opportunity to learn to dive with it, as well as educate students about the amazing benefits that it has to offer.  Who would not, within the recreational limits, like to spend a little bit longer below the surface

As PADI Professionals, we know how amazing it is to dive with nitrox, but how do we inform the customers of the benefits when they walk in the door of your dive centre?  The customer may have walked in wanting to just ‘learn to dive’ and here we are asking for some more money to dive with something called nitrox.

So how can we educate divers about the benefits of diving with nitrox?

  • Natural Promotion.

One of the first things to do is have all your staff diving on nitrox, whenever possible. Natural curiosity from the students during a course will see them asking the Divemasters or Instructors “what is nitrox?”

  • Explaining the worth of the extra money.

If you are also in a position to offer nitrox to your students then be sure to explain why the extra cost is more than paid for by the extra time underwater. Divers without the PADI Enrich Air Diver certification will soon be queuing up to join a course.  If you offer dive packages then why not look at the costs versus the benefits of offering “free” nitrox or “nitrox included” to your divers?

  • Increased no stop time.

Use an example to show students the value of using PADI EANx on a popular dive site. For example, by using a dive computer in planning mode you can amaze the students by showing them how long they could extend their dive for:

  • Using air at 21m the no stop time is 37 minutes
  • Using 40% EANx (the maximum for an Enriched Air Diver) at 21m the no stop time is 89 minutes!

In this case, 89 minutes shows the diver the extent of how much more time they can enjoy underwater, all for just a small extra cost. To engage and involve your students, have them work out the cost per minute of their time underwater and they’ll soon be convinced that nitrox is by far the better option. If you are able to do either one or both of these suggestions, the course will promote itself.

  • Integrating the course.

So you have your student’s attention, now how do you integrate PADI EANx with the course they have originally signed up for? As we all know, the PADI EANx course can be completed without the dives, but it is pretty cool for a PADI Open Water Diver to actually dive with nitrox as the Enriched Air Adventure Dive can’t be simulated. The PADI EANx course can also easily be run alongside other Specialty Diver Courses, but some, such as Deep Diver and Wreck Diver, can really showcase the benefits of increased no stop time.

You are able to see details on how to link courses in the Instructor manual under ‘Linking Courses’. PADI EANx is the most flexible course we have in this respect and can easily be linked with Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver as well as other specialties.

  • Approaching your customers.

Lastly, you should consider the way you promote the PADI EANx course. When you approach your students, ensure that the focus is not on the additional cost. Asking “would you like nitrox with that?” is you, as an experienced PADI professional, offering the right course to the student so that they can get the most out of their dive. Hopefully from this incredible experience they will then decide to join the scuba diving world.

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